Quotable Rogue and Gambit - Gambit Series

The quotes listed here are from two complete collections - the first Gambit limited series and the most recent Gambit ongoing series - and one partial collection. However, I have since obtained most of the other issues in the first Gambit ongoing series, and hope to add quotes from them soon. All that leaves is the second limited series...

Gambit Limited Series 1995

Gambit #1

"And now...hold tight chere! I'll be having you free and flyin' again pronto!"
" 'Scuse me, Sugah...if I don't need - or want - your help!"
[Gambit charges some cards and throws them at the metal tentacles that have ensnared Rogue - they explode, freeing her.]
"Too late, petite...but don' worry, you don't have to thank me! Though...you, me a candle-lit dinner would be..."
"You won't be getting any thanks from me, Gambit! Now watch your mouth...and your back!" ~ Gambit and Rogue, during a training session in the Danger Room

"Emotions have been runnin' high between the Cajun and Rogue. Given their unresolved romantic status...don't you think we're pushin' it?"
"That's the point of the exercise, Wolverine. We must know if..."
"Don't get preachy on me, Ororo. I know the drill about seein' if they can cut it as part of the team. I still think it's mighty cold..." ~ Wolverine and Storm, on Rogue and Gambit's training session

"Come, chere...smile! There's no reason for us not to be having fun with this little game!"
"Gambit! This is the Danger Room! And...it's not a game!"
"Pah! You are too serious! Life is a game: and, if you give me the time...and the opportunity...I'll show you...you..."
[A distracted Gambit doesn't realize that rockets are coming after him.]
"Gambit! Incoming! Behind you! Gambit! REMY!" ~ Gambit and Rogue, right before she saves him

"Now isn't this a cozy little tete a tete, chere? Love to stay here all day, but...it'll have to be 'nother time." ~ Gambit, who landed on top of Rogue after the rockets exploded

"I go alone. This is a family matter. Henri LeBeau was my brother!"
"I'm goin' with him! We all should!" [Logan puts his hand on her shoulder, holding her back.] "Wolverine! What?!"
"No, darlin', we stay. It's what he wants. The Cajun's gotta handle himself. It's a blood debt. And I pity those on the receiving end!" ~ Gambit, Rogue, and Wolverine, after Gambit's brother is killed by assassins

"He'll be all right, kid. There's more to the Cajun than any of us really knows."
"I love him, Wolverine."
"You don't have to be a telepath to figure that one out, darlin'. This thing he's doing tonight...he's got to do it alone. But after tonight, don't let him be alone again. There's somethin' between you two. Mariko and I had the same. Don't want to wait until conditions are perfect...'cause with the likes of us, they never are." ~ Wolverine and Rogue, on Gambit

"He won't be travellin' solo, professor! Ah'll be with him all the way."
"You think y'all are man enough to stop me?"
"Someday you'll find out just how much of a man I am, chere! Until then...come if you want, but know I am going to find out if Bella Donna, my wife, is alive. And you better be real sure you're up to this one, chere! There are some t'ings about me that you may not want to learn!"
"I'll take the chance on that one, sugah!" ~ Rogue and Gambit, on going to New Orleans


Gambit #2

"The house was always full of wild goin's on when she was alive. Drew me to her like a candle to a flame. People always warnin' me that I'd be the one to get burnt. Belle. You're the only one that could bring me back to dis city. You were the only reason I stayed as long as I did. An' you were the reason I had to leave. Now I'm searchin' for the ghosts of my youth." ~ Gambit's thoughts, as he breaks into Bella Donna's house

"It's true...you're alive. Cherie...you are alive. BELLA DONNA! My wife...my love. How, cherie? I saw you die. Holding you in my arms, watching the life drain from your body...I felt a piece of my heart die with you. And now..." ~ Gambit, on discovering Belle alive and unconscious

"Pardon me, fellas...but I don't take kindly to all this killin' talk. Gambit here is a team-mate o' mine...and even though he does tend to run off at the mouth...I like him the way he is - alive!." [Rogue grabs a couple of assassins and throws them out the window.] "Y'all take care now!"
"Rogue, ma cherie. I asked you to stay out of dis!"
"Askin' ain't gettin', Remy! 'Sides, there seems to be more than enough o' this here little game for both of us!"
"M'sweet, as you recently pointed out t'me in the Danger Room...this is no game! Assassins always play for keeps! But, fortunately, so do thieves!"
"And X-Men!"
"Touché." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as she helps him take out a group of assassins

