Quotable Rogue and Gambit - X-Men: Evolution

Rogue Recruit

"...I see pathways, probabilities...I predicted what form her mutant powers would take, not when they would manifest...I did take precautions - the phony skin condition, the way she dressed...but she's a teenage girl, I couldn't keep her in isolation..." ~ Destiny, on the phone with Mystique, referring to Rogue

"Cerebro has detected a new mutant in Caldecott County, Mississppi...my mental impressions from the scene indicate a highly disturbed individual. Our mutant is a danger to herself, and possibly to others as well. X-Men...we have a Rouge." ~ Professor X, on Rogue


Mutant Crush

"Lots a' luck Scott. I don't think miss small, dark, and sullen has ever said two words. You're gonna have to play both parts yourself, man." ~ Paul, on Scott being partnered with Rogue on a school assignment.

"The girls are right, you are a charmer."
"Look, I'm just reading the lines, ok?"
"Yeah, ah know...it's just sometimes...ah wish..."
"Yeah? Wish what?"
"Wish...ah could get close to somebody. But you know what happens when ah do." ~ Rogue and Cyclops, practicing a school play

"Ah swear, he's like an annoying little brother!" ~ Rogue, on Nightcrawler

"Leave her alone, ya yahoo!"
"Whatcha gonna do to me, make me wear bad makeup?" ~ Rogue and Blob

"Didn't Mystique tell you what mah power is? Mah power is your power an' ah can take more than one!" ~ Rogue, to Blob

"You are like an angel, Kate."
"Mah name's not Kate...an' ah'm no angel." ~ Cyclops and Rogue, after she saves Jean

"Let her go...she ain't ready. Trust me on this." ~ Wolverine, on Rogue


Turn of the Rogue

"Scott...Scott...listen, just hang on. You're gonna be ok...you're gonna be...oh man, we're gonna die."
"Thanks for the pep talk." ~ Rogue and Cyclops, stranded in a snowstorm after they've fallen off a cliff

"Where's your allegiance, kid, us or them?"
"If ah don't say you, will ah get thrown off this jet?"
"Nope...not our style. We've either earned your trust by now, or we haven't." ~ Wolverine and Rogue, after the X-Men rescue her and Cyclops



"Think about it, ah was made for this play." ~ Rogue, to Shadowcat on "Dracula: The Musical"

"That was like, pretty icksome. Am ah talkin' like her?" ~ Rogue, after briefly touching Shadowcat

"You're grounded..."
"Um...for how long?"
"I don't know...'til she-wolf there gets a haircut anyway..." ~ Wolverine and Spyke, after Spyke, Rogue, and Shadowcat face off against Sabertooth alone


Shadowed Past

"Haven't you ever wondered who your real parents were?"
"Ah guess so, yeah, somtimes...but Irene was always a good mom to me." ~ Nightcrawler and Rouge


Power Surge

"Hey, moody girl, what's eatin' you?"
"Where ah'm from, people like me never party with people like them." ~ Risty and Rogue, at Duncan's party

"...and that leads us back to the foyer where everyone forgets their manners and just stares at you..." ~ Rogue, giving Risty a tour of the Institute

"You risked so much to save her, Rogue. What made you do it?"
"It was nothing."
"Yes, it was. Tell me."
"Me an' miss popularity there, we're worlds apart...galaxies...but then ah realized something."
"That she'd do the same thing for me."
"Believe it, Rogue. We all would." ~ Cyclops and Rogue, after she helps save Jean


On Angel's Wings

"Although, I don't believe this angel is of the heavenly variety."
"What, you think he's some kind of demon?"
"Yeah right."
"There's more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, that are dreamt of in your philosophy."
"Now that's Shakespeare." ~ Professor X, Cyclops, Rogue, Beast, and Rogue on "angel" sightings


Shadow Dance

"Hey, have you asked Scott yet? You, better hurry before Jean moves in."
"Listen, the last time ah danced with a guy, he nearly ended up in a coma."
"But Scott knows, he won't touch you."
"No touching? Sounds like a fun way to dance, huh? Ah think ah'll pass." ~ Shadowcat and Rogue, on the upcoming dance

