Quotable Rogue and Gambit - X-Men

X-Men #1

"I must confess, infuriating and arrogant as Gambit can be...those eyes, that grin, the body - it takes a girl's breath away."
"Oh really? When next the opportunity presents itself...remind me to drop a truck on him." ~ Jean Grey and Cyclops

"Been a while, Magneto. Never called, never wrote, ah was startin' t'figure you'd forgotten all about me. That's no way for friends to act." ~ Rogue, to Magneto

"That, sir, is no way to treat a lady."
"Or Rogue neither, hein?"
"Myomy, talk about a man who loves to live dangerously." ~ Beast and Gambit, on Rogue


X-Men #4

"...a prize worth the winnin'! You may have lost the game, you an your furry partner...but for you, at least there is a chance to claim somethin' from the day! Champagne. Candlelight. Magic time, chere."
"Er...Gambit...maybe you should curb that romantic soul of yours."
"Yeah! The lady's not interested, Big G." ~ Gambit (to Rogue), Cyclops, and Jubilee

"Keep your slimy paws off'a me, Gambit! You know ah can't make flesh to flesh contact without drainin' all your powers anyway!"
"Perhaps. But don' nobody know how Gambit loves a challenge." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Where is dat girl? She's goin' learn I don't wait too long for...Hm? Hel-lo. Now what's this? Chere...for me?"
"You wish. A lady has to look her best when she goes out on the town, Gambit. After all there might be some real gentlemen at the restaurant."
"Restaurant? You'll be lucky if he takes you to a Taco Bell, Rogue." ~ Gambit, Rogue, and Jubilee

"Alors! I thought I'd joined the X-Men...not the Brady Bunch! There are some things I prefer not to do in a group!" ~ Gambit, to the X-Men who're planning on tagging along on his date with Rogue


X-Men #6

"Seems t'me I took this man out three times already, no?"
"Don't fret, Gambit - after a while all these ninjas start t'look the same. Present company excepted, Psylocke." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"Lookee here, mes amis...another bad guy with his hair pulled into a pony-tail. Is there some dress code nobody tell me 'bout." ~ Gambit

"Ah can't speak for the rest of the team - but it kinda tickles. I mean, as bio-electric furies go." ~ Rogue, after being hit with a bio-electric bolt


X-Men #8

" 'Insulting.' Eh? Chere, didn't know you cared."
"Ah'm sorry...did y'all get the impression ah cared?" ~ Gambit and Rogue

"I thought you'd appreciate me makin' you an ol' fashion Cajun meal with muh own two hands."
"If I made a list of things to do 'with your own two hands'...stirrin' gumbo wouldn't be on it." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Gambit, please! Ya know even the slightest physical contact means ah'd absorb ya' mind and powers!"
"Worse fates spring to mind, chere."
"That's all ah'd need - thoughts o' you running through my head twenty four hours a day."
"How'd dat be any different than now?" ~ Rogue and Gambit

" 'Oooooops'?! I spent four hours sweatin' ovah a hot stove - - an' the best you can offer is 'OOOOOPS'?!"
[Bishop and Gambit laugh]
"Is this wise?"
"Keep laughing or she'll kill us." ~ Rogue, Bishop, and Gambit, after Gambit accidentally hits Rogue in the face with a charged pie he was aiming at Bishop

"Ya' mean somebody was actually desperate enough to become - Mrs. Gambit?" ~ Jubilee

"So yer the skirt that tamed the Cajun?"
" 'House-broke' to be more acc'rate."
"Nice t'see everyone's havin' their ha-ha's at my expense." ~ Wolverine, Bella Donna, and Gambit


X-Men #19

"Kinda fun ta see you all fidgety an' scared, Remy."
"I assure you, gal, that I am the definition a' calm." ~ Rogue and Gambit, when is Gambit acting as a blinded Rogue's "eyes" as she flies around the mansion


X-Men #24

"This is how I've wanted it t'be since I first looked at you, Roguie. Beyond the flirtin' an' teasin', past all the games an' all the uncertainty - I know we can be hurt, girl. Physically as well as emotionally. I know one kiss from you - one touch, flesh to flesh - might give me some serious hurtin' - but I'm willin' t'take the risk for you...you willin' t'do the same for me?" ~ Gambit, during a carriage ride through Central Park

"...ah want to, but ah can't. Ah'm so afraid ah might hurt you...like ah hurt Cody ...when ah was so little...an' ah kissed him...it was the first an' last time ah kissed someone out of passion...an' if ah kiss you...an' if ah hurt you...ah know - ah just know - ah'd want to die."
"Then we don' kiss, Rogue. Simple as that. Maybe thas' jus' fine right now for you an' me. Maybe we both have t'learn there's more t'love than th' physical." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Maybe we'll both end up learnin' what love really means. An' I can't think 'bout anyone else I'd rather try t'learn with, Rogue."
"Remy - mah real name...it's..."
"Hush. Names don'mean nuthin' t'me. Names don' make us what we are inside. An' I know what's inside you, chere...an' that's all that matters." ~ Gambit and Rogue


X-Men #26

"We all miss 'im, chere."
"Even you, Remy?"
"Like havin' jambalaya without the spice, girl." ~ Gambit and Rogue, on Wolverine


X-Men #28

"The only thing LeBeau feels in his heart is the need to break yours That's the thing he's best at...stealin' people's hearts...their trust...you should find out for yourself, Frail. You should start t'trust him, start t'care, t'fall head over heels f'r him...then watch as he takes everythin' you have to give. An' I mean everythin' X-Man..." ~ Sabertooth, to Rogue


