Quotable Rogue and Gambit - X-Men: The End

Book 1, #2

"Ready, sugah?"
"Wit' you, chere, always." ~ Rogue and Gambit, about to break into some kind of high-tech vault

"Wha'chu think, rude boy, this a lock you can pick?" ~ Rogue, upon their arriving at large, thick blast doors; Gambit gives her a bow and gestures for her to continue...Rogue kicks the door down


Book 1, #5

"No fair, poppa, you peeked!"
"In your dreams, boy!" ~ Olivier and Gambit, goofing around


Book 2, #1

"How could Gambit do such a thing?"
"Short answer: Sinister called in a marker that Remy felt had t' be paid."
"You really think it's that simple?"
"When ah find them both ah'll ask them." ~ Emma and Rogue, on Gambit's kidnapping their children

"You think he's innocent."
"Bobby, thanks t' Sinister, Remy was never 'innocent.' But ah'm not convinced yet he's guilty." ~ Sunspot and Rogue, on Gambit


Book 2, #2

"And you're a liar...and a thief! You broke mom's heart, and you don't care!"
"But Rogue and my mom - they'll both make you pay!" ~ Olivier and Megan Summers, yelling at Gambit for kidnapping them


Book 2, #4

"...I don't need a 'River Rat' to take her place."
"Trust a Boston Yankee t' call someone like me a 'River Rat' like it was some kind of insult. Ah'm proud of who I am, Ms. Emma Frost - an' where ah come from." ~ Emma and Rogue

"Be my hero, Rogue."
"You sure?"
"Must I beg?"
"My power isn't selective, Emma. Ah borrow your abilities and your psyche. Your mem'ries. Your secrets."
"For your children, Anna, would you do less?" ~ a seriously injured Emma, allowing Rogue to absorb her powers so she can use them to find their children

"Anna, will you be alright?"
"Save your concern, Henry, for those I hunt." ~ Beast and Rogue, after she's absorbed Emma's powers

"This is so your father's fault!"
"Don't be demented!"
"Gambit's a liar and a traitor!"
"Take that back!" ~ Megan and Olivier, fighting about Gambit

"Megs, papa saved us."
"Bekka Raven, don't be such a dolt."
"Don't you talk to my sister like that!" ~ Bekka, Megan, and Olivier, still arguing

"If you're worried about your precious Anna, Remy, just give her a dose of that famous Gambit charm. I guarantee, even after this, she'll take you back."
"You t'ink?"
"It's all in the genes. Women are such fundamentally weak vessels, my boy. Prisoners of their passions. In a way, that's the genesis of what's happening. A woman's passion for the man who almost destroyed her."
"You talkin' Lilandra? An' Charles?"
"In a manner of speaking, I suppose." ~ Sinister and Gambit

[Several X-Men are under a spell, writhing between two large female statues.]
"The Ladies Mastermind."
"Each is capable of generating illusions so perfect they are indistinguishable from reality. Combined, their power is a match even for such indomitable wills as Wolverine's, or such telepathic strength as Marvel Girl's."
"So how come you don' look altogether happy?"
"Rouge should be among them. For her children, even if Cyclops hadn't sent her, she'd have come."
"Guess even a man like you can't t'ink of ev'ryt'ing."
"The point is, Gambit, here I could have saved her. Now, she'll likely be lost with the others." ~ Gambit and Sinister, discussing part of Sinister's plan

"...but I have ambitions of my own, with too many years invested in my own dreams to see them sacrificed to another's cause. Regardless of the outcome, the X-Men as we know them are doomed. I seek only to save who I can, to complete my work again a better day. I want you by my side, Remy...because where else should a son stand...but with his father!" ~ Sinister, to Gambit, as he takes off his mask to reveal that he is Gambit's father


Book 2, #5

"Gambit was a foundling. He never knew his birth parents, only the man who raised him. Now, at long last, he knows why..." ~ Narrator, on Gambit

"He had not been originally born a mutant; his gene-stock was baseline human. This time around, though, things would be different. He would make himself into the best of this new breed, adapting powers and skills from those he met along the way. When next he and his master met, it would be as equals. It was the perfect plan. Until it went horribly wrong." ~ Narrator, on Sinister

"Having been a slave, Apocalypse knew how one would think. As Sinister made plans, so did he. Working through the combined (Thieves and Assassins) Guilds of New Orleans....his agents stole the baby and placed him in the hands of the master thief, Jean-Luc LeBeau...who raised him as a son. Remy LeBeau. Gambit! As a man, Remy rescued the X-Men's team leader, Storm. And from that point, the joke was on both Sinister and Apocalypse. Because the man who'd been raised as a thief discovered in himself aspects of spirit and soul that not even Nathaniel Essex had ever suspected. The capacity to be a hero. But far more important, the capacity to love with all his heart..." ~ Narrator, on Gambit.

