Quotable Rogue and Gambit - Rogue Series

Of the three Rogue series that have been published, this section contains quotes from the first and the last. Because the second limited series is a mishmash of the comics and movies - and therefore doesn't really fit in any universe - I've chosen not to purchase it.

Rogue Limited Series 1995

Rogue #1

"Remy, ah've been meanin' to tell you 'bout this here trip ah'm plannin' on takin'. Back to Mississippi...to see an old friend...someone very important to me. It's something ah do...every year..."
"Talk to me, chere."
"Cody...his name was...is...Cody. We were just kids...friends...best friends...experimentin' with love...he kissed me. That's when I found out I was a mutant...my mind was flooded with his memories and he...he...he's been in a coma ever since that day. That's why I had to leave home...why I can never let another that I love...why you and I can't...can't..."
"It's in the past, chere. We both got pasts. Together...maybe...we've got a future, neh?"
"You don't understand! My past is my future! I can't escape what I am...there's nothin' you or anyone else can do. That day will be with me for the rest of my life. I have to be alone."
"No, chere...you don't." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Maybe a kiss for the road?"
"That's not cute, Gambit! I've told you..."
[Gambit reaches down, takes her gloved hand in both of his, and kisses it.]
"This is all I was askin' for...till a later time."
[Angry with his last comment, she flings him across the room and he lands on her bed.]
"You never give up, do you?"
"What kind of thief would I be if I did, chere? An' look where it's landed me!" ~ Gambit and Rogue, right before she leaves for Mississippi

"Storm, tell me, how do you get through to her? I keep tryin' and she keeps pushin' me away. 'Dis time literally."
"Perhaps, if you really want to become closer to Rogue...you must give her some space to breathe. Let her make her journey home...alone." ~ Gambit, eliciting advice from Storm


Rogue #2

"His name is Gambit...and his mind is filled with images of the woman he loves. It's been that way since Rogue left the Xavier Institute two days ago on a trip down to Mississippi. Now, on the road somewhere in between New York and Mississippi he realizes it may have been a mistake to follow her...Rogue can take care of herself. So Gambit tries to keep distracted with...other things." ~ Narrator, on Gambit

"Even as the conversation begins, his thoughts keep drifting back to her. Rogue. Always Rogue. Where is she? Why did she insist on going alone?" ~ Narrator, on Gambit

"Ah did fly through the night just to save your cute little self."
"That figures, Rogue...'cause I been lookin' to catch up with you for the very same reason." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as they fight a group of assassins

"Now it be just you, me, the campfire, the stars...and a mess of bruised assassins headin' back to the Big Easy. The t'ings we do to get away from the other X-Men, neh? Wouldn't be findin' Scott and Jean doin' something like dis..." ~ Gambit, to Rogue, as they sit by the fire

"Look at dis here. I be the thief, chere...and there you go off stealin' my heart. Can't be keepin' any promises, p'tite. If dis thing involves you and Belle...it's got to involve me!" Gambit, to himself, after he wakes up to find Rogue gone

"Ah'm sorry for what happened between me an Bella Donna. Ah didn't want to hurt her...didn't want to absorb her memories. No more that ah wanted to hurt Cody or Carol Danvers. But it all happened 'cause of my mutant powers. I didn't ask for 'em and I do my best to control 'em, but sometimes...all ah can do is try not to hurt someone with them. Again." ~ Rogue's thoughts as she searches for Belle


Rogue #3

"Always gettin' in trouble for de women, Gambit. Pah!" ~ Lapin (Gambit's cousin), to himself, as Gambit speeds into New Orleans


Rogue #4

"It has not happened in what seems like many years. She almost does not believe it - despite the pain of the knife which cuts into her shoulder. Rogue realizes that she has not felt anything like this since absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel. From that time on, all physical sensations have been muted by the invulnerability which came with the powers. Briefly she allows herself to drift back to a time before her powers first manifested. Before she was a mutant. Before the X-Men. But there is a task at hand. She is needed here..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue

"All you left me with is a heart full of hate. I can't remember any beauty anymore...no joy...all I can remember is how to kill...how to destroy..."
"That's bull lady! Mah powers don't work that way. If there's anyone to blame for the hate that's eatin' at you...it's you. You've got to have made the choice...to remember only the ugliness. Don't blame me! Ah never wanted any part of it. Still don't." ~ Belle and Rogue