X-Men #30

"Now, mes amis...y'didn' think I'd give anyone else a chance t'slip this on the little lady, did you? I t'ink not." ~ Gambit, on catching Jean's garter after Rogue caught her bouquet


X-Men #32

"Guess I still am a kid at heart, neh?" ~ Gambit


X-Men #33

"Why take what someone is willing to give? That's what the Frail said as she died in his arms. So Gambit stole what she would've handed over t'him - the pendant, her love. But it was all a game t'him. Too bad I raised the stakes. Think about that girl, next time the Cajun whispers in your ear...tellin' you he'd give anythin' t'be with you...when you know, deep down, you know...Remy LeBeau has never given away anything in his life...without reason." ~ Sabertooth, to Rogue

"It's about us! I'm in love wit you...an' I'm afraid you don't know what that word really means!"
"What happened with Sabertooth an' the girl was a long time ago, Rogue. I was a different man back then."
"An' what kinda man are you now, Remy?"
"Dat's why I need you...to help me find out..." ~ Rogue and Gambit


X-Men #34

"REMY!!! Uhm...an' Betsy too, o' course. Ah guess...uhm, y'all took care o' Riptide?"
"Guessed right, mon amour. Never mind your pretty little face 'bout gettin' here a little late, Rogue. Like Elisabeth said...it's the thought dat counts. An' you were worried about me, weren't you?"
"Jus' doin' my job, Cajun." ~ Rogue and Gambit


X-Men #38

"You are deader than a snowman in July! An' ah mean TV-movie of the week, CNN all-day coverage kinda dead! No...wait...better yet...ah'll just let you live...since everyone knows just bein' you is punishment enough!" ~ Rogue, to Iceman after he froze the pool water as she dove in

"It's no secret you and Gambit are having problems - and we've all noticed how miserable that's made the two of you..." ~ Iceman, to Rogue

"Best way t'beat you down, Creed, ain't t'beat you up. I worked too hard, care too much 'bout bein' here - learnin' how t'love for real - an bein' an X-Man - t'let a loser like you take it away from me. So I know the best way t'win the fight against you, is for me an' Rogue to be happy together."
"Is that a fight we can win?"
"Rouge...? I didn't know you were - how much did you hear?"
"Enough. Ta realize how wrong ah was...ta blame you for the things you did in your past when my own is just as messed up. But Gambit..ah also know that you an' ah won't ever work right until we both accept what we've done in our lives."
"An when's that gonna happen, girl?"
"Soon...ah hope. 'Cause ah can't run anymore from who ah was...if it means ah keep runnin' away from who ah wanna be." ~ Gambit and Rogue


X-Men #41

"Kinda sad, isn't it, Rogue?"
"What, Remy...?"
"Lilandra's bein' just a holographic projection. The professor an' her can watch what's comin' together - but they can't even touch - or hold - each other. Jus' thought that was sad, is all."
"Remy, toss the cigarette away...an' please come closer to me..." ~ Gambit and Rogue


X-Men #45

"What has love done t'you, Remy LeBeau. Ev'ryone I grew up with, the entire Thieves Guild, dey'd be havin' a good laugh on you now, boy. Standin' in the rain, pretending it's that - and not tears - runnin' down y'face..." ~ Gambit's thoughts

"It's a pretty swift shot t'the guts - knowin' y'lousy past cas caught up t'ya. Jus' when y'thought - y'hoped - that ya'd gotten away from it...worse when it's d'woman dat you love, who could be d'one t'ruin it all. Even worse still, it's all d'result ...of one stolen kiss. One helluva kiss, at dat. The kinda kiss a gambler would risk d'pot for..." ~ Gambit's thoughts

"Ah know what comes next, Bobby. Ah've heard it a million times! 'You can't touch anyone - ever, ever...EVER!'" ~ Rogue

"...ah just couldn't die without kissin' you once, Remy."
"I felt the same way."
"But now...well, now ah can't live thinkin'...that ah'll never be able to kiss you again."
"...Look. I can kiss your tears. I can taste your sadness. We'll find ways t'touch, body and soul." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"I want you t'touch me. Be inside me again - become me - let me become you - no secrets, no shame - so we can get past this an' go on from here de way I want us to - together - as one. Choice is yours." ~ Gambit, to Rogue

"An' she's gone, snap, jus' like dat. An' look what she leaves behind - Gambit prince of t' Thieves Guild, left standin' like a fool, pain in his chest...cause she stole my heart....gaspin' for air...cause she took my breath away..." ~ Gambit's thoughts


X-Men #81

"Gambit...you're about to blow off your hand..." ~ Rogue

"Gee, Rogue, in this light, you almost look like that chevrette, Logan."
"She's back at the house, LeBeau...waitin' fer you."
"Well, I'd hate to disappoint the lady..."
"Gambit...listen good, 'cause I don't plan t'rehash this. Xavier's is a place for second chances. Even after all the lies...the trial...it's good that you're back. But...you play us all for fools, or break that girl's heart again...we're gonna have words. Strong ones, you dig?" ~ Gambit and Wolverine

"Ah don't usually make it a habit t'beat the snot outta girl who obviously got mental problems, Kali...but you couldn't have picked a day where I felt less sympathetic." ~ Rogue, to the mysterious woman trying to kill her and Gambit