"We'll be off now."
"Let me take her, Gambit. It's a long way down."
"Rogue...you sure?"
"I'm sure." ~ Gambit and Rogue, leaving Bella Donna's house, with Rogue carrying the comatose Belle

[Gambit threatens to kill his father if he doesn't hand over the Elixir of Life.]
"GAMBIT! You don't want to do this, Remy. This isn't you."
"Of course it's not, cherie. But then again...you don't know me as well as you think you do! No one does!" ~ Rogue and Gambit, right before he throws a few charged cards in his father's direction

"I grew up on the streets. Don't remember my real parents. Took to stealin' to survive. That's how I met Jean-Luc. Tried to steal his wallet. Didn't know he was the head of the legendary Thieves Guild. He took a shine to me...took me in as one of his own. Taught me what I know. Henri was like a brother to me. They be the only family I got. And now..."
"You still got us, Gambit...the X-Men."
"That I do, cherie. Thank you. Look, I know this is not easy for you, but I have to do this...you...you don't have to be standin' guard on Bella Donna. I can find someone..."
"I'm doing this for you, Remy, not her. Both guilds may try and come after her. I'll keep her safe." [Gambit turns to leave.] "Before you go, tell me...what is this place."
"I bought it years ago. A place to retire to one day. Settle down and raise a family. Pah! Who am I kidding? I'll never settle down. But even a thief has to have dreams, eh? Take care, cherie!"
"You too, sugah. You too." ~ Gambit and Rogue

"...you an' me alone, girl. So, tell me, Bella Donna...are you the dream of a thief?" ~ Rogue, keeping watch over Belle


Gambit #3

"I'm a healer, girl! Much better than anyone trained in them fancy medical schools. I've got the eye and the touch, Rogue! And it don't be takin' no special powers to see you love Remy, don't you? And here you are, watchin' over his wife. You poor thing. Remember child, the good Lord don't give us a bigger burden than we can carry." ~ Tante Mattie, to Rogue, as she checks up on Belle

"Just you and me again, Belle. You dreamin' of Remy and all the times you had together? It'd be real easy for me to absorb those memories with my mutant powers. Just one little ol' touch and...like I said, it'd be real easy..." ~ Rogue, taking off one of her gloves as she considers absorbing Belle

"It has been a long time since you left Paris, Remy...back then, neither of us ever really had much use for names, did we?"
"No, indeed, cherie! Names were the last thing we exchanged."
"It was a time."
"Too true...ma cherie..." ~ Candra and Gambit, upon his realizing that she is the benefactress of the two guilds of New Orleans

"Her hands are capable of crushing marble, bending forged steel. Why then does she tremble at the very thought of touching the porcelain-like skin of a sleeping woman...? Coming closer, she turns cold with fear. For she knows - in her heart and in her soul - that what she wants, she has no right to have."
[Rogue, who has been moving her bare hand closer and closer to Belle's face, suddenly pulls back.]
"NO! Lord, what was I thinking? How selfish could I be?! To even think of absorbing her memories...! In her condition, there's no tellin' what it'd do to her! I'm sorry Belle. I'll never..."
[Belle unexpectedly grabs Rogue's bare hand.]
"But Rogue's words are suddenly cut off as Bella Donna reaches out in an involuntary reflex. The flesh to flesh contact Rogue chose to avoid is made. Memories that are not her own rush forward to engulf her mind. Within a moment she is...willingly...lost." ~ Narrator and Rogue, on Belle

"You shouldn't have left, Remy...and you certainly never shouldn't have returned!"
"Ah, cherie, you haven't changed a bit. So quick to use your telekinetic powers! Still as fiery as when I left...and even more beautiful."
"Do not try your Cajun charm, mutant! It does nothing for me..."
"Maybe not, but...ah, there was a time..." ~ Candra and Gambit

