Quotable Rogue and Gambit - Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men #297

"All ah ask - all ah NEED - is somebody t'hold me. Stroke his fingers through muh hair. Promise me that everything's gonna be fine...that all the cuts and bruises are worth it in the end. More than anything, Remy...ah want that person t'be you. But that ain't never gonna happen. Don't ya GET it? It won't happen cause it can't! My entire mutant power is about restraint - ah can't touch another livin' person without fear of swallowin' that person whole! Their thoughts an' hopes an' dreams become mine. Ah got no control over my abilities! An YOU?! You got no control over yourself. Chargin' an object up and throwin' it away - that's your special gift.' Ah ain't an object Gambit. Ah'm a woman. If ya can't - if ya won't - treat me like one, then please...leave me alone." ~ Rogue, to Gambit

[Gambit wraps Rogue in a blanket and holds her.]
"Everything's gon'be fine, chere."
"Promise." ~ Gambit and Rogue


Uncanny X-Men #341

"Sorry, mon ami. Other plans."
"But, Remy...ah hoped - ah mean...ah thought..."
"Merci, anyway, chere. 'Sides Rogue - Poppa always taught me 'three's a crowd'." ~ Gambit and Rogue, on his not spending Christmas Eve with her and Joseph

"My fav'rite part was when y'waited for de exact moment he doubted himself...before y'gave him de coupe de grace."
"Thanks, sir."
"Call me Remy, Sam. Or Joseph at the very least..." ~ Gambit and Cannonball


Uncanny X-Men #342

"We have a choice. We can try and turn this cruiser around...or head-first into an intergalactic conflict that, according to Gladiator, could well mean the end of the Shi'ar empire."
"De six of us against de universe? Sounds fair t'me, mon ami."
"We're needed, aren't we?"
"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah...just thought I'd ask." ~ Beast, Gambit, and Rogue

"Gambit, I just want to thank you for supporting me back there. It means more than I can say."
"Don't go gettin' all misty-eyed mon frere - us untrustworthy types have gotta stick together, neh?" ~ Joseph and Gambit

"Ah've found out - the hard way - that there are some things a body can't change. All you can do is change the way you feel about it." ~ Rogue, to Bishop

"So why don' we see anything?"
"The speed of light in hyperspace is twisted in such a way that the ships sensors must recompensate for deciphering subspace transitions."
"Really. And how did you remember that, Amnesia Lad?"
"I...don't know?" ~ Gambit and Joseph

"What's wrong, Rogue?"
"You reckon it's after midnight?"
"I reckon it is, yes."
"Merry Christmas, Hank."
"Merry Christmas, Rogue." ~ Beast and Rogue, as they search a Shi'ar starstation for clues to what happened

"This is embarrassing."
"For you, sure."
"But why is it my magnetic powers don't work on this alien metal?"
"Mayble 'cause it' ain't metal. It's probably some kind of polymer." ~ Joseph and Gambit, as Joseph unsuccessfully tries to move wreckage with his powers


Uncanny X-Men #343

"Kikt...your bio-electric thought patterns are being incorporated into the Phalanx...kikt...the immersion is fascinating. As your former existence ends, you grasp onto emotional connection with an obstinate strength. Speak, Phalanx Rogue...express your last organic memory."
"G-Gambit. Gambit...ah loved you. Ah...always loved you." ~ Phalanx and Rogue, as she is absorbed into their network.

"Get outta here while you can! Don't throw your life away."
"Girl, don' you ever listen? Without you...I don't have much of a life!" ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Are you all right?"
"Never better, Magneto."
"I've told you before...do not call me by my former name again! That life is over, forever."
"So you keep tellen' me, Mags...but I jus' keep on doubtin'."
"Is such suspicion born of a guilty conscience, LeBeau? What is the saying...'it takes one to know one'?" ~ Joseph and Gambit

"You're going to have your innards splayed on the end of my talons if you do not unhand my royal personage, human!"
"Nice talk, D. No wonder you have no friends."
"Silence, Gambit! You're next!" ~ Deathbird, injured and complaining about Bishop carrying her, and Gambit

"How can we be sure this ain't all been a set-up? How do we know we ain't about to meet the devil we do know...'stead of the devil we don't?"
"You don't, X-Men. But let's find out together, shall we?"
"What's dat ole sayin'? 'Damned if we do...' " ~ Rogue, Deathbird, and Gambit, as they prepare to fight the Phalanx on the Shi'ar throne world


