Quotable Rogue and Gambit - Ultimate X-Men

Ultimate X-Men #50

“Don’t...don’t kill me!”
“I’m not a murderer. I’m a thief.”
“Fine, take my purse!”
“I don’t want your money.”
“Then…then what?”
“You, cherie. I been sent to steal you.” ~ Rogue and Gambit, as he has her pinned to the ground


Ultimate X-Men #51

“Glad you finally shook off that ether ragging I had to give you. I was getting tired of solitaire. Maybe the two of us could play some hearts?”
“You need three people for that, you backwater pervert.”
“Well then, guess me and you gonna have to play a little war.” ~ Gambit and Rogue, upon her waking up in captivity

“Smile, beautiful. I ain’t gonna hurt you.”
“Take off these handcuffs, and I’ll do a lot more than smile for you.”
“Sorry, I been briefed on your gift. I know you can drain the power outta anybody you lay a finger on...steal their mutant mojo for yourself.”
“Yeah, some ‘gift.’ I can’t even hold hands without putting my boyfriend in the hospital.”
“Your boyfriend, huh? He the one I saw making time with another girl?”
“What...what do you want?”
“Your forgiveness. I know this went down in a bad way, but you gonna see real soon that it was all for the best.”
“I’m...I’m scared.”
“Of me? Rogue, I rescued you. I got myself a life those X-folks never coulda given me, and you deserve the same. You’re safe here, I swear!”
“Can...can ah tell you something?”
“My powers don’t just work through my fingers, moron.” ~ Gambit and Rogue, “bonding” in captivity, right before she kisses him

“Unlike Charles Xavier, we have a vested interest in curing you of the limitations that keep you shackled to that school. Agree to sign an exclusive contract with Fenris, and through our patented bioengineering process, we will give you complete control of your abilities.”
“You mean...?”
“Help us...and you can finally know what it’s like to kiss someone for real.” ~ the Fenris twins and Rogue, as they try to convince her to join them


Ultimate X-Men #52

“This is your end of the bargain? If all ah wanted was another stupid uniform, I’d go back to the X-Men.” ~ Rogue, commenting on the outfit the Fenris twins gave her

“You call that a fight? Touch me! Steal my powers!”
“And let your thoughts into my head again? I’d rather die.”
“You haven’t been inside my brain since you laid that kiss on me. I’ve got all sorts of new thoughts in there now.” ~ Gambit, trying to prove that her powers are under control, and Rogue

[Rogue slaps Gambit across the face. Hard.]
“You twisted son of a...wait. Nothing...nothing happened. Ah touched you, and ah didn’t feel a thing.”
“Makes one of us...” ~ Rogue and Gambit, after she smacked him

“Stealing from the rich to give to the peculiar, huh?”
“Even Clyde needed his Bonnie, non? And Robin Hood needed his...his...”
“Marian. Her name was Marian.” ~ Rogue and Gambit, as she considers the Fenris twin’s offer of employment

“I’ve done some awful stuff in my time. Awful. This...this curse of mine is a reminder of that. Maybe it’ll be lifted someday, but ah gotta earn it first. And not to sound too judgmental, but ah don’t think stealing fits into that equation.” ~ Rogue, politely declining their offer

“Stay out of this LeBeau. Or do you want us to tell your new playmate about the army of skeletons in your closet?”
“We brought Rouge here to be your partner, but she can just as easily be your replacement.”
“I don’t like getting shanghaied, mes amis. This girl walks...and I’m walking with her.” ~ Andrea, Andreas, and Gambit, as he defends Rogue’s refusal


Ultimate X-Men #53

“You heard me, moptop. Get your paws of the girl...before I slice ‘em off.”
“ ‘Moptop’? You’re making fun of my hair?” ~ Wolverine and Gambit, as they fight over Rogue

“You come at me with them claws, I’ll light the rest of your shiny skeleton up like a Mardi Gras float.” ~ Gambit, to Wolverine