"And den sometimes...tryin' not t'hurt anyone...you make things worse. Rogue...what you said...about Antarctica...dat wasn't you. It was my fault, chere."
"No, Remy...leaving you there...I can't forgive myself..."
"Rogue, when you kissed me, at de trail...absorbed my mind...you absorbed my self-hate along with it. You left me because I wanted to be left...'cause I wanted to die. But the truth is...once I came face to face wit' it...I din't want to go. I couldn't...because I couldn't bear the thought of dyin' wit'out seein' you again...I don't hate you Rogue...I could never hate you..." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"...you ever notice you and I can't go on a date without bein' jumped?"
"Maybe someone's tryin' t'tell us something." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"You dreamed about dis? Really? An' what did I do in this dream?"
"Well, in one version you came crawlin' in like a dog, ah punched you across the state an' back, then walked away, free of your spectre."
"Uh...are we goin' there, chere? If so, I'll save you the trouble an' start walkin'..."
"The other has you swoopin' in like hellfire...all eyes and arms and lips...pullin' me to you, and tellin' me that the past is past and the future is open, and you...and you still love me...like I still love you." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"I'm sorry...ah shouldn't have pushed so far so fast...you need time, fine...just don't expect me to wait forever." ~ Rogue, to Gambit


X-Men #83

"Considerin' that you used t'be an overgrown PC gatherin' dust in our basement - you sure are full of yourself." ~ Rogue, to Cerebro

"No, Rouge Lady...I felt him...he's hurt..."
"Hurt? How badly?"
"Bad. I can see inta his mind. He's thinkin' 'bout you..." ~ Nina and Rogue, about Gambit


X-Men #109

"Rogue, when you're hurtin' bad as dis...it ain't the time t' shut out those who care for you, or drive us away."
"Don't you get it, Cajun?! My power is out of control. Ah'm dangerous! You stay close t'me, you're gonna get hurt."
"My risk. My choice. I can take care of myself." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"You'll place your friends at risk, but not me? Chere, dat's crazy!"
"Right now, so am I. Fact is, they get hurt, it'll break my heart. But if it's you - ah'll die. Ah can't work through this, Remy, if ah'm worried all the time about you."
"An' how'm I s'posed t'live wit' you gone from my life?" ~ Gambit and Rogue


X-Men #166

"Shaking, I reach out to take Remy's hand. It's instinct. It's natural. It's impossible."
"Roguey, you okay?"
"Fine, considering someone just blew their brains out in front of us..." ~ Rogue's thoughts, Gambit, and Rogue, after a tragedy

"Glad to have you back, sweetheart."
"I leave you guys for two minutes and look what happens!" ~ Gambit and Rogue, after she tries to absorb a catatonic victim

"Did you get anything from the zombie?"
"Yep. I got weirded out." ~ Havok and Rogue, on absorbing the catatonic victim

"We seem to be dealing with two kinds of mutant here. Burnt-out zombies...and raging psychopaths."
"And the dead. There're lots of dead, remember? They're the bloody ones with the funny expressions who don't move around much."
"Okay, smarty pants...three kinds of mutant." ~ Gambit and Rogue, on their situation

[The group finds another survivor, who bites off his own tongue so he can't talk to them.]
"Look, I know last time wasn't exactly an unqualified success...but I think I can get something from this guy, Alex."
"For God's sake, Rogue, he's a psychopath."
"I'll be absorbing his memories, not going on a date with him."
"Glad to hear it." ~ Rogue, Havok, and Gambit


X-Men #167

[Everyone starts "freaking out" due to some kind of psychic attack.]
"Can't stand it down here no more. Look! I'm s-sweating. What's happening t' me?"
"Relax, dude. I'd feel like that too if my girl didn't let me touch her."
"Wha' was that, Drake?"
"Bobby, ah'm disappointed in you. How could you say something so...so heartless? So downright nasty?"
"I...I didn't mean it, Rogue...I don't even know why I said it...it was like someone else said it." ~ Gambit, Iceman, and Rogue

"Hey, Remy...real sorry about what I said back there. Second-rate locker-room B.S. I was a jerk."
"Nah, maybe you were right, Bobby. Maybe dis no-touching thing is getting t' me...more den I thought. Though that don' make ya less of a jerk for saying it." ~ Iceman and Gambit

"This no-touching thing."
"Rogue, I..."
"That's how you described our...unique predicament to Bobby. Maybe it's getting to you. D'yall ever consider that it might be getting to me too?" ~ Rogue and Gambit

"As I reach out to take the weird trinket I touch him. And I feel it. The memories. The ancient stories handed down from generations...stories of a creature that lived inside the rock shaped like a skull...a creature they named...Golgotha." ~ Rogue's thoughts, as she absorbs a man trying to sell an oddly shaped trinket


X-Men #168

"See ya later, darlin'."
"Ah will expect a present." ~ Gambit and Rogue, saying good-bye before the team splits up

"Leave him, man. He ain' worth it." [Wolverine attacks Gambit.] "Mon dieu...Logan, what's got into you?"
"Don't you ever put your filthy Cajun hands on me again."
"Agh-hem. You hurt a hair on my man's head and ah swear I'll kill you!"
"Hah hah hah hah hah...this is how the fun begins. Friends falling out...tiny enmities blown all out of proportion! Those demons you keep buried in the dark...crawling out...like maggots...towards the light..." ~ Gambit, Wolverine, Rogue (all acting a little off), and Boy