"How long has it been since you felt anything like this, girl? I'll bet even the pain feels a little good...doesn't it? I could make it last, Rogue. Take your powers away permanently. Yes. Gone for good. But there isn't much time, you have to decide quickly. You'd be able to feel again...touch again...ah, yes - touch again, Rogue, without fear. Can you remember what it was like? A normal life...with Remy, perhaps? Oh, my! But what of Cody? How could you save him if I took your powers away? Oh, small matter. He's probably going to die anyway. There is nothing you could really do to save him...what's it going to be, Rogue? The boy's going to die anyway...why should you suffer?"
"No. You don't know anything about me, Candra. Ah can't...an' ah won't. My powers are coming back. Ah'm gonna fight you. Fight you with everything ah have." ~ Candra and Rogue

"Cody, it is you! Ah'm so sorry! Ah never meant for it to happen! Ah didn't have control...didn't know about my powers..."
"Now why would you go blaming yourself for all that? It's nobody's fault. Life dealt us both a bad hand - you just gotta move on. And did you know what? Ah don't have any regrets. This was a place where I was happiest. Now do me a favor, sugah. You put the past where it belongs...in the past. Ah'm part of the past...and there's nothin' either of us can do to change it. You get on with your life...and let me go on with what ah've got comin'. That kiss of yours is a memory worth carrying with me to wherever ah may end up. Live your life to the fullest...for both of us. You know ah'll always be with you." ~ Rogue and Cody, in Cody's mind right before he dies

Rogue Series 2004-2005

Rogue #1

"With one touch of my skin to theirs, a person's memories become my own. Every last one. Down to the second before we touched...'course, there's some mild side effects. Nothin' too bad, as long as I don't hold on too long...but if it means a little stolen happiness for me, I figure it's no harm, no foul. Too bad it means no chance of a real family for me. Hard for a life draining succubus to be a lover or a momma. Course, there's the X-Men...I guess they're a family of sorts...but sometimes I can't help longing for the real thing. The closest I got...is a man who can't even see me. Thanks to my powers we don't have touch, and now we don't have sight either...that don't leave a whole lot left..." ~ Rogue's thoughts

"Can't see...I can't see! His hand barely brushed my skin...and now I've absorbed his blindness! And his memories...his feelings. His humiliation. He depends on me...and he hates it." ~ Rogue's thoughts, after accidentally absorbing a blind Gambit

"I guess this is what you call impulsive. A little girl - okay, a little mutant girl - lets out a yelp for her momma, and I go all weak in the knees. So is that what this is about? Me tryin' to help this kid the way folks never helped me? Or am I just tryin' to find reasons not to go back and face Remy?" ~ Rogue's thoughts on why she decides to stay behind in Mississippi


Rogue #3

"This Campbell character...just like before, he's glib and evasive, dancin' around the truth. I don't trust him...and I don't like him. I outta just walk away. But...he knows something. Somethin' I need to learn. And...more than that...I'm intrigued. I had a few months once, when I was able to touch other people skin to skin without hurting them...and all that gave me was the knowledge of what I'm missin'. But...here's someone I can touch, someone I can feel...someone I can...NO! Not gonna go there." ~ Rogue's thoughts on Campbell

"He's doin' it again...touching me! And...it feels like water on a parched plant. How did I ever think I could live without this...? But...I can't allow it. I don't know him. Don't trust him. Not even sure if he's human..." ~ Rogue's thoughts, when Campbell brushes a tear from her cheek


Rogue #4

"Sh-should you be out on your own like this? Aren't you..."
"Blind? I am that, but I don' need sight to know that here be two lovely young ladies. Two lovely, generous ladies, who I'm gonna ask a favor..."
[A couple of minutes later, Remy is in the car with the two young women.]
"...so how long have you been blind?"
"A week or so. How long you been beautiful..." ~ a young woman and Gambit, as he charms her and her friend into giving him a lift

"I mean, I can't touch anybody. Not ever again. Not without hooverin' up everything on his hard drive. Well...except for Campbell. All right, I told myself I wasn't gonna let myself think about that. Just 'cause I can touch a guy, doesn't mean I gotta. It's just...those months with Remy, I got used to it. Being touched. Being held, skin to skin. Was like..bein' alive. Bein' connected to something bigger than me. Now I gotta face the rest of my life without it. Unless I get it from a man I don't even like. Or know the first thing about. Though I gotta say...there is somethin' about him...a kind of boyishness I could maybe find attractive. If I was interested in boys, that is. But I ain't. I like men. No...not even men. Just one man in particular. What's got into me? I'm so wrapped up in whatever it is I'm doin' here. I ain't spared a thought for the only guy I'd ever go through life with, touch or no..." ~ Rogue's thoughts on Campbell and Remy