Uncanny X-Men #344

" 'Low profile,' eh?"
"Or...Joseph could snap and bring the wrath of the entire Phalanx dominion down around our ears. Whichever happens first." ~ Gambit and Beast


Uncanny X-Men #345

"Outside, at the city's peremeter...another lost soul toils long and hard, seeking reconciliation with his past. The man seeing to the proper burial of the deceased Shi'ar citizens is Remy LeBeau, a man with a secret...lucky for him, his teammates know nothing of his darkly checkered past...the past he can never forget. Specifically, the unholy alliance he once struck with one of his friends' most sinister foes...his shameful role in one of the greatest tragedies his kind, homo-superior, has ever endured...for if they did, he fears he would likely be counted among the most reviled men in history." ~ Narrator, on Gambit

"I'm sorry. For all de stupid t'ings I one as a pup...all de lies and de betrayal to me an' my own. I'll always be sorry." ~ Gambit, to himself


Uncanny X-Men #346

"Not dat I'm one to complain - but why is it dat nothin' ain't ever as easy as it could be for us X-Men? Here we are...fresh from savin' an entire galaxy...'cause we're too stupid to know it was impossible....only to get knocked off course on de way home by de mother of all spaceships. Course, dat's what I get by bein' Gambit the X-Man...'stead of Remy LeBeau, thief." ~ Gambit


Uncanny X-Men #347

" 'Shoulda' but didn't. You know why you didn't? Because you're stupid. You've always been stupid. You'll always be stupid."
"Don't mice words, Spat. What is it you're tryin' to say?" ~ Spat and Gambit

"I say you let me snaple him in two - or three - and we get half-paid."
"If I get a vote, I'm for lettin' me go free so I can track down de rest of de X-Men." ~ Grovel and Gambit, in a discussion of what he and Spat should do with Remy

"...cause then, you was at least a bum with honor."
"Yeah, well - dat was just a rumor I started." ~ Grovel and Gambit

"Do you ever shut up?"
"Sure I'll shut up! Shutting up is my second favorite thing to do. I'll shut up the instant we turn Gambit over to...whoops. Did I say 'Gambit'? I meant 'Hamlet." ~ Rogue and Landscape

"Not too much tension between them. If I didn't know him better, I'd swear LeBeau might actually be in love for the first time in his life. She clearly has a major jones for him..." ~ Spat's thoughts on Gambit and Rogue


Uncanny X-Men #348

"He doesn't know what is more horrific. The sight of the woman he loves, completely overwhelmed by the memories of another...or the words that erupt unbidden from her throat. Familiar words. Words he's heard echo in his head every night for the past several years. Just as suddenly..."
"Sorry, Remy. With my powers negated...ah think memories ah' absorbed in the past - that I thought had faded - are swimmin' to the surface. Did...ah say anything strange just now?"
"No, chere. Nothin' you need t'worry about. Nothin' at all." ~ Narrator, Rogue, and Gambit, on Rogue's unexpected outburst

"It's you...isn't it? These memories ah have floatin' in my head. They're yours...the ones ah picked up from the time we kissed. Ah can see it in your eyes."
"Please, Remy...tell me what they mean. Tell what was so horrible...so terrible...that you buried so deep in your mind that even ah can't deal with it in my own. Not for me. For you."
"You want to do somthing for me, chere?"
"Den please, don't ask me. Even though you have no reason to, Rogue...trust me. Just this once. Trust me and I promise dat de moment I can make things right again...I'll move heaven and earth t'do it." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"One more thing, chere. With our powers negated...it means this may be our one night. Our first. Our last." ~ Gambit, to Rogue


Uncanny X-Men #349

"Dat was stupid, Remy. To think after all I've done, trying to convince myself I deserve to be happy. Face it. Dat ain't never gonna happen. Not for me. Not for Rogue. Not until I face m my past once and for all." ~ Gambit's thoughts after he and Rogue "fully express their love for one another"

"Ah...love you."
"Don't say that, chere."
"But, I do..."
"You can't love me, Rogue...because you don't know me. You don't really know me."
"Ah know you have secrets, but ah know in time you'll share th-"
"Den what? What happens when you can't forgive me...any more than I can?" ~ Rogue and Gambit