X-Men #169

"Darling, listen carefully. This ain't you talking, it's...it's that thing..."
"Mais non, ma petite. For once, it is me. And now I see. I'm glad we can't touch. I'm thankful that we're non-tactile, pretend lovers."
"Please, Remy don't do this...just go..."
"Not touching is the only thing that's kept us together. It's what adds the sparkle. Without that...we'd be bored with each other. You'd just be another one-night stand. I'll leave you two alone. I know you've always had a thing for each other. You make a perfect couple. The old letch and the maiden..." ~ Rogue and Gambit, who has fallen under Golgotha's spell and leaves Rogue with Logan

"Leave him. He doesn't mean anything he said. It's the craziness talking."
"Is it?"
"Logan, please..."
"Is it craziness to say we always had a thing for each other? Craziness to say I always wanted to do this..."
"This is crazy..."
"I don't care."
"Rogue...I've wanted you for so...so...ghhh...Ro...gg..." ~ Rogue and Logan, right before he kisses her and she absorbs him

"Oh my God, what have I said? What have I done? Think straight. Rogue. Do you really love her? How much easier would life be without her? With a normal mutant girl. A girl you could roll around in the hay with. Face it. You don't love her. And...and she probably doesn't even love you. She doesn't know what love is. How could she? Not being able to touch has arrested her emotional development. She's trapped somewhere in kindergarten. It's puppy-dog love. Make-believe romance." ~ Gambit's thoughts, still under Golgotha's influence


X-Men #170

"But this is gonna be dangerous, cheri. I'd hate to go out there with a cloud still hanging over us."
"You sayin'...you're sorry."
"How can I be sorry for something I didn't mean to say?"
"Those words came from somewhere, Remy."
"And what about you and Logan? Where did that kiss come from?"
[An awkward pause follows, then they put on the helmets of their space suits.]
"Take care sweetie."
[They "kiss" through their helmets.] ~ Gambit and Rogue, before going out into space to fight alien creatures


X-Men #171

"We could just hold hands. We don't have to, ah, do anything."
"I want to do...everything. If you're willing to take the risk..."
"You know I am."
"And it's been an age since we tried. So maybe...maybe...this time...this time will be different..."
"And it's worth any risk. It's worth dying for."
"Swear ah'll die if we can't do this."
"But what a way to go. The big death. La grande mort."
"I don't want to hurt you, darling. If it starts happening, we'll stop..."
[Gambit cups Rogue's face in his hands and leans towards her.]
"Nothing's happening. Nothing bad, anyhow..." ~ Gambit and Rogue, during a "psychic" therapy session, right before she absorbs him (in her mind)

"I remember...like it was yesterday. The first time we met. That stupid game of ball. Of course, there were others there, too. Not that I noticed them. Then the first time he held me in his arms. He took me for a ride on his bike. My feet haven't hit the ground since..." ~ Rogue's thoughts, as she's accidentally absorbing Gambit during her psychic session

"Your thought patterns seem to be normal, Remy. At least, as normal as your thought patterns ever are. There's been no harm done."
"Dat is a matter of opinion. You promised us, Emma. A telepathic answer to our problem."
"I promised to help. That's all."
"And you failed."
"Actually, you failed. Or one of you did. Even in telepathic form you were unable to escape the reality of your situation."
"Reality? The reality is I died last night. I got sucked dry, just as I reached a romantic crescendo. Dat's a very special kinda traumatic experience."
"I'll give you both more telepathic therapy. We can try again."
"Maybe..." ~ Emma and Gambit, on the failed attempt at therapy with Rogue

"Don't get sore, darlin'. I'm just sayin' he seemed particularly violent today. Like a man getting rid of his frustrations."
"Maybe you're just projecting some of your own pent-up emotions, Logan."
"That's unkind."
"And suggesting that Gambit is some kind of sexual neurotic ain't?"
"Well - I'm sorry."
"Me too."
"There's talk about Emma tryin' to help you guys."
"This place is full of talk."
"So it doesn't worry you that Gambit is spending some of his day wrestling with a little sex doll?"
"Why should it worry me? Gambit would never be unfaithful." ~ Logan and Rogue

[Gambit is taking a shower when he is approached by a naked Foxx.]
"What are you doin' here?"
"That depends on you, Gambit."
"Foxx, I don't know where you got the idea that you and I..."
"I got the idea from you. You can't disguise your hunger."
"Not true."
"You want me. You can't admit it to yourself just how bad you want me."
"I love Rogue."
"Yet still you want me. It doesn't make you a bad person. You're a virile man, you have needs. Needs that my...needs that Rogue cannot satisfy. I want you to think about it. I'm here for you, Gambit. No questions asked. No one need ever know...shall I show you how sharp my teeth are?"
"No! Stay away. This ridiculous conversation is over."
"All right. But think about it. Your prime was several years ago. And every celibate day moves you further away from that peak. Your libido fades by the hour."
"Mon dieu. And they say romance is dead."
"Just think about it, Gambit. And think about me."
[Foxx leaves, and Gambit turns the shower to cold.] ~ Gambit and Foxx


X-Men #172

[Back in the showers...] "Foxx. No questions asked. It won't mean I love you. I won't mean I'm promising you anything."
"Guilt free. Risk free..."
[They kiss, then Gambit wakes up screaming.]
" 's up, honey?"
"Uhh. N-nuthin'. Nightmare. Yeah, a nightmare."
"Maybe it's the shock of waking up in the same room as me?"
"Uh-uh. Ain' dat. Emma said that sharing the same quarters might help our situation, and I'm fine with the arrangement."
"So why don't you tell Rogue all about your bad nightmare."
"Know somethin', cheri? Maybe I won't."
"Oh, come on, it'll be fun. I'll analyze you. Try to figure out what your nightmare signified."
"I think I'll just hit the sh-shower."
"Suit yourself. But don't forget, we got another appointment with Emma in the morning. Hope you're ready to take a beautiful young damsel in your arms!"
"You bet!" ~ Gambit and Foxx in his dream, then Gambit and Rogue discussing it