"Rogue feels another's dreams...another's past. Through the flood of Bella Donna's memories, she experiences the privileged life of one born and raised to the Assassin Guild elite. Memories of a young girl in love...in love with a young Remy LeBeau...Gambit. Rogue grasps all these memories, trying to make them her own. How young and tender he seems as he holds the woman he loves in a strong embrace. His gentle laugh echoes across her mind. The burning look in his eyes just prior to the touching of lips, lingers on. The soft caress of his flesh sets her own afire. A lifetime shared in the briefest of seconds. Another's lifetime of memories. Memories Rogue is loathe to let pass away. Painful memories of what once was...and which can never be hers."
"Gambit...oh Lord...what have ah done?" ~ Narrator and Rogue, on absorbing Belle's memories
"Then cherie...let us say we are even?" [Gambit dips Candra and kisses her.] "Still good, neh? I'd say there's a spark left between us, sweet."
"Out of my sight, thief...before I come to my senses and have you killed." ~ Gambit and Candra, as he skillfully lifts the Elixir of Life from Candra's cleavage

"It's gone! The vial - gone! He stole the Elixir straight from under my nose! And I let myself be charmed! Tithe Collector, follow them, go to New Orleans. Spread the word among both Guilds that Gambit has betrayed them all. I want him, his family, his mutant girlfriend, his wife - ALL DEAD!" ~ Candra, on discovering that the Elixir is missing


Gambit #4

"Deep within the French Quarter of New Orleans...the man called Gambit finds himself lost in a dark reverie. Drifting back to a time when he - and New Orleans - were a bit younger. A time of votive candles, prayers to the saints and the smell of incense filling the air. A time when the thieves gathered in this holy place to pray, to confess their sins...to seek some peace in an otherwise confusing existence. A peace found in this place...the Church of the Lost Thieves. Too many years have gone by since this mutant thief last genuflected before the altar. Too many transgressions. Too much living. But the momentary fear he has for his soul is quelled by the knowledge that he may be forgiven this transgression. He comes here, not out of anger, but out of love. To save the life of Bella Donna, his wife. How can this action be viewed as a sin? And if it be so...then it is a sin with which Gambit is willing to live." ~ Narrator, on Gambit

"Each makes their own decision. All risks are known before it ever passes their lips. Few turn it down."
"And now I must decide this fate for Bella Donna?! I must gamble with the life of the woman I loved - my own wife?!" ~ Jean-Luc and Gambit, on the risks that go along with drinking the Elixir of Life

"What happened here, girl? What happened to Bella Donna to start her convulsin' like this?! Rogue! Talk to me, girl! I can't be helpin' the child if you don't tell me what happened!"
"But the desperate words of Tante Mattie drift past Rogue as she retreats further and further within herself. On some level she is aware of Bella Donna's condition...aware that her agony started as soon as their flesh met. On some level she is aware that the memories to which she retreats are not her own...rather, they are memories Rogue's mutant abilities have taken from the comatose woman. Right now, this vague awareness means little to her. All that matters are the memories...of his scent...his touch...and his embrace...Gambit...where are you...?" ~ Tante Mattie and the narrator, on Rogue's thoughts

"This house..my house...I'll never look at it without thinking of the blood that has been spilled here tonight. Curse you, Candra! Curs you f'r all of dis! And now I gotta decide whether to be givin' Belle this Elixir...risk her being turned into the horror that Julien is...maybe she better off dead? But no! If there is a chance I gotta take it...a chance to start over maybe? But what about - Rogue, Remy...how can you?" ~ Gambit's thoughts, as he rushes to save Bella Donna

"Remy...we gotta talk, sugah. You gotta know what happened between me an' Belle while y'all were gone."
"Not now, petite. I've got to be concentratin'."
"When I touched her...I can't get the images out of my head...images of you and Belle...only in my head I see you an' me. Feel you an' me. I...I love you, Remy."
"Rogue, whatever it is you're tryin' to say, it's gotta wait. Elixirs has got to be mixed just right...I've never done it before...so I'm only guessin'...I'm gambling with Belle's life here! Please..." ~ Rogue and Gambit, as she tries to confess to him what happened while he mixes the Elixir of Life

"It is over, Remy. All the old ways died tonight. You will always be seen as the cause...for good or for bad. Future generations of our family may see you as a saint. But for now...for the sake of a fragile peace...leave and never return to this city...to our family! I love you, my son." ~ Jean-Luc, after the Thieves and Assassins Guilds rebel against Candra's rule over them