[Rogue pulls a gun on Wolverine in a last-ditch effort to convince him not to kill Gambit.]
“Hn. Kitty told me you were down with the NRA, but I didn’t believe her. Where’d you get the piece, Rogue?”
“From one of the heavily armed jerks Gambit helped me take down. Like Ah was trying to tell you, he’s not the bad guy here.”
“Were you asleep at Coney Island? He nearly offed a whole Ferris Wheel!”
“...can anyone in this room say we haven’t been pushed into doing something awful by evil people? The question is whether or not you want to atone for what you done.”
“I don’t know what kinda Stokholm Syndrome spell this guy got you under, but you can’t buy into anything he...”
“Save it. Your little lectures might impress Storm, but they never fooled me. Ah heard stories about you at Weapon X. And from Magneto too. Ah know what you’re really like, how little you’ve changed...and you got no right to judge.” [She turns to Gambit to assess his injuries.] “Look what you did to him, Logan. I’ve no saint...but you’re practically an animal.” ~ Logan and Rogue

“Go after him, Storm. I’m all right here.”
“You’re not all right. You’re an ungrateful little brat. Where does the girl I had to beg not to execute Sinister get off being self-righteous with anyone? That man loves you like he’s your brother.”
“He does...?” ~ Rogue and Storm, after Wolverine storms off

“I’m sorry, cherie. This is all my...”
“Forget it, Gambit. But you should go, too. The rest of my crew probably ain’t far behind.”
“Why not come with me?”
“Don’t push your luck, LeBeau. Ah like you, but Ah haven’t forgotten how we met.”
“The circumstances were...not the best. But we’re like those couples that get together after surviving the same plane crash, yeah? No one else alive understands what they’ve been through!”
“Ah…Ah need some time alone.”
“Me, too. We can be alone together, Rogue.”
“You don’t have to call me that, you know. Rogue is just the handle my folks hung on me when Ah used to get in trouble. My Christian name’s Marian...like Robin Hood’s girl.”
“I’ll let you be whoever you want to be. You know I got more in common with you than with your friend back there. You seen my past! No matter what I done, you know my heart’s always been in the right place!”
“Those memories Ah stole from you have already faded away, Remy.”
“Then I’ll give you more.”
“No, if...if Ah touch you...”
“It’s all right, Marian. I’m not like other men. I can take the pain…” ~ Gambit and Rogue, right before he takes her in his arms and kisses her

“He’s gotta be, like, twice her age. That’s hot.” ~ Dazzler, on Gambit and Rogue

“Ah appreciate y’all coming after me like this, but I’d appreciate it more if you just gave me a little space...” ~ Rogue, as she goes off with Gambit


Ultimate X-Men Annual #1

“Rogue, I love you! We belong together, kid. Look into my heart. Me and you are two sides of the same bad penny. We’re both trailer trash made good! You were the brains, I was the brawn. We were the perfect team. Hell, sharing a prison cell with you was the only time in my life I ever felt like a free man...” ~ Juggernaut, as he forces Rogue to absorb him

“Drop her! Please. She’s just a girl, mon ami. You keep dumping everything you got into her, she’ll pop like a mosquito.”
“What do you know?”
“Enough not to force Rogue to be something she ain’t.”
“Please. Only reason she’s with you is ‘cause you remind her of her daddy. You’re nothing but a degenerate card shark.” ~ Gambit and Juggernaut, on Rogue

[Gambit uses charged cards to make a building fall on him and Juggernaut.]
“No! I know you’re still in there! I can feel you! I can feel you!” [She digs through the rubble until she finds Gambit.]
“Did...did I get him?”
“Yeah. You got him, baby. Just hang on. Sounds like the cavalry’s finally in its way. Day late and a dollar short like always, but...”
“Whatever that stupid gem did it...it was magic. There’s real magic in the world, cherie. At least there’s that...Listen, I...I ain’t long for this world. How ‘bout letting an old crook...steal one last kiss?”
“Shut up with that! I won’t let you leave me!”
[She kisses him...he dies in her arms.] ~ Rogue and Gambit


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