"Would you like an apple?"
"What is dis? Le Jardin D'Eden?"
"I like to think it could be paradise. But I'd rather not get too hung up on any strict biblical interpretation of this."
"You mean...no snakes hidin' in da grass?"
"Snakes? Trust a Cajun boy raised in a Catholic household to bring up the subject of sin."
"Oh? What kinda' sin did the southern Baptist girl have in mind?"
"It ain't no sin if y'all truly love each other."
"But it won't mean I love you. It won't mean I'm promisin' you anything."
"Wuh?" [Foxx is now in Rogue's place, choking him.] "What're you talking about?"
"Snap out if it, Remy. Come on." ~ Rogue, Gambit, and Emma (last line) during another psychic session

"I think we should call it a day. In fact I'm not really sure you two are ready for this degree of telepathic platforming."
"I'm ready. It's the snake in the grass who's got a problem. Though I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with that Foxxy new student."
"Wouldn't have to go through this telepathy thing with the Foxxy new student..."
"Tres bien, mon brave. Make her feel even more insecure than she already is."
"I didn't mean dat, cheri!"
"Go cheri yourself." ~ Emma, Rogue and Gambit, on the failed psychic session

"I don't like this. So why can't I stop it? What's so special about her? It's not as though Rogue and I have suddenly been unable to touch. And Foxx ain't the first pretty girl to make herself available to me. But..." ~ Gambit's thoughts, contemplating his attraction to Foxx

"Not exactly a garden of paradise, ah know. But it's nice. And ah don't believe there are any snakes. Not poisonous ones, anyhow."
"You moved all your things from my room."
"Sorry to be so sneaky, but I wanted to do it when you weren't there. I only moved in with you because Emma said it might help with the telepathy. But it ain't helping."
"But it's been beautiful...waking up together, watching you come alive in the morning..."
"It just makes this feel even more like a mockery of a real relationship."
"We'll keep workin' with Emma. I'll try harder. I won't mess up next time. I promise."
"You can't promise that, Remy. You can't promise me anything. And I can't promise you anything...except increasing frustration. And if or when we give into that frustration...death. Horrible, agonizingly slow, life-sapping death. Not really much of a dowry, is it? So I've been thinking, why don't you and Foxx get together?"
"What? Are you crazy?"
"Why not? You seem to like each other. You're both attractive people. You'll be able to touch. Kiss. Love."
"But I don't want Foxx."
"I don't want any other woman. I want you. I want Rogue."
"You...do? Really?"
"I'll prove it." ~ Rogue and Gambit, on their recent problems

[When Gambit tells Foxx he's transferring her to another class, she changes into Mystique.]
"Foxx? Foxx is a woman I created to seduce you."
"Blandly beautiful. Insipidly sexy. Foxx was made for you..."
"In the name a' God, Rogue is your own step-daughter...! You're twisted. Crazy...completement mauvais."
"But I underestimated you, Remy. Maybe I always have."
"You're wasting your breath, Mystique. Now get out before I throw you out."
"Please, Remy. I know you think I'm evil...and maybe Foxx was a mistake...but I'm only trying to help."
"By messing wit' my mind? By trying to sleep with your own daughter's boyfriend?"
"The idea repels me as much as it does you. But I want my daughter to be happy. And she can't be happy while you two are tearing each other apart. So if one of you had some physical release..."
"That's enough! I want you out of this school."
"Come on, Remy, I know what you want. I've got what you want. Take a look."
[Mystique morphs into Rogue.]
"Stop using that voice. It's...no..."
"How long have you dreamed about taking Rogue in your arms? A night of unbridled passion?"
"Pu-p-please, Mystique. Don't do this to me."
"Come now, Remy. You won't be doing anything wrong. You've proved that you only want Rogue. You're a one-woman man. I respect you for that. You didn't succumb to Foxx. But this is different. This is Rogue. It won't be like cheating..." ~ Mystique and Gambit, when she reveals that she is Foxx


X-Men #173

"The way you hit the ground right between us. Without hitting either of us. Dat was magnifique. Dat was de work of an artiste."
"Wipe the stupid grin off your face, Remy. I was aiming for your butt." ~ Gambit and Rogue, after she used a plasma blast to separate Gambit and Mystique

"Ah've built a life for myself here. A good life. Why did you come here? To spoil it?"
"I...I just want to be close to you, Rogue. To make up for all the times I wasn't there in the past..."
"I've had enough of your lies. Now I want the truth. The truth, Mystique! Or I'll beat it out of you."
"Fine...I came here to...to seduce Gambit."
"That's why you created Foxx?"
"I fashioned her to appeal to his crude tastes. And when that didn't work...I offered him the one thing you can't give him...you."
"A-and. Did that work? Did you give yourself to mah man...?" ~ Rogue and Mystique, in Mystique's "cell" beneath the mansion


X-Men #174

[Rogue chases away one of Gambit's students during a session with him.]
"See what you've turned me into?"
"Call me that again and I'll burn your throat out."
"You've been talking to that liar who calls herself your mother."
"She said you were tempted by her. 'How many nights I've lain awake thinking about what I'd like to do to you...' "
"An' I guess you went ahead and believed her."
"No. I went ahead and absorbed her memories. I almost sucked her dry trying to get down to the truth."
"And nothing. It...it was all confused. A wall of white mental noise. She's had something...done to her, or..."
"Nothing happened between me and your mother. Rogue, dat I swear."
"But you knew Foxx was Mystique and you didn't tell me."
"I...I hoped she'd go away."
"She tried to seduce you. You still didn't tell me."
"I didn't want to worry you..." ~ Rogue and Gambit, on Mystique