"I adapted your powers from Cyclops' optic blasts. So you see, my boy, in terms of genetic material, you two are brothers. Half-brothers, anyway. With you, with one of the Grey girls - Jean or Rachel - I gain the genomes of the key components in human evolution. Those capable of transcendence from the mortal to the divine." ~ Sinister, to Gambit

"Pardon, homme, but its you who should be t'ankfull...dat none o' dese children...got even so much as a serious scratch." ~ Gambit, to a guard who threatens the children after they try to escape

"Ahhh, Gambit, I'd hoped for so much more from you."
"Shame on me, then, for t'inkin' you'd be proud...t' see the man you maybe could'a been."
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I still possess the prime genetic material. One can always begin again."
"Not in dis lifetime, Sinister. An' never wit' dese children!" ~ Sinister and Gambit


Book 2, #6

"Rogue always considered herself an outsider, hence the name she chose for herself. Even after she fell in love, married Gambit, 'settled down,' she was more comfortable with Rogue than Anna Raven. So it came as a surprise - the ultimate cosmic joke - when she discovered that being a mom came as naturally to her as being a super hero. Turned out, she didn't mind at all pulling back on her obligations as an X-Man to focus on her family. For her, this was the 'happily ever after' she'd always dreamed of. Now though, Sinister was holding a knife to its throat. He should have remembered the parable about getting between a momma bear and her cub..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue

"MOM! Dad wasn't really working for Sinister. He was faking, so he could help us!"
"That man! God forbid he ever find the easy way to do something." ~ Olivier and Rogue

"Ah was beginnin' t' think ah's never find you, or see you again...!"
"In truth, my dear, I'm afraid you never will. Either of us..." [Disguised as Gambit, Sinister stabs Rogue through the abdomen.] "...that's why I opened the portal to allow you to return. So before my departure, I could deliver a 'father-in-law's' fond farewell."
"Remy..." ~ Rogue and Sinister

"Rogue, no, please no!" ~ Mystique, cradling Rogue in her arms

"No oh, no oh, NO!"
"The future belongs to me. I leave you the ashes of your past. For the moments of existence that are left you."
"See to your wife, thief. Take care...take care of my daughter. Sinister is mine!" ~ Gambit, arriving on the scene, Sinister, and Mystique

"Don't be a fool, woman. With what I have on file, I can create a new and improved Rogue!"
"I love the one I've got."
"Mystique, we have it in us to remake the world."
"Absolutely. And an infinitely better one - without you!" ~ Sinister and Mystique, right before she kills him

"This wasn't supposed to be how their story ends. Like all lovers, they thought they'd go on forever..." ~ Narrator, on Rogue and Gambit

"I need help down here, Rogue's down. I need a medic!"
"Hush, sugah, ain't nothin' t' be done."
"Can't you channel your imprinted powers?"
"Ah'm all used up."
"It's not fair, when I was dying, you pulled me back from heaven."
"Feel free to cut a deal with God...Olivier's safe, plus Megan and the twins."
"Bekka was with me and Alex, they're both fine. Anna, how can I tell them?"
"You're the charmer, find a way."
"How do I go on?"
"You're the man I love, you'll find that too...kiss me Remy."
"Don't go Anna. Please don't go, please please please..."
"A real kiss, damn you...one...last...time..." ~ Gambit and Rogue, as she dies in his arms

"Anna's dead, Kitty. Sinister killed Rogue, Mystique killed Sinister."
"No. Oh no."
"Sinister was working with the Shi'ar. Slipstream's coming to gather him home. Remy's going in his place, with Cable and me as backup..." ~ Rachel telepathically updating Kitty on recent events


Book 3, #1

"Gambit is Sinister's clone? Sure didn't see that one coming."
"It explains much about his actions over the years. And Sinister's."
"Totally sucks about Rogue."
"We've had casualties before."
"Doesn't make things any easier, Sage. 'Specially with kids involved. What the hell was Gambit thinking, leaving them like that?"
"Perhaps this way, he ensures they at lease have a future." ~ Iceman and Sage, on Rogue and Gambit

"I know how hard this is. I know part of you wants to be brave. But mostly you want to scream and rage and beat up on God himself. I know what I'm saying seems like the words folks are supposed to say at times like this. But I've stood where you stand. I've lost what you've lost. If you ever need a hand to hold - or anything..."
"Bring their father home safe, Scott. That's all. Until then - I'm their grandmother. I'll care for them as Anna would." ~ Cyclops, to Olivier and Bekka, and Mystique


Book 3, #3

"So - not the geneticist at all. But the thief - come to steal away my secrets."
"Nah. Keep your secrets. I want your life."
"I've heard that threat from armies, Gambit, from entire empires. You don't scare me."
"Hey - I don't care." ~ Khan, masquerading as the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, and Gambit, masquerading as Sinister

"Truly a striking family resemblance. How does it feel, Gambit, to discover that you father is a monster?"
"What matters, Khan, is that my children know their daddy isn't." ~ Khan and Gambit

"Always b'ware, Khan, the fella who saves his best for last. [He charges an ace of hearts, and throws it at Khan.] This is for my Anna!" ~ Gambit, killing Khan, and presumably dying himself


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