Quotable Rogue and Gambit - X-Treme X-Men

X-Treme X-Men #1

"The cruel irony is that, while Charles is the world's foremost authority on human mutants - being one himself - Rogue's genetic structure proved a gordian knot even he could not untangle. Though she found a new life, and a better purpose as one of the X-Men...Rogue's powers have become wilder than ever..." ~ Sage, on Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #2

"We didn't do anything. It didn't matter. See the mutie. Kill the mutie. Why won't they leave us alone?! This ain't right! This ain't fair!" ~ Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #3

"Rogue, you fight like a girl!"
"It's what I am, Psylocke. But pretty accent an' all, with a mouth like that...you sure ain't no lady." ~ Psylocke and Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #4

"Ah mean, ah can use the powers ah absorb from others just like ah was born to it. So why can't ah have the same control over the power that's mine, that allows me to absorb those of other folks? All this time with the X-Men, feels like things have actually gotten worse. You bill yourself as a living computer, Sage - then howzabout you do a little work for me. Ah'm tired o' bein' a prisoner of my own power. Find me some answers, willya." ~ Rogue, to Sage

"Are you all right?"
"Why shouldn't I be?"
"I haven't seen you wear that hood in ages."
"Maybe ah'm shy..." ~ Storm and Rogue

"You realize, Gambit, you are no match for me."
"No argument."
"You have no hope."
"So you say...but I bet you never made your lady smile." ~ Vargas and Gambit

"Her name was Psylocke. She was a mutant and a member of the X-Men. She earned this place of honor in my home. She fought superbly."
"She kissed better. An' she loved to waltz. Now you'll never know." ~ Vargas and Gambit, on the recently deceased Psylocke

"Among all the X-Men, this volume of Destiny's Diaries is sparse with mentions of you."
"Maybe dat's because I'm no X-Man. I'm the joker in the deck."
"The wild card - interesting." ~ Vargas and Gambit

"An' you Stormy - makes my heart glad t'see you dressed so fine! Almos' as good as Rogue..." ~ Gambit, sneaking a peek at the X-Treme team through a window


X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #1

"Inside her head, it's war! Every minute of every hour of every day...without surcease, without a moment's peace...she's haunted by the knowledge that if she falls, she'll be lost forever. A ghost in her own body..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue


X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #3

"...this one is Rogue. Her captor is Leash. Her special gift is quite literally to bind the psyches and souls of her victims - placing them completely in her thrall. Unfortunately for her, Rogue isn't so easily bound. Rogue absorbs the powers and psyches of anyone she touches. The process though temporary, leaves a physical and mental residue. Unexpectedly, she may manifest those purloined abilities, on a random and uncontrolled basis...while an echo of the borrowed minds still exists inside her head. The natural state of battle for her own identity makes it virtually impossible for an outsider, no matter how determined, to supplant her..." ~ Narrator, on why Rogue is able to break free of Leash's control

"She's been taught to fight by some of the best in the world. But at heart she's always been a scrapper. No elegance, less finesse, she grew up hitting her adversaries till they stayed down. That's the way she likes it." ~ Narrator, on Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #5

"Gambit came in here."
"How can you be sure?"
"Ah absorbed his power and his psyche. Ah reach out t' the residual mem'ries left in my skull, it's like ah'm walkin' in his shoes. In some ways, seems like ah know him better'n ah do myself." ~ Rogue and Thunderbird

"He's a thief."
"So were you."
"Gambit ain't a killer, Storm."
"But he has killed, Rogue. And been responsible for the deaths of others."
"Same as you, sugah!" ~ Storm and Rogue, on Gambit