"So why don't you just tell her? You loves her. She loves you - something like that don't happen daily. It's not likey-like you're going to be able to outrun your past forever."
"Real simple, old man. I tell her, I lose her."
"Even simpler, kid. You don't tell her, you never really have her to lose." ~ Grovel and Gambit, on Rogue

"Remy - please. What is it you've been hidin' from us all this time?"
"Dat - ain't a question no more, Rogue."
"You'll tell...me?"
"I...I...can't. But I can't keep hidin' either. I'm through with runnin from my past. I'm tired of goin' to sleep with my shame...only to discover it's still dere when I wake up...I'm turnin' myself over...to de truth. I hope, someday, you'll be able to forgive me, chere...because I know I never will." ~ Rogue and Gambit


Uncanny X-Men #350

" 'Bout dose men I gathered - Scalphunter an' de others - what makes dem worth dis much to a man like you? You could've got 'em yourself...never mind. Some t'ings better left unknown I guess. 'Nother t'ing. No more jobs for me. Dis was de last. Don't call don't write. I believe in de cards. I'm out of dis game here an' now."
"Have faith, Mr. LeBeau - that you will be 'out' when you hear from me that you are out. And that will only be after one more job. My new...associates require your specific talent for insinuating yourself into places you don't belong."
"Believe dis Essex - as of today, you can't afford me no more."
"Every man has a price to charge, LeBeau. I think I know yours." ~ Gambit and Sinister, in a flashback

"...every man has a price to charge...an' a price ta pay..." ~ Gambit's thoughts, in the present

"Remy? What is it, sugah?"
"I...I wanna say, Rogue. I do, but...got a wall up in me somethin' fierce."
"Ah thougth we brought our walls down last night? If it's that you...love me, that's okay to say. Ah want to hear you say it...so much."
[She hands him a playing card.]
"Queen of Hearts?"
"Carry it and think of me in those times we aren't together - though ah hope those're few." ~ Rogue and Gambit, in a flashback

"Farther still below...as low in this citadel as the X-Man Rogue could go...is the man she seeks with all her heart. A man at the bottom of his game, the bottom of his life, the bottom of his soul." ~ Narrator, on Rogue and Gambit

"I deserve this. I chose to come here."
"Don't you understand? Ah love you! Unconditionally!"
"Love ain't always enough."
"Yes it is! Yes it..."
"Stop it, girl! Dis is what will be! I built a house o' cards, and it's come down on me. Guess I always knew it would. I have t' go through dis." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as he refuses to let her rescue him

"Don't make me do this...ah don't wanna do this...you can't..."
"Feel no responsibility, chere. It ain't your doin'. Just please find a way to forgive me for what you're about to see." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as Erik the Red forces her to absorb his memories

"...he...he shows them they way...the way into the Morlock tunnels...he's scared...'cause every step he takes, he knows somethin' bad's gonna happen...he watches...he watches it start...blood...so much blood...he...he's horrified...he...he tries to stop them but...no! The one...Sabertooth nearly kills him...he....he..."
" 'He' didn't know. Thought it might be somethin' illegal...didn't know it would be somethin' so awful. Changed me, that night did. Changed me hard. Sickened m'self so much I almos' died there, too. Somtimes...wish I had. Couldn' stop de ones I'd gathered, so I helped whoever I could t'get out. Managed ta snatch one little girl outta harm's way - don't know who she was, bones stickin' out of her face - but dat...dat was all I could do." ~ Rogue and Gambit, on his role in the Morlock Massacre

"How...dare...you? How dare you violate me like that?! You mentally raped me! Your justice's lef' me pregnant with a new personality - an' the exact one ah wanted ta get to know like a real, normal woman!" ~ Rogue, to Erik the Red

"Home? You ain't got no home, sugah. Not with me...not with the X-Men. Fend for yourself. You seem to have done a good job of that in the past."
"But...I love you."
"You're honest with the people you love, Gambit. Otherwise...it's a gamble." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as she abandons him in Antarctica


Uncanny X-Men #353

"It's the human touch that matters. It's the human touch that can change the world from something you know - into something you don't - in a heartbeat. The human touch. Gentle...compassionate...supportive...sympathetic...it is the one thing that can bring two people together. The human touch is sacred - except for the mutant X-Man known as Rogue, for whom it is a curse - a barrier that sets her apart from every other living being on Earth - a vampire's kiss, that if not kept in check, steals memories, abilities, the very life essence of anyone it contacts..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue


Uncanny X-Men #359

"The dream is always the same. In it, the woman known as Rogue seeks what her mutant power to absorb the abilities and memories of others forever denies her...simple human touch. The sensation of her fingers lightly caressing the skin of one of her X-Men teammates...wrapping her in a loving embrace she knew for far too short a time...tracing the familiar lines of his rough-hewn face...circling his eyes, red with a desire that burns through her dream like wildfire. The dream is always the same, as is its result. The dreamer is always...woken." ~ Narrator, on Rogue

"...what Rogue does know is that she is a woman on the brink..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue

"Ah don't hate what ah am, ah hate what's being kept from me. Ah want these hands ta be able ta hold a lover in them without the fear that ah'll consume him. And what about holdin' a child in mah arms some day? How can either of those things happen as long as ah'm some freak of nature?" ~ Rogue, to Mystique, on why she wants her mutation "removed"

[Mystique takes on Gambit's form.]
"Don't you dare mock my love for Gambit by apin' his form, Mystique! You have no idea how hard it was to leave him down in Antarctica!"
"Then why'd you do it, petit?"
"Ah did it because ah heard Remy's voice in my head tellin' me to! Now you wipe that face off yourself or ah'll rip it off you!" ~ Rogue and Mystique

"Ah had a name before you started callin' me Rogue, but ah ain't had one since! But that's what you're all about, ain't it? Camouflage. Disguised truths. There's only one way for me to know if what you're sayin's true or not."
"You wouldn't dare..."
"You don't know me at all." ~ Rogue and Mystique, right before Rogue absorbs her

"Ah want you to take away mah powers..."
"Oh, thank goodness..."
"Ah want you to, but ah can't let you do it. Not so long as ah'd have to live every normal day of my life knowin' this machine might be out there changin' others' lives against their will. An' we both know that's what it'd come to..." ~ Rogue and a scientist, on her decision not to have her DNA changed, right before she destroys the machine that could do it

"Hey Wolvy!"
"What's up, Rogue? Your cure work?"
"You...you knew? No, ah...couldn't go through with it. If you knew, why didn't you say anything? Try to stop me? Tell me it was wrong?"
"Figured that was a lesson you had to learn by yourself."
"Am ah still welcome here? After all ah've done?"
"You tell me."
[Rogue hugs his arm and puts her head on his shoulder.]
"Welcome home, Rogue."
"Thanks." ~ Rogue and Wolverine, on her returning to the mansion


Uncanny X-Men #368

"The lady's name is Rogue. She can't be touched. The mutant abilities she was born with prohibit human contact. Cutting her off from everyone around her. But, in one fleeting moment, in the not-so-distant past, someone broke through that barrier, and shared something with her. Someone touched her. Someone kissed her. His name was Joseph. He allowed her to experience that kiss by momentarily suspending her powers. He was the only one who could do that...and now he's dead. She's not the only one aware of Joseph's singular place in her heart. Remy LeBeau, code-named Gambit. He knows - better than anyone - that Joseph did something for her that he never could. Death doesn't change that one bit." ~ Narrator, on Rogue and Gambit


Uncanny X-Men #372

"Heads up, Storm! Ain't exactly the best day t'be tryin' out a new outfit, gal!"
"Oh I don't know about dat...a sense of style is always appreciated, Stormy." ~ Rogue and Gambit, during an especially tedious exercise in the Danger Room


Uncanny X-Men #382

"For Gambit, the moment of his greatest shame, his greatest betrayal. The Morlocks trusted him. Among their number were friends and even lovers. He unknowingly opened the way to their annihilation. And the X-Men hate him for that. It is grief beyond endurance. That can only be answered by death." ~ Narrator, as Gambit is overcome by the "lost soul" Dirge

"Had me goin' dere for a minute, Dirge. But you want to break my spirit, de Mutant Massacre, it be the wrong stick to use. Because the only person who got betrayed here...was me. Gambit, he's a thief, c'est vrai! I've conned so many folks in my time, I should'a heard the web o' lies that brought me to dis place. That was my mistake, an' I'll carry the mem'ry 'til I die. Good people died because o' dat. But before they died, they were good people. Those are the mem'ries I choose to cherish. Not the way they died, but how they lived. As for you, Rogue, I play fast an' loose wit' many t'ings...but never wit' votre coeur. Never wit' your heart. Your heart, it means more t' me than my own. You choose not to see dat, it's your loss." ~ Gambit, to Dirge