"He squeezes the last of the Elixir of Life, tinged with his own blood, from the torn cover. He watches the precious fluid flow over the lips he has known so well. His own heart pounds in anticipation of a sign...any sign...that his efforts have not been in vain...a slight quivering of her upper lip...followed undeniably by...life!"
"You live, chere! You LIVE! Oh Belle - I can't believe you're back."
"Who...who are you? What am I doin' here?"
"It's me, p'tite - Remy! You remember me...I am your...your..."
"My what? I can't remember anything."
"I'm...I'm...a friend. Just a friend who's been worryin' 'bout you, p'tite. This man here...he be your daddy. He'll take good care of you. You go with him. You live happy." ~ Narrator, Gambit, and Bella Donna, as she finally wakes up

"Don't you be lookin' at me so sad, Rogue. I had to let her go. Couldn't risk heapin' too much on her all at once. 'Sides, her life is still here in New Orleans. And after what I done...I can't be comin' back. But no more weepin' and moanin'. Hey! We won the day, no! Now I've got to be showin' you my gratitude. Tonight me an' you are goin' do dis town right for the last time, neh?"
"You still love her, don't you, Remy?"
"Part o'me always will, Rogue. You know that. But tonight Remy LeBeau goin' out with a bang! Long past time that you an' me got serious, chere."
[Gambit leans forward to kiss Rogue.]
"Gambit...Remy...chere...I...I...No! I CAN'T! I can't..."
[Rogue breaks his embrace and flies away.]
"No, chere, didn't think so. Woulda been too much for me to hope for. Pah! A mutant thief can't be havin' loyalties...can't love...can't hope to dream of the future...it just isn't meant to be." ~ Gambit and Rogue, after Belle leaves with her father

"Out of the ashes of the old a new legend is born on the streets of New Orleans. A legend used by Creole mothers to frighten bad little children. The dark handsome thief sneaking through the shadows of the night. The thief who tosses lightning from his hands and steals the heart of your girl. The thief searching for the love he can never have. The thief. The traitor to all. So goes the legend of Gambit..." ~ Narrator

Gambit Series 1999-2001

Gambit #1

"A touch. So little to ask for. So much to expect. Does he still love her? How can he ever tell her the truth...when so much of him has always been a lie?" ~ Narrator, on Gambit's feelings for Rogue

"Don't tell me...both won out in the end?"
"Where you're concerned, can you blame me?"
"Considerin' my lil' predicament - I'd have to say no."
" 'Thanks for the save, Rogue.' "
"Don' mention it, chere." ~ Gambit and Rogue, as Rogue saves him


Gambit #16

"You said 'dis' instead of 'this.' You always get extra extra spice on your accent after you visit your father." ~ Rogue, to Gambit

Gambit Series 2004-2005

Gambit #1

"Hey, stranger...where you been hidin'? Whachoo been up to?"
"Ah, you know, the usual. Fightin' monsters and maniacs, rescuin' kittens, savin' the universe. Dat get me a free drink?"
"Hmm. Keepin' the world safe for man and mutantkind? Might get you a free draft for the kitten..." ~ bartender and Remy, upon his arriving in New Orleans


Gambit #2

"You know, I'm getting real tired of favors that involve me getting shot at, chased after, and blown up." ~ Remy, to himself, after narrowly escaping a group of men


Gambit #4

"Those suckers are deadly powerful. Look at the wrong one and it could blind you."
"Hmmph. Blind, huh? I hate when that happens." ~ Dan Down and Remy, on the mysterious Inficio Aquilus tarot deck

" C'mon, c'mon...pick up."
"Yeah, what do you want?" [Dan is attacked by a member of the Assassin's Guild and is unable to answer.] "Better not be another flamin' telemarketer. I told ya once already about callin' during 'The O.C.' Hey! Who is this? What's going on? Hello...?" ~ Dan, calling for help, and Logan