"She speaks convincingly. You know...if she'd been different, she might have been such a power for good."
"Isn't that what they said about Adolf Hitler?"
"I'm wit' Rogue. Let's remember she used to be a terrorist. She tried to put us all in the ground on several occasions."
"Ah, you're only saying that to cuddle up with your girlfriend. Who actually turned out to be a real good X-Man herself...even though we used to say some pretty bad things about her, too." ~ Beast, Rogue, Gambit, and Iceman, on Mystique's request to join the X-Men

"I'll go wit' you...c'mon, Roguey...it's for the best. Having her around will let you see..."
"Just drop it, Remy, please."
"...there's nothing between her and me. In any of her shapes or forms..." ~ Rogue and Gambit, on Mystique being accepted into the X-Men


X-Men #182

"I don't know what ya want - an' I don't know what my crazy mother told you, Agustus...but me and Gambit are happy..."
"Glad to hear it, Rogue."
"Sure we have our problems, but who doesn't?"
"Me, actually, I don't have problems."
"An' I don't know what these 'special attributes' are that Mystique said you had, but..."
"Was that embarrassing or what? For all her modern ways, Mystique is pretty antiquated. She still thinks marriages should be arranged. I simply promised Mystique I'd meet you. I owe her, you see. I don't really expect anything to happen. So let's try to be friends, at least. There's enough war and strife in the world without us two fighting." [Pulse puts his hand on her arm.]
"Mister, I wouldn't put your hand there..."
"You going to slap a suit on me for sexual harassment?"
"No...but I might just suck out your life force till you're not anything but an empty husk."
"Don't worry about that."
"Why not? Hey - what's up with your eyes?"
"Don't worry about that, either."
"H-how long has your hand been there...with nothing bad happening?" ~ Rogue and Pulse, during their first conversation

"It's something to do with his eyes. When they spin...or pulse...he creates a field...that disables us. Us mutants. It stops the power. It also works on burglar alarms, which has led him into bad ways."
"Tell it ta someone who cares, Mystique."
"He can touch her, Gambit. Hold her. Kiss her. Anything. He stops her power."
"You t'ink Rogue is dat shallow? All it'll take to get her away from me...is a man she can hold without killing?"
"I think Rogue is a good person who would sacrifice her own needs and desires so as not to hurt you. But what about you, Gambit? Do you love Rogue enough....to let her have a chance of real happiness?" ~ Mystique and Gambit, while boxing


X-Men #183

[Apocalypse appears and tries to convince the X-Men to join him.]
"Well, he's right about one t'ing."
"Mama used to say the devil sometimes spoke the truth. 'S what makes him so dangerous."
"Yeah...guess you right, girl." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"You told yourself that everyone can get along. Mutant and man. We can all live in peace..."
"I believed it..."
"But now you start to realize these dark days...require darker ways."
"I don't seem to be listened to anymore."
"They're scared to listen."
"Somehow...I've been relegated..."
"Because you're better than them. Here - let us drink, mighty Gambit. To a new partnership...to a new world." ~ Apocalypse and Gambit, on his joining Apocalypse


X-Men #184

"My fourth horseman. Freshly imagined...newly minted..." [Gambit comes out of the smoke.]
"Oh...oh no..."
"DEATH!" ~ Apocalypse, introducing his newest follower, and Rogue

"No painkillers."
"I would recommend something to deaden the pain. At least in phase one of the transformation, when the instruments burrow deep into your..."
"Mais non! I must be conscious the whol' time. I want to be fully aware of just what you're doing t' me, Apocalypse."
"As you wish." ~ Gambit and Apocalypse, before Gambit's "transformation"

"You...you're wrong...I'm...I'm not doin' this because I hate the X-Men. I'm doin' it because...I love the X-Men. I almost believe you when you say you're on the mutants' side this time! I can tell you've changed. M-Day has brought out the best in you. We need you. Your strength. Your...indefatigability. But if you're lyin' - schemin' - if behind this mask, the old self-serving Apocalypse waits to pounce...I'll be right by your side. Watchin' and waitin'." ~ Gambit's speech to Apocalypse during his "transformation"...right before he starts screaming

"Come, Scribe, let us leave the transformation machine to its work."
"Very well, master. But you heard what LeBeau said. How do we feel about having a fully empowered X-Man standing sentry over you?"
"Oh, that's what he says now...but the creature that emerges out of that machine will not be the one that entered." ~ Apocalypse and Scribe, on Gambit's speech


X-Men #185

"Remy! What have they done to you?!"
"He saw that mutantkind needed a leader...and he wished to serve that leader."
[Rogue blasts Apocalypse with her powers.]
"Ah wasn't talkin' to you, Apocalypse!"
[Gambit slaps Rogue across the face, knocking her down. He stands over her, holding his foot over her head.]
"R-Remy? D-darlin'! Don't you know who I am?"
"Don't you see?! Remy's 'out to lunch'!!"
"Bobby's right, Rogue. Until we can do something about it, that isn't Gambit."
"But I saw something! Remy's in there! Ah swear!" ~ Rogue, Apocalypse, Iceman, and Havok, on first seeing Gambit as Death