"Dere's sadness in the world, sure. But I choose to see the joy. The miracle is that we live. The responsibility of living is that we try to make the world a little better. Dirge, he don't see dat. Best he figures, I cry, I bury myself so deep in grief I become dead myself. Ain't dat easy, mon brave. I love these people. I love Rogue. I choose t' honor their lives an' what dey mean t' me wit' a celebration. My soul won't ever be lost, Dirge - because now an' always, I choose to LAUGH!" ~ Gambit, to Dirge


Uncanny X-Men #383

"...one misstep, one wayward noise will give the game away. That is why Gambit left me behind. I have been many things in my life. But for longer than I have been an X-Man, I was a thief. Taught by one of the best..." ~ Storm's thoughts, on Gambit

"No fear, Gambit, I have you."
"Stormy, we got to stop meetin' like dis. Folks, dey'll talk."
"Use that name one more time - and I shall give folks something to talk about!" ~ Storm and Gambit, as she catches him in mid-air


Uncanny X-Men #385

"Rogue, chere. I like the new look." ~ Gambit, on Rogue's new uniform

"Enough o' this foolishness, Cajun! Mah gloves are off! One touch o' my bare skin t'yours and you're outta this fight. Better yet, ah'll have your powers t'use as mah own."
"Don' do that, chere. You makin' the big mistake!"
"Newsflash, sugah - how're you gonna stop me?"
"Wit' two words, chere. Trust me."
"Always, Remy." ~ Rogue and Gambit, who appears to have switched sides

"Ah killed him, Remy. Ah knew the moment we touched that was the only way. When ah took your power, ah let it carry me along."
"My call, chere. My plan."
"You call that a plan?"
"If there's blame, let it fall on my shoulders."
"Your power, yes. But ah'm the one who threw that card. Remy, it gives the lie to everything ah say the X-Men stand for!"
"An' as a result, the X-Men live t'fight another day. Chere, dat has to count for somethin'."
"Ah should'a found another way."
"So maybe next time, you will. But as far as I'm concerned, you did right. You wan' fell bad about dat, your privilege. Jus' like it's mine t' hold you close an' give you comfort, for as long as you need. For as long as you want."
"As it turned out, it was a very long time indeed." ~ Rogue, Gambit, and (last line) Narrator, on the death of the Goth, an intergalactic slave-trader


Uncanny X-Men #386

"Looked pretty intense, the way you two were talkin'. Anyt'ing I should be jealous about?"
"Absolutely." ~ Gambit and Rogue, joking around

"What is with you, Remy? One moment, your meanin' is clear as air. The next, it's as thick as Mississippi mud! You're always playin' angles. Why can't you ever come out an' speak your mind plain? Moments like this, I want to either scream in frustration...or grab you in a big ol' bearhug!"
"Au' voir, chere! Come home safe." ~ Rogue's thoughts and Gambit, as she goes off on a rescue mission

"Is it the feelings you're ashamed of, Gambit...or just showing them in public?"
"My feelings Jeanne, my life. My choice what to do with them." ~ Jean and Gambit

"...Remy - forgive me for all the things I never said..." ~ Rogue's thoughts, as she thinks she's about to drown


Uncanny X-Men #387

" 'Scuse me, guys. But is there a reason y'all are jus' standin' there?"
"Always a pleasure watching a trained professional at work."
"Seemed like you din't need help, chere." ~ Rogue, Beast, and Gambit

"My pal, Gambit, he's into charm. Ah'm Rogue. Ah prefer brute force." ~ Rogue


Uncanny X-Men #389

"It's the new federal correctional facility out on Long Island. State-of-the-art incarceration for super-powered criminals."
"The pictures continue on the next page. Looks like someone's sneakin' into the place. Don't say much for their security."
"Actually, darlin', it says more about the intruder."
"Wolverine, that's Gambit!" ~ Wolverine and Rogue, reading one of Destiny's Diaries

"Do not do this, Gambit."
"After all she's done, Storm, you care about this piece o' trash?"
"I care nothing for Mystique. I care very much about you."
"She killed Moira, nearly killed Rogue. Done more harm than any of us can catalogue. She's got no right to mercy."
"So you would make yourself like her - a murderer?" ~ Storm and Gambit, as he tries to kill Mystique


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