"What's her problem?"
"Oh, she's just bummed about the girls' dance...you know, her 'no touching' thing..." ~ Jean and Shadowcat, on Rogue


The Stuff of Villains

"Who invited you, skunk-head?" ~ a bully, to Rogue

"What're you doing here?"
"Just passin' by, cherie...nice day." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Didya get my calling card?"
"We did. Now let us throw you out on the welcome mat." ~ Gambit and Avalanche

"Back off...I let go and you'll be repaintin' this room So let's talk."
"Talkin's good. Talkin's great. We hate painting..." ~ Gambit and Toad, who's been wrapped with a curtain that has been chanrged by Gambit

"I can't believe it...can't Lance stay out of trouble for one day?"
"Not that boy." ~ Shadowcat and Rogue

"What's up guys? Tell me - why are you such losers?" ~ Gambit, to the Brotherhood


Self Possessed

"I've come to warn you, Mystique, I've had disturbing visions about Rogue...it's always been clear that she will somehow play a key role in our future...but now it all grows dim..."
"Because she may not live long enough to fulfill it." ~ Destiny and Mystique, on Rogue

"If ah were to touch you right now, ah'd probably put you in a coma...your life force, your memories, everything about you would all flow into me."
"That's freaky."
"Yeah, it is...and worse, everyone ah've touched stays inside of me. It's getting a little crowded." ~ Rogue and Risty, on Rogue's powers

"If you have my memories, then you know what our relationship is..."
"Ah don't know anything."
"Admit the truth, Rogue, I adopted you when you were four..."
"Search the memories...you are my daughter." ~ Mystique and Rogue

[Wolverine sniffs the air and realizes that the Sabertooth in front of him is not the real thing.]
"Wait a minute...you're not Sabertooth."
"Fight me!" [Rogue-as-Sabertooth swings a lamppost at Wolverine and misses by a mile.]
"Now I know you're not Sabertooth." ~ Wolverine and Rogue (as Sabertooth via Mystique's powers)

"Help me..."
"We will, Rogue, just stay calm."
"We're your friends."
"I have no friends!" ~ Rogue, Wolverine, and Cyclops

"Rogue, I know what it's like for nothing to make sense in your head, I've been there...listen to me, kid, the others inside you, you're letting 'em push you around. The Rogue I know wouldn't take that off a' anybody..." ~ Wolverine, trying to help Rogue

"I won't lie to you, kid, getting over this ain't gonna be easy...somethin' about betrayal always sticks with ya. Trust me, ya learn to deal with it, ya move on, and ya let your real friends be there for you." ~ Wolverine, to a recovering Rogue

"What to your visions tell you now, Desitny? Is Rogue back in our future?"
"She is...but now a great darkness looms on the horizon, enshrouding you both."
"What kind of darkness?"
"An ancient mutant will rise to once again walk the Earth. Your fates - both yours and Rogue's - are in his hands." ~ Mystique and Destiny


Under Lock and Key

"Go away."
"Is that any way to treat your little brother?"
"We're not related."
"Now that's just denial talking."
"Mystique may have given birth to you, but she only adopted me."
"Either way, sis, we're in this together. I mean it, Rogue, whatever you're going through, I'm here for you, ok?" ~ Rogue and Nightcrawler

"Need an ace of clubs, monsieur?" ~ Gambit, to a security guard playing solitaire

"I do believe that slowed it down." ~ Gambit, commenting on his own handiwork


Dark Horizons - Part 1

"I hate this part." ~ Toad, right before Rogue absorbs him

"Awful bold of you comin' here, girl...or are you just stupid?" ~ Pyro, to Rogue

"Looks to me like Rogue's up to no good...but hey, I like that in a girl." ~ Gambit, to Rogue


Dark Horizons - Part 2

"How about you guys stop sniffing everything and just follow the footprints?" ~ Gambit, to Wolverine and Sabertooth

"Xavier's mental block just saved our lives."
"Especially yours - Mesmero was telling me to push you off the mountain...problem is, I'm still tempted."
"Do me a favor, why don't you both jump off the mountain?" ~ Wolverine, Sabertooth, and Gambit