Gambit #5

"It gets old after a while...bein' with the X-Men, savin' the world...again an' again an' again. Every so often I just need to get away from it all. Take a break an' do my own thing. And nearly always, that leads me to one place...the one place I'd rather be more den anywhere else...home. For a little R 'n' R...and R. Rest...relaxation...and maybe just a little bit of robbery. And after a job well done, a night on the town with my best girl." [He imagines himself standing with Lili, the woman who hired him to steal the tarot cards.] "No...that's not right...not Lili..." [He erases her image and replaces it with another.] "Rogue."
"Mister LeBeau...you've gone to your happy place again, haven't you?" ~ Remy's thoughts, as he's being tortured, and a random member of the Assassin's Guild

"So how'd you find me?"
"You don't exactly need animal senses to sniff out that cheap cologne you wear, Remy." ~ Gambit and Logan

"That fun you had with that little blonde hard-body, Lili Penrose, the night of that dinner party - you remember that, don't you? You know, right after you thought you disabled the videotape surveillance cameras?"
"You're a dog, Remy LeBeau, plain and simple. Just like all men. And considerable worse than most."
"Paris Hilton ain't got nuthin' on you, baby." ~ Madame Camille and Remy, on why her daughter (who has a crush on Remy) is suddenly giving him the cold shoulder

"I look like a flamin' Smurf. I swear, LeBeau, you breathe a word of this to anybody back at the mansion..."
"Trust me." [Gambit pulls out one of Cyclops's old uniforms out of a box.]
"You stole Scott's uniform?"
"His old uniform. Thought it might come in handy sometime. It's not like he's even gonna miss it. Not when he's got those astonishing new duds. Trust m..."
"Remy, there's a reason why nobody trusts you." ~ Logan and Remy, preparing to trick the Assassin's Guild into thinking that all the X-Men are in New Orleans


Gambit #8

"Yeah, Mikey, don't you know anything? New Orleans has it's own super hero. At least, he spends a lot of his time in New Orleans."
"For real?"
"Yeah, he keeps a low profile. You don't see or hear much about him, but if there's trouble, he's somebody you can always count on. He can fight and explode things and has this wicked charm power. Trust me - something like this is right up his alley."
"Oh, yeah. I think I head about that guy...he's the Cajun super hero, right? A mutant X-Man...named Gambit?"
"A mutant? Eww! No, man, this guy's cool! He's not a mutant, and he's not a Cajun either...he's a brother!" ~ two boys running away from zombies, on Gambit and Brother Voodoo

"Remmmmy. Earth to Remy."
"Hey, you hear somethin', Ginny?"
"Isn't this place cozy and romantic? Perfect place for a date."
"Sounds like somebody screa...huh? 'Date?!' Ginny, I told you, this ain't a date! I said we could get some coffee so I could thank you for your help with the Penrose heist. Ginny, you're a beautiful girl, and if things were different...well...dat's the thing. Right now, I'm not exactly on the market."
"Oh, so you're with that police officer I saw you givn' a big ol' smooch to?"
"Police - hey, waitaminute! She kissed me!"
"Oh, and I bet you had nothing to do with that! You gonna tell me you had nothing to do with that skank Lili Penrose next?"
"That...that was a mistake, chere. Truth is, the relationship I'm in ain't always perfect, and Lili caught me when me adrenaline was up and my guard was down. I shouldn't have done that, Ginny - an' I think dat you're a good friend. But dat don't change the fact that there's only one girl for me, an'..." ~ Ginny and Remy, as he's trying to gently tell her that he's not interested in her...until they're interrupted by zombies

"Hey! Hey, you! Yeah, you, with the chicken bone necklace and the goofy-looking outfit - you responsible for this?"
"Responsible for this? Now why on Earth would I raise an army of undead zombies just to destroy them? And as for 'goofy-looking outfits' - I'm not the guy wearing a leather trench coat and metal boots in 95 degree weather!" ~ Gambit and Brother Voodoo, on their first meeting

"Don't tell me...you're some sort of super-powered loner, laboring under the misapprehension that the protection of New Orleans is yours and yours alone. What's your name friend? And what kind of powers do you have anyway?"
"Remy LeBeau. Gambit. Mutant power. The ability to kinetically charge non-living objects with energy. And then throw 'em so they do...this." [He throws charged cards at several zombies' heads, which then explode.]
"Disgusting, in this case. But definitely cool."
"How 'bout you?"
"Voodoo power. The mystic power of a mighty houngan priest, bestowed upon me by the ancient and all-powerful spirit-gods of the Loa. And with a little help from the good folks at Flick Lighter Company....pyrokinetics, the control of smoke and flame. Immunity to fire. And enhanced strength. Among other things."
"Not bad. Bet you come in handy on camping trips too." ~ Brother Voodoo and Remy, explaining their powers to each other