Rogue #5

"Anna...? You be in there?"
"Remy! W-what are you don' here...?"
"That's a silly question - I came after you, chere. You been out of touch, I got worried..."
"I told you I was fine. Who else is with you?"
"No one - I came alone. Surprised?"
"You shouldn't have done that. You're blind..."
"Chere, I'm not so helpless as you think. Where are you? Why don't you run to my arms? And why your voice be soundin' so strange? What you been...we not alone." ~ Gambit and Rogue, when Gambit comes to Rogue's motel room (with Campbell there)

"If all this is true, why didn't you just recruit me to help you right from the start? Why the deceptions, the hallucinations - all the teasing, leadin' me around by the nose?"
"Well...'cause I'm a dream. Dream's aren't rational...besides, this is what you wanted subconsciously, at any rate...Mystery. Suspense. Romance. Danger. I bring all these things to you. See, I'm susceptible to the unconscious desires of others. Not quite as open to suggestion as the wraiths are. But...well, let's just say, I am what you made me." ~ Rogue and Campbell, after he tells her that he is a mutant dream


Rogue #6

"I've had about enough of your lip, Annie Marie...and your floutin' my authority. I give you a perfect world...a perfect life...and you throw it away to consort with some Creole trash."
"Hey!" ~ Rogue's dream mother, yelling at Rogue's "twin," and Gambit

"And I be a powerful fine fighter...in fact, now I got my sight back, the best."
"But you ain't got your sight back! You're still blind...you can't see anythin'."
"Anna, you be wrong. I see you, this moment, right in front of my eyes."
"You don't, sugar...I'm a dream, that's all. I'm not in front of your eyes, I'm behind 'em." ~ Gambit and Rogue's twin, explaining why it seems like Gambit got his sight back

"Look - just look what you've done! You've deranged my perfect daughter. You've ruined her and I don't know if I can ever put her right again. I hate you. I hate you, and I'll kill you for it!"
"That be so, eh? Tell you what then...let's make sure the crime be fittin' the punishment..." ~ Rogue's dream mother and Gambit, right before he kisses Rogue's twin

"It's me. Anna. What's going on...? I'm confused..."
"Ahhh. Don't tell me...your hers. Blast!" ~ Gambit, Rogue, and Rogue's twin, when Rogue comes upon Gambit and her twin kissing

"Anna...where are you...? Why can't I see you..."
"Hey! That's right! You can't see her...just me! Mamma, I'll make you a deal - I'll stay on here with you, no more runnin'...long as Remy stays as well."
"What...? What you be sayin'?"
"I'm sayin you got a choice here. You can fight my mamma, and maybe lose, all for the chance to go back to the real world where you got yourself a woman you can't even touch, let alone see. Or...you can stay here, with a woman you can see and touch, who's every bit as good as the one you can't - even better - 'cause I'll be your dream version of her! No flaws, no imperfections...none of the problems that were part of bein' with her. That ain't no choice at all, is it sugar?"
"Sorry, chere. It be a very nice fantasy, but Remy LeBeau be a man...and a man must have reality, flaws and all..." ~ Gambit and Rogue's twin, who's trying to convince him to stay in the dream world with her

"...she ain't just somethin' you whipped up outta thin air! I've watched her, seen her grow in the outside world...there's somethin' separate in her. Somethin' of her own she picked up somehow. Who knows how this place works? Bits of ambition and curiosity and courage leakin' through from other people's subconscious minds...could be Anna Marie latched onto 'em. I guess we'll never know. But I do know she doesn't deserve to be dispersed like a mirage or somethin'. Hon, I got this power that's sort of a blessing and a curse all rolled into one. I absorb people's memories and abilities. I know I touched you once before and nothin' happened. But you're a dream, and that means you're open to suggestion. And what I'm suggestin' to you now is...come on board." ~ Rogue, to Rogue's twin, right before she absorbs her twin into her

"...you can see her?"
"Sure I can. Remy LeBeau, ma'am. My friends, they call me Gambit."
"Oh Remy...don't you know what this means?"
"W-what's wrong, Anna Marie? You're scarin' me..."
"It means you're not real! You're a dream too...it's the only way Remy'd be able to see you."
"No...I'm your mamma. I'm...I'm as real as you are...please...believe in me...I love you, Anna...I..." ~ Rogue, Gambit, and Rogue's dream mother, right before the latter disappears

"Sorry, I was afraid of this. When I saw you two embrace, your skin touched hers...and nothin' happened. Your momma must've died here. But her dream was so strong it just kept on a-goin' without her."
"You knew...!"
"Just suspected. And there wasn't time to say nothin'. Though I s'pose I might've guessed earlier. Ain't no way a human could live long on the Far Banks...nothin' to eat for one thing..." ~ Campbell and Rogue, on Rogue's dream mother


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