"Bobby, please! Don't hurt him!"
"Yeah, I'll see what I can..." ~ Rogue and Iceman, right before Gambit slams him to the ground

"R-Remy. Come home with me. Please."
"I am not Remy. I am Dea..."
"No! I don't believe that! There must be some part of you that still loves me. No matter what awful things Apocalypse did to your body...he can't have completely crushed out all that love..." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as she tries to convince him to come back to her

"Now enough of this, Death! Use the gas on her!"
"The gas..."
[Gambit releases a green gas that begins to suffocate Rogue.]
"NO!" [Mystique punches Gambit in the face.] ~ Apocalypse, Gambit, and Mystique

"Ah shouldn't have left. Ah...ah should have stayed with him..."
"We've made it through worse than this before, Rogue. We'll find a way to help Remy...somehow." ~ Rogue and Iceman, as they escape Apocalypse's ship

"...like looking through a fog - at another person. But now, I begin to see - I am still Remy LeBeau - still Gambit. Gambit and Death. And part of me...still...loves...her...still..."
"Death does not love. Death is a force of nature, like a desert storm, a flood, an earthquake." [Apocalypse grabs Gambit by the throat.] "We will have to put you back on the transformation machine for readjustment."
"Release me, or I'll be the death of you. I will turn the air inside your lungs into noxious gas - as you taught me!"
"Very well. But no more talk of love. Or I will surely put your new powers to the test, horseman." ~ Gambit and Apocalypse


X-Men #186

"And perhaps it is hard to find someone else...when you cannot find yourself, Death. Or should I say - Gambit? I placed an Achilles' heel in your flesh, horseman...remember that, if you aim to betray me like my scribe." ~ Apocalypse, disciplining Gambit for not being able to find his scribe

"...he's lost his mind."
"Treacherous words, horseman."
"The truth. Apocalypse taught me that Death speaks the truth. And I am...without a doubt...Death..." ~ Gambit and Gazer (now the horseman War), on Apocalypse

"Remy!" [Gambit hits Havok on the back of the head, and so Rogue kicks him in the chin.] "Remy, dahlin', don't y'all know who I am?"
[Mystique kicks him in the face.]
"Don't be fooled, darling. He's rotten all the way through." ~ Rogue, Gambit, and Mystique

"Come on, Rogue. Standing out here all night isn't going to make Gambit come back..."
[Pulse takes her hand and takes her inside.]
"I had a dream, Gus...that he was trying to find his way back to the institute...but kept getting lost...I wonder where he is." ~ Pulse and Rogue, on Gambit


X-Men #187

"Apocalypse gave you back your dignity, turned you from a shuffling half-man into a god. And he put the meaning back into my life, gave me the spark the helped me leave the X-Men. Now you tell me we have to turn our backs on him?"
"No, Remy, no...I tell you - we have to kill him. Lenji, of the venerable Rinzai school, said that if you meet the Buddha, you must kill the Buddha. If you meet the patriarch, you must kill the patriarch."
"I thought Zen preached peace and humility."
" 'Kill' is not to be taken literally. What we must kill is our attachment to teachers, masters, external things...for us, that includes Apocalypse."
"Nous sont horsemen - created to serve our master - we must...remain loyal."
"You had doubts, Remy. You were a half-formed horseman at best."
"Those doubts are no more."
"We are something new. Something other. Neither horsemen nor any longer true X-Men..." ~ Gambit and Sunfire, on what to do now that they've left Apocalypse

"If only I could stop thinking about him, Gus. I wish I could...could exorcise Gambit clean out of my mind."
"As my mother used to say, Rogue, before they carried her off to the sanitarium - there's nothing that time, whisky, and the novels of Virginia Woolf won't heal."
"Did your mama really say that?"
"She was an enigmatic soul."
"I can't tell you how much of a help it's been havin' you around these last weeks..." ~ Rogue and Pulse

"Don't you love the way he talks? It's like having warm sherry poured down your ear-holes."
"Why are you still doing this? You only brought Gus here because you hoped he'd come between me and Remy. I'd have thought you'd ease off...now that it's clear Remy ain't ever coming back..." ~ Mystique and Rogue, on Pulse

[Gambit punches Rouge in the face, and she falls back against the wall.]
"B-but, Remy - we...we love each other."
"That's why I gotta kill you. You're my greatest attachment to my old self." [He holds her by the throat, pushing her up against the wall, and raises his other hand.] "Adieu, cheri...w-weak...so...weak..."
[Pusle appears behind Gambit, holding him back.]
"I c-can't depower this ox for long, Rogue. Hit him! Come on, he was trying to kill you, Rogue!"
[Rogue hesitates, then winds up and punches him.]
"You actually...wanted...to kill me!" ~ Rogue, Gambit, and Pulse

"I want to thank you for what you did today, Gus. You saved my life."
"Maybe I was just doing myself a favor. After all...with the Cajun hunk out of the picture, there's nothing in the way of our romance now."
"Gus, no!"
"The love of my life just looked into my eyes and told me he wanted to kill me so I don't wanna hear one word about romance! I doubt if I ever will again..." ~ Rogue and Pulse

"...you must kill the Buddha. Y-yes - I understand now. Apocalypse, Rogue, the X-Men...I am free of all of them now."
"Which leaves us to decide what to do next, now that we are alone."
"But you are not alone."
"That voice!"
"I am glad you both feel able to move on from the past...for I am your future." ~ Gambit, Sunfire, and Sinister