"Viceroy was willing to die to protect that safe. He stood his ground and fired at a single, unmoving target until the end."
"Wasn't shootin' at Gabmit, then. Remy'd be bouncin' 'round this room like a jackrabbit." ~ Sage and Rogue
"Chere, chere, chere - you ever t'ink maybe the direct approach, she isn't always the best?"
"Like you've ever tried."
"Once or twice, jus' for fun. Didn't take. Boocoo points for brass, though. An' I love the dress." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"You know, you're in trouble."
"You come t'save me?"
"That'll be the day." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"No worries, Saloon Boy, ah got'cher staff! Ah even know how t'use it!"
"An' a wonderful sight you are."
"You jus' gonna watch, Cajun? Or maybe give a girl a hand?"
"Didn't t'ink you need one. But since you asked, an' so nicely..." ~ Rogue and Gambit

[Their powers inactivated, Rogue and Gambit dodge a slew of bullets]
"Dis not my idea of a good time."
"Tell me about it."
"Dis is one of the best!"
"You're crazy, Gambit, you know that?"
"Crazy for you, chere. Ain't you figured dat out by now?"
"Absolutely, positively certifiable..." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"This'll sure teach me to dress up nice an' be all polite. Shoulda done what ah do best...an' smashed the place t' bits." ~ Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #6

"Believe what you will, your beef is wit' me! Rogue has nothin' t'do wit' any of dis, so how 'bout you let her go." ~ Gambit, to the Examiner


X-Treme X-Men #7

"Shame dis night got spoiled by business. You clean up pretty good for a Mississippi River Rat."
"Like you ever give me an excuse. You want me t'dress like a proper girl, Cajun...howzabout you try askin' me out on a proper date?" ~ Gambit and Rogue


X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001

"Remy! Is it you?! Is this real?!?"
"I can prove it wit' a kiss. But dat'll likely put a crimp in our conversation since your powers make me pass out."
"Don't joke, please. Just hold me. So ah can pretend ah'm safe."
"In my arms, chere, you always will be." ~ Rogue and Gambit, upon her waking from a nightmare

"You ain't real, you ain't even proper darkness, you're just a shadow. You can't exist without the light, without twisting the light to your own purpose. An' you can't twist that light unless each an' every one of us allows it. You prey on fear and doubt and weakness, on all the things that make us small. So we'll make ourselves just like you. But those weaknesses can also be used t'temper ourselves. You face them, confront them, deal with them, an' move on. Takes strength, takes courage, but it can be done. You think you're like the river, eternal an' unstoppable. Ah know first-hand that a river can be shaped an' even tamed, but above all, it can be survived. Ah'm the sum an' substance o' the folks ah've imprinted, same as I am of the experiences of my life. But that doesn't mean ah'm overwhelmed by them. The ghosts in my head, they follow my lead. An' I choose to stand my ground. I choose to fight. You got no claim on me. Ah got too much light in my soul, too much love in my heart, to be scared of the likes of you. Ah don't need Gambit here beside me to tell me that, but ah confess it makes things easier. An' so long as I live, you're locked down tight. You still exist...but you can't do any more active harm. You wanted to conquer me, you took your best shot, but it wasn't enough. And now, Shadow King...you're done." ~ Rogue, to the Shadow King after he tries to use her to get to the X-Men


X-Treme X-Men #10

"Have I told you yet, chere, how much I like the new look. Makes me regret - just a little - dat my heart already be spoken for."
"Charmer!" ~ Gambit and Storm

"We hear a scream. Not so much pain, but rage. The defiance of a thief spitting in the eye of God." ~ Slipstream, on Gambit

"We ain't been prop'ly introduced. Ah'm Rogue! Gambit's mine! An' ah don't take kindly...t'folks who want t'do him harm!" ~ Rogue

"When you see Rogue, tell her - tell her - mon coeur et sa coeur...toujours!" ~ Gambit, to Bishop


X-Treme X-Men #13

"..for the first time in Rogue's young life, these powers aren't a violation...a reminder of what she stole from others. With control comes peace. The serenity of a warrior. It feels glorious." ~ Narrator, on a newly jump-started Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #14

"When she was younger, Rogue thought the name made her sound like an outlaw. She played the part to perfection - using her powers to imprint the skills and psyches of anyone she touched - little bits of their souls. A residue of those imprinted personalities remains with her. A permanent reminder of what she's done. She always knew there'd be a reckoning. That reckoning stands before her now, karmic payback for the harm she's done, the mistakes she's made..." ~ Narrator


