Quotable Rogue and Gambit

I've been reluctant to put up a quotes section for some time now, because many Rogue/Gambit sites already have them, and I thought it'd be superfluous to have one of my own. However, the more comics I bought and read, the more aware I became of Rogue and Gambit quotes that had been neglected in other quote collections. So I decided to take it upon myself to re-read all my comics and pick out all the notable quotes.

There are several categories into which these quotes fall. For simplicity's sake, I've divided them into groups based on which issue/episode they appear in. These quotes are spoken by Rogue, Gambit, Rogue and Gambit, Rogue and someone else, Gambit and someone else, or someone else about Rogue and/or Gambit. Some of them are quite long, but well worth the read. I've added extra information to some of them in an attempt to allow people to follow the gist of what's being said, even if they are unfamiliar with the plot line of a particular issue.

I've included humorous quotes, thoughtful quotes, passionate quotes, depressing quotes...anything and everything that struck me. Although this section is far from complete, as I own but a small fraction of X-comics, I dare say it is the most thorough collection on the web, as far as each individual issue present is concerned.

I should also point out that characters' accents vary from issue to issue, depending on who's writing, and even come and go in the middle of a conversation. Rest assured, I've double checked all instances when Rogue's "Ah" becomes "I", Gambit's "dis" becomes "this," and so on, and have copied them correctly, as they were originally written.


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