X-Men #200

"Just give me the bottom line, Bobby. How serious is it?"
"Scott, I wouldn't be talking to you if it wasn't serious. Rogue absorbed eight billion minds, and her power is out of control."
"In what sense?"
"In a 'one-touch-and-you're-stone-cold-dead' sense. But that isn't half of it. You remember what she was like when she first came to us? After she absorbed Ms. Marvel? Well, it's like that, only worse. She's falling apart, Scott. I'm scared for her."
"All right. We're on our way..." ~ Cyclops and Iceman, discussing Rogue's current condition

"Penny for 'em."
"Your thoughts. Usual market price."
"This is...where she lived. That's all I'm thinking. This is somewhere Rogue thought of as home."
"You really don't think of yourself as...being Rogue?"
"Sometimes. Sometimes not. She's in here somewhere. But she can barely make herself heard. Too many voices. Most of them shrieking or pleading. She's...trying, but she's not...holding together all that well..." ~ Cannonball and Rogue, on her condition

"Sleep. Sleep deeply. Without dreaming. Without any sense of time passing. If you feel anything, feel peace. Feel calm. Can I add a few stipulations about her accent and her choice in men?"
"Stick to the script, Emma."
"All right. I'm going in." [Emma telepathically enters Rogue's mind and is faced with a disturbing sight of a huge crowd of people fighting each other.] "Scott? It could be worse than I thought."
"Give me specifics."
"The alien minds haven't been integrated at all. They're all still in here. Separate. Complete. Mostly terrified..." ~ Emma and Cyclops, as she tries to help Rogue

"...but if there's no medical solution, our only option may be brute force. Skin contact with Logan."
"Whenever you're ready, bub."
"That's a last resort. We know Rogue would absorb Wolverine's healing factor, but we don't know if he'd survive. We do it when we've exhausted all other avenues." ~ Beast, Wolverine, and Cyclops, on the virus Rogue has been infected with

"This is like sifting a desert for a single grain of sand. Except that sand doesn't scream. Rogue's consciousness - as far as I can tell - is still intact. But it's been backed into a corner by these countless other minds. Her sense of her own identity is breaking down under the strain."
"You mean she's going insane?"
"She could easily drift into psychosis, yes. And then catatonia or amnesiac fugue."
"Then do something. Don't just stand there and talk about it."
"Can you do anything?"
"I can try to build some psychic floodwalls. But it won't be easy. To extend the metaphor, there's no dry ground to build on..." ~ Emma, Mystique, and Cyclops, on helping Rogue

[Scalphunter aims a gun at Rogue, and Mystique punches him.] "You don't shoot my daughter..." [She raises her arm and aims it at Rogue herself.] "...nobody else can do that for me." [Mystique shoots and Rogue falls, unconscious.] ~ Mystique, right before she admits to being one of the Marauders


X-Men #202

"We've also completely neutralized at least one of the X-Men's combat teams...and damaged their infrastructure badly enough to cripple them."
"You damaged other things along the way too, chere."
"Rogue will live..." ~ Mystique, making her report to Sinister, and Gambit


X-Men #204

"Emma Frost was unable to locate Rogue's consciousness among the eight billion minds she absorbed from the Hetacomb. I assumed that your resources would be more...adequate."
"You speak lightly about things you don't understand, Mystique. If Rogue's mind were still intact, I would have found it by now. But it's broken into pieces. A memory here, an impulse there. Keeping her alive may have been a wasted effort, after all."
"But to kill Rogue, homme, you got to go through me. So you're saving a little effort there."
"A very little. Don't try my patience, Gambit. You'll find it has limits." ~ Mystique, Sinister, and Gambit, on Rogue's condition

"So our best bet is to take the fight to him. Get Rogue back at the same time, and finish this before it even gets started." ~ Wolverine's suggested course of action

"I was wrong about Rogue. Her choices didn't pan out. I put her in a role she couldn't handle."
"That's garbage."
"Bobby, I warned her about Creed..."
"I know you did. I was there. And it doesn't change a damn thing. Mystique wasn't Rogue's mistake, Scott. You led the vote on that. And Karima isn't an enemy, any more than Lorna was when she was possessed by Malice."
"What's your point?"
"Just this. Rouge chose the team she had to choose, to get the job done. And we did get it done. We saved the school, when the Children of the Vault attacked - we stopped Hetacomb from eating the minds of every living thing on Earth. So if you disband us now, it won't be because Rogue got it wrong..." ~ Cyclops and Iceman, discussing Rogue's role as a leader

"So here we are again, chere. Like I never left you. It's a pity you can't hear me, because I was looking to apologize. Yeah, I know, not something I was ever any good at. Even before I went and had that talk with Apocalypse. I went a long way away from you, Rogue. Without explaining, without saying goodbye. And then I went a long way away from myself. Now I come back and you're already gone. But you gonna survive this, je te jure. Even if you spit in my face. Even if you never let me explain. You don't end here. And you don't end like this..." ~ Gambit, spilling his heart out to a comatose Rogue

"R-Remy! Oh God, ah had this sick, stupid dream....(indistinguishable rambling in another language)...dark, it's too dark I can't even...(indistinguishable rambling in another language)...by five lateral from galactic core, we found..."
"Rogue! Can you hear me? Chere..." ~ Rogue and Gambit, for the few moments she woke up

"You should take off the gloves, LeBeau. Think about it. Touch Rogue's bare skin and you'll die, instantly. But a part of you will live on, inside her mind. That's your happy ending right there."
"Dat's very funny, Mystique..." ~ Mystique and Gambit, as she gives him some words of advice


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