X-Treme X-Men #15

"Who knows, maybe the troops in the temple are stompin' Vargas for us?"
"He's in the temple!?! Gambit!"
[In the temple, Gambit makes one last attempt to bring the building down upon him and end the alien invasion.]
"Dat you chere? In my thoughts now...like you're in my soul? My li'l stone, Rogue, she's movin'! She hits de pillar - she brings down the whole temple! It's a good way t'..."
"REMY!" ~ Slipstream, Rogue, and Gambit


X-Treme X-Men #16

"Remy LeBeau - are you INSANE!?!"
"Let it happen, Rogue. It's the right thing t'do. Dis guarantees a win."
"All it guarantees is your death!"
"Beams already makin' dat a guarantee."
"Bite me."
"You know dis way is best."
"Ah won't see you die!"
" 'Preciate the sentiment but how you gon' stop it hap'nin'?" ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Sweet Lord o' mercy - he's been endurin' this for days. How could he stand the pain?" ~ Rogue's thoughts about Gambit when she's trapped in the force field

"Ah was trapped the moment they put your life in danger."
"No no no no no no no NO!"
"Yes. While ah live, you don't die, it's that simple." ~ Rogue and Gambit


X-Treme X-Men #17

"Ah'm Rouge. Ah'm s'posed t'be dead. Underneath me is Gambit. Ah swore ah'd protect him. That part's outta my hands now. All that's left for me is gettin' even..." ~ Rogue's thoughts

"When ah first joined the team, t'save my life, Wolverine willing let me imprint his healing factor. B'fore him, ah'd only stolen powers. He was the first who ever gave them as a gift..." ~ Rogue's thoughts

"Ah need t'do this alone. He killed Psylocke b'cause of me. I was his target. Ah'm responsible. I have to finish it." ~ Rogue, on Vargas

"Listen up, Cajun. Ah won't be long. Meantime, don't you die on me, hear? Ain't your time."
"Ain't your call t'make, chere."
"Don't sass me non, Gambit."
"Den you remember - ain't your time, neither." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"And just like that, time stops. Around me, the world turns clear as ah see the books for what they truly are - not a signpost for the future, but a trap. Follow their lead, the future turns into the past that simply hasn't happened yet. There are no surprises, no inspiration, no creativity, no wonder..." ~ Rogue's thoughts, just as she's about to kill Vargas

"Destiny was too close, she never understood. The books make things easy, they take away all responsibility, but they make us slaves. These books represent the death of hope. Only hope is what the X-Men are all about. We're not your enemy, Vargas. We are dream made flesh. We walk through walls, we dance among the stars, no to scare people...but to show them what's possible! Ah'm livin' proof o' that..." ~ Rogue's parting speech to Vargas


X-Treme X-Men #18

"Dat you, Rogue? Kept me waitin', chere. Bin expectin' you a long-time gone. Thought maybe we'd travel on t'gether."
"Got that straight - only not the way you think! You an' me, Gambit, we're goin' back!"
"You got brass, Rogue - but it's outta your hands..." ~ Gambit and Rogue, on the astral plane

"Don't you turn your back on me Cajun!"
"Look at the light, Rogue. It's so beautiful! It's pure, it's home."
"Don't you walk away!" ~ Rogue and Gambit, on the astral plane

"Ah won't let you go!"
"Ahhh, Rogue, don't talk foolish. Dis is my time."
"I'm at peace, Rogue. Help me out on dis - I saved the world. Can you t'ink of a better way to go? You know I'm right."
"No! I love you, Remy!"
"I love you too, sweet."
"Ah won't let you go! You don't run out on us so easy! You got no right to call us quits before we've had a decent chance t'get started!" ~ Rogue and Gambit, on the astral plane

"Don't you run out on me, girl, not like this, not without a fight! Our skin touches, you take my healing power. It's automatic, you don't even have to be awake!" [He grabs Rogue's face with his hands.] "So take it, Rogue. Take it all! Live...nothing happened. JEAN! Rogue's power - it's gone! I can't help her - she's on her own - she's dying!" ~ Wolverine, trying to save Rogue's life