"I agreed to bring Rogue here because I was assured our futures would be secure, were you lying then too?" ~ Mystique, to Mesmero, upon learning that she is the third key

"Fire in the hole!" ~ Gambit, before blowing up a large rock



"Apocalypse? No...but that is the magic word. Let's have us a chat, shall we?" ~ random Egyptian and Gambit

"Try not to let things get to ya."
"Nothing gets to me anymore." ~ Wolverine and Rogue

"Rogue, anger and hatred destroyed her...if you don't get rid of yours, it will destroy you too."
"It already destroyed me." ~ Nightcrawler and Rogue, on Mystique

"If you don't help her, this will haunt you for the rest of your life...prove that you're not like her." ~ Nightcrawler, to Rogue, on Mystique


Cajun Spice

"Wait, Kurt...ah...ah don't know what made me...do that to Mystique. Ah just..."
"It's pretty clear, Rogue. There's only one reason to push someone off a cliff." ~ Rogue and Nightcrawler, on Mystique

"You are way too tense, cherie, and I have just the thing for you. Somethin' to help make you relax." ~ Gambit, to Rogue, right before he knocks her out

"I've been watchin' you for weeks, Rogue. You're such an unhappy girl." ~ Gambit

"Where's your buddies?"
"Since Magneto's gone, Colossus bailed and went back to Russia, Sabertooth is out playing with a big ball of yarn somewhere, and Gambit didn't leave a note on the fridge..." ~ Wolverine and Pyro, on the Acolytes

"What is it with you and cards?"
"Well, it's like havin' 52 explosives tucked away in one little pocket. I always save her for last."
"Queen of Hearts?"
"My lucky lady. She's gotten me outta a whole lotta jams."
"Then ah need a deck of those." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Ah don't like getting pushed in any direction."
"Point taken. Now here's mine - pull me in or I blow this boxcar off the tracks."
[Rogue pulls Gambit back into the car.]
"You're just crazy enough to do it." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"You've been spying on me?"
"No, just lookin' after you." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Ah always loved Mardi Gras...no matter who you are, you fit in." ~ Rogue

"Borrow this?" ~ Rogue, to Gambit, right before she uses his bo-staff to knock a guy out

"Gambit, ah had the chance to do something like this before and ah didn't...ah need to do it now." ~ Rogue, on helping Gambit rescue his father

"So, all this trouble and ah thought you didn't like your father."
"I don't. Just because someone adopts you doesn't make them a parent."
"Mystique? You mean it wasn't her motherly instincts that led her to take you in?"
"Let's just say it was mah powers she wanted to nurture."
"You an' I, we could write a book about it...been down the same roads..."
"Difference is, you're here trying to save your father. That's more than ah did." ~ Rogue and Gambit, on their adoptive parents

"You actually came back. I though you'd walked away from this life."
"I did. I'm just here for you."
"Even after all I put you through..."
"Don't get any ideas, Jean-Luc, nothing's changed between us." ~ Gambit and Jean-Luc

"Let's go."
"You mean, she do all dat with just a touch of her finger?"
"Forget it." ~ Rogue, Jean-Luc, and Gambit, when she comes back to rescue them

"This way!"
"How she know?"
"Trust me, she knows..." Rogue, Jean-Luc, and Gambit, as Rogue leads them out of the Ripper's hideout

"You've had it, bub."
"Logan, stop! Please, leave him alone."
"I'm gonna want some answers, Rogue."
"You'll get 'em." ~ Wolverine and Rogue, as he's about to slice 'n dice Gambit

"Don't. You just did the wrong thing for the right reasons."
"So what now?"
"Ah'm goin' back with the X-Men...ah don't care what you do."
"Sure you don't." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"You will be fine, cherie. You got people watching over you." ~ Gambit, to Rogue


Ascension - Part 2

"Please, don't be scared. Luck has said that the ability you have to shut down energy around you...it'll help save a lot of people. Ah'm just gonna borrow it for a while..." ~ Rogue, to Leech, before she absorbs him

"You've used us for the last time." ~ Rogue, to Apocalypse

"You did it, Rogue. The girl who shut herself off from the world, just saved it."
"Ah wish ah could say ah did it for the world." ~ Nightcrawler and Rogue, after the world is saved


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