Gambit #9

"We'll stop him the same way we stop the other zombies. However, unlike these other zombies, this super-powered one seems singularly focused on killing you."
"Yeah, I have that effect a lot on the living too..." ~ Brother Voodoo and Gambit

"In our brief time together, I've seen evidence of a personality type that's narcissistic, kleptomaniacal, pathological, adrenaline-addicted, anti-authority, and given to reckless, suicidal tendencies. No offense to you, Remy. But a super hero who's moonlighting as a thief...? Dude..you got issues!" ~ Brother Voodoo, to Remy, as a farewell of sorts


Gambit #10

"Hey, Gambit! I don't think mentoring is supposed to include us breaking into a locked room of the X-Mansion to keep your girlfriend from seeing the dirty movie you starred in."
"I already told you, it's not a dirty movie! It's a surveillance video. And it just happened to catch a very mixed-up, very aggressive woman who was, uh...determined to compromise my integrity. And, uh...as such, it's not something I want falling into the wrong hands. Or anybody's hands, for that matter."
"It's a dirty movie."
"For sure. I wonder if she was hot?"
"Hotter than Rogue? Get real dude!" ~ Eugene, Gambit, Quill, and Winston, on Remy's "mentoring exercise" to teach the young students a lesson about (not) stealing

"You got something planned for the person who sent Miss Rogue the tape?"
"Ginny? Naw, she's just a gal with a schoolgirl crush...who doesn't quite know how to handle rejection. Fortunately, for whatever reason, she had a change of heart."
[Flashback to Ginny on the phone, with her mother towering over her.]
"Um...hi, Remy. Er...I'm not sure how to tell you this. But I did a really bad thing."
"You tell that poor boy. An' then git to your room. Your just about grounded for life."
[End flashback.]
"She's a good kid, mostly. An' I think she's learned her lesson...." ~ Quill, Remy, Ginny and Madame Camille, and Remy

"Gotta run, guys...sorry!"
"Hey, Remy! You still gonna see us when you get back?"
"Kid, if Rogue gets home and finds that disc before I can get to it, the only thing I'm gonna be seeing is the ceiling of my intensive care unit!" ~ Gambit and Eugene, as Gambit runs off to help the X-Men save the day elsewhere

"By the way, Remy...Rogue came back early. She's upstairs in her room, broadcasting thoughts loud enough to give every telepath on the Eastern seaboard a migraine. She found your little surprise, and she's on her way to talk with you."
"Was she, uh, punching walls or anything like that? Imagining my head was the wall as she did?"
"I think this is really something between you and Rogue. After all, I'd hate to get a reputation for interfering in the relationships of my teammates..." ~ Emma Frost and Remy, upon their return to the mansion

"Hey Remy! I've got something for you! Here you go, Remy. That disk you wanted!" ~ Quill, handing over the coveted disk over to Gambit

>"But...but aren't you worried about Miss Frost or Miss Summers looking into our heads and finding out what we did?"
"Kid, you're fourteen years old, with the complexion of a deep-dish pizza, and the social skills of motel wallpaper. You got hormones coursing through your system dat give you an R-rated idea every 14.2 seconds. An' I'm guessing it's even more frequent whey you're around a couple of well-built ladies who're practically overflowin' out of their skintight spandex. Trust me, the last thing those two want is a peek inside your heads...don't sweat it too much, though. Bein' a nerd ain't gonna last forever. And after that, trust me, things are only goin' get better." ~ Eugene and Gambit

"Hey, sugah, you miss me? Thanks for those chocolates and the flowers, hon. How'd you get into mah room, anyhow? Ah din' even know you were gonna be here today."
"Oh...uh...you know me...I'm just full of surprises. Here ya go, babe. Kinda cold out here." [He places his coat over her shoulders.]
"What brings you back to the mansion today, Remy? I thought you had business in New Orleans."
"Aw, you know, babe...same old, same old." ~ Rogue and Gambit


Gambit #11

"So