"I've seen my destiny, Rogue. This is how my story ends."
"Screw those predictions! Screw what they say is the future! We're X-Men, Remy! We make our own! We make miracles!"
"Rogue, please! I'm in a state of grace. I may never get this chance again!"
"Our story ain't done."
"This is the happy ending."
"Ah'm selfish! Ah want better. An' so should you!" ~ Gambit and Rogue, on the astral plane

"I know somethin' of what Gambit went through. He may hate you for bringin' him back. He may never forgive you."
"T'do either, shorty, the man's gotta be alive. That works for me."
"You really are a Rogue - you gotta do everything the hard way."
"Jus' followin' your lead - bub. We're X-Men Logan. What defines us is hope. That's why we don't give up. That's why no matter the odds...we find a way t'win." ~ Wolverine and Rogue, on her saving Gambit's life


X-Treme X-Men #19

"...you're in superb shape, as good as you ever were!"
"Ahhh Beast, I ain't even close. An' t'anks t'Rogue, I may never be again." ~ Beast, and Gambit's thoughts

"You've been tossing cards all evening?"
"Dey don't charge - not a one. I got my life, but my power, looks like she's gone."
"If it's any consolation, Remy...ah know how you feel. Feels so dif'frent, touching without gloves. Without bein' afraid."
"Your own fault, chere. You chose t'be de hero."
"With you life at stake, that's no choice at all..." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"We're alive. That makes us masters of our destiny. Unless...this was all just a game. So long as I couldn't be touched, there was no risk. No real commitment."
"Dat band, dey're playin' some righteous notes. Be a shame t' waste the moment."
"We've had our moments, Remy. They're not enough, they've made me greedy. Ah want a lifetime."
"No promises. Not yet anyway. We take t'ings day by day, we see where it leads, fair?"
"It's a start." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Gambit an' me, we're takin' some time off."
"Since we ain't much use as super heroes right now, din't see much sense in staying put. Lot o' questions we want t'answer. Lot o' t'ings we want t'get straight. T'do it right, folks need their privacy." ~ Rogue and Gambit, saying goodbye to the rest of the X-Treme team


X-Treme X-Pose #2

"I thought you were the kind of guy who'd never settle down?"
"True enough. But you are in my heart an' my soul..." ~ Rogue and Gambit

"Is he a mega-honey or what?"
"No argument from me."
"Are you? Is he? Omigod. Oh my GOD I am so sorry! You must think I'm a total slag, making major eyes at your sweetie!"
"No harm in enjoyin' the view." ~ Paint and Rogue, on Remy

"Story of my life. Seems like ah'm always scared, always hidin'. Some X-Man I am. I mean, am I ashamed of what I am an' what I do? Ah'm a super hero, ah save the world! Yet ah'm wrapped tight as a mummy with secrets. Sometimes secrets ain't but another word for lies. An' ah can't build any sort o' real life for me an' Remy based on that kind'a foundation. Time t'take a stand." ~ Rogue's thoughts on doing a TV interview


X-Treme X-Men #31

"You - you kissed me!"
"Noticed that, didja?"
"But - nothing happened!"
"Boy, you must be a detective." ~ Bishop and Rogue, on their first meeting since she lost her powers

"No enhanced abilities of any kind, Rogue?"
"How 'bout a hug?"
"I'll pass thank you." *sigh*
"Scan me to your heart's content then, Sage! Won't tell you anything Ah haven't already learned the hard way." ~ Sage and Rogue, same time as above

"So where's Gambit?"
"Outta town. Family business."
"I wonder who's being robbed."
"You an' me both." ~ Bishop and Rogue, on Gambit's absence

"I don't see a ring on your finger."
"That's our bizness, 'kay?"
"But you're happy then, you and your guy?"
"Me an' my guy. Gambit an' his gal...Ah do so like the sound of that. 'Happy,' Lucas? We're sure workin' on it." ~ Sage, Rogue, and Bishop, on Rogue and Gambit's relationship


