Quotable Rogue and Gambit - Miscellaneous

New X-Men #46

[Mystique pushes Sinister against Rogue's skin, killing him...and Gambit walks in on the scene.]
"Dear God, Raven. You used Rogue to..."
"Sinister got careless. That carelessness killed him. You knew it had to happen. Sinister would never let the child out of his control once he had it. And I need it."
"I can't believe he's dead. That I'm free of him...what do we do now?" ~ Gambit and Mystique, as he arrives with the "messiah baby"

"Are you sure about this, Mystique? I've stayed with Sinister and his Marauders all this time, placing my faith...not in you, but in your love for Rogue...you really believe in this baby?"
"I don't need to believe. I know. She saw you and me in this room, with Rogue and this baby. Everything I've done, it's been to bring us to this moment. This child will save Rogue. You don't know what it's been like, Knowing what's coming. To be so powerless to stop it. To have her life left to fate. Everything I did, I did for her."
"So what now? How does this work? Does it have some kind of power? Do you hook it up to a machine?"
"Not exactly."
[Mystique leans down and presses the baby's forehead against Rogue's lips...and something happens...] ~ Gambit and Mystique, discussing how they're going to help Rogue

"NO! NO!"
[Gambit grabs the baby from Mystique and pushes her away.]
"LeBeau, you fool! It's too late!"
"Damn you, Raven! You never told me! You never said! Do you think Rogue would ever want this? That she'd sacrifice a child to save her own life? God have mercy on us Raven...you killed a ba..."
"Mon dieu. How...the strain...it killed Sinister but the child..."
"It's destiny, LeBeau. It's a...Rogue?" [Raven walks up to Rogue only to discover that she is still unconscious.] "Rogue...wake up. Wake up! No...nonononono...I don't understand, Destiny's Diaries foretold everything...why isn't she waking up? She's supposed to wake up now. Destiny told me I saved her, and if I saved her, maybe she would love me again."
"She wouldn't, Raven. Rogue'd rather die than harm a child. She'd die to stop you. And so would I..." ~ Gambit and Mystique (and one line from the baby), as Mystique tries to cure Rogue

"What will you do now, Remy?"
"Stay where I belong. At Rogue's side." ~ Professor X and Gambit, and the former leaves with the baby


X-Men Annual 1997

"You can keep all dem high school girls, Bobby. Me, I got all de woman I need right here."
"Don't you thinkin' otherwise, sugah."
"My heart belongs only to you, ma chere." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"Not yet - but now I'm officially intrigued." ~ Joseph and Gambit

"Look at dere eyes. Lights're on, but ain't nobody home. Dey just like zombies - 'cept dey don't smell as bad...hey, chere, I ever tell you 'bout miss Ruby DuPris the voodoo queen...back in New Orleans, she turned all her ex-boyfriends into de livin' dead..." ~ Gambit


X-Men: Fairy Tales #3

"Every girl has a dream. A secret desire she hides in her heart. A wish waiting upon that perfect star. This girl is no different. Here is her story..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue (called "Anna")

"Got lost on your way to grandma's house, ma chere? My, what big eyes you have..."
"And what a big mouth you have! Gimme that!"
"Not 'til I see proof yer old enough to be drinking it." ~ Detective LeBeau and Anna, at their fist meeting

"Well, you best be believing me when I tell you that that girl is one to watch out for."
"Don't you worry Bishop...I'll be watching that li'l rogue all right." ~ Detectives Bishop and LeBeau, on Anna

"I knew she was a wolf in sheep's clothin'! Little thief stole my cards right from my pocket!"
"Ha! Serves you right for huffin' and puffin' back there like that."
"Well, it's time I go blow down her door. Where does she live?" ~ Remy and Bishop, on Anna

"Welcome to the Hellfire Club. We hope you survive the experience." ~ anonymous member of the Hellfire Club, to Anna

[A blinding light reaches from the ground to the sky in the distance.]
"At least dey're leavin' de light on for us, eh?" [Mystique glares at Remy]. Just tryin' ta lighten da mood..." [Zombies crawl out of the ground and surround them.] "Now, dis ain't good."
"Where's your sense of humor now?" ~ Remy and Mystique, on their way to rescue Anna

"What the..." [Knocked to the ground, Remy spots Rogue's shorts with his tarot cards sticking out of the back pocket.] "An' I get lucky without even gettin' in her pants...Your thievin' may have just saved our lives, li'l rogue." [He chooses the death card from the stack.] " 'Then Death appeared as he had promised...' " ~ Remy, on finding his tarot cards

"C'mon ma chere. Death ain't takin' either one of us today. I know I ain't no Prince Charming but..." [Remy performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her.]
"What...? I knew you'd come...!" [Anna throws her arms around him.]
"That was like something right out of a storybook. 'And then the brave knight stormed into the castle at dawn and saved the princess from the evil queen and her minions...'"
"Life not jus' some big fairy tale, belle."
"But who's to say it can't be?" ~ Remy and Anna, on his saving her life


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