X-Treme X-Men #32

"Rogue will kill us both for this."
"You jus' got a kiss, 'Ro. She has my heart."
"For the first time, I envy her." ~ Storm and Gambit, after a friendly kiss


X-Treme X-Men #33

"Rogue started her career following her foster-mother's lead...as one of her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Until, desperate to learn how to control her imprinting power, Rogue turned to Mystique's greatest adversary, Professor Charles Xavier. To her surprise, considering their history, Xavier welcomed her. Xavier's X-Men, however, were less forgiving..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue's past


X-Treme X-Men #40

"Who'd a thought we'd ever see the day?"
"All it took, Sam, was getting skewered by dat fella Vargas."
"Not t' mention me draggin' your sorry butt from the Gates o' Heaven, Remy."
"What can I say? The lady here made me a better offer." ~ Cannonball, Gambit, and Rogue


X-Treme X-Men #42

"Dis new look suits you, Rogue. Skin feels so much better to touch than your old uniform."
"Ah don't want to go, Remy. Ah don't want you t' go."
"Den, Anna, we ask our friends t' leave. We lock the door. We pray Bogan won't come knockin'. But hidin' - dat ain't the same as bein' safe. You want folks t' be safe - t' be free - den you gotta work for it. Sometimes, sacrifice. It ain't fair. But den, consider the alternative."
"Been there, done that, thanks."
"You an' me both. Dat's why we're X-Men."
"So is this the dream, then? Oh, that's nice. The house, the life, the kisses we steal before going off to battle?"
"Don't be dense, 'sugah.' Dis be reality! Dis be what all the fightin' an' struggle's for." ~ Gambit and Rogue, before splitting up to fight Bogan


X-Treme X-Men #43

"How's it feel, being so changed?"
"Best roller-coaster Ah've ever ridden. Can't remember when Ah've been so excited. Or so scared..." ~ Shadowcat and Rogue, on Rogue's loss of powers

"What's happening?"
"Shoulda known, where my Cajun's concerned...never believe what you see! Gambit conned Bogan!" ~ Shadowcat and Rogue, as they watch Gambit literally "trip up" Bogan's troops


X-Treme X-Men #45

"What's all dis?"
"A reproduction of the throne room from the original Hellfire Club in London..."
"A thief could retire on what we see around us. An' life like a king."
"Tempted, are you?"
"Not a bit. I'm a thief, not a fool. Some t'ings, dey're too tainted to steal..." ~ Gambit and Sage, as they search Bogan's underground lair

[Under Bogan's control, Sage shoots Gambit. He proceeds to grab the gun out of her hand, and Bogan's spell is broken.]
"Sorry chere...but I'm t'inkin' we had enough o' dis foolishness for one day."
"Didn't I shoot you?"
"Dead center. Good t'ing I wear X-Men body armor. Better t'ing, you didn't aim for my head."
"Such a handsome head. Who could bear to spoil it?"
"So what'd I miss?"
"Bogan's mask couldn't anchor to your psyche. The advantage of being almost dead."
"He could get me anyway...I'm way too slippery."
"I believe you may be right..." ~ Gambit and Sage


X-Treme X-Men #46

[Gambit enters his and Rogue's bedroom and discovers lit candles on the night table and rose petals scattered on the bed.]
"Oh! My! Rogue - chere - did I miss a cue, a birthday, our anniversary - what?"
[Sage, disguised as Rogue, appears in a sexy negligée.]
"In this instance, Ah'd go with 'what'."
"Rogue, it's killin' me t' say dis - but dis ain't the time!"
"Who's the one always sayin' - carpe diem? Moments like this, Remy - and opportunities - they may never come again." [She pulls him to her and starts kissing him.] "Delicious."
"Hey, you're not...!"
"Gambit, there's no need to be afraid. This will hurt...but it's for the best." ~ Gambit and Sage, disguised as Rogue, right before she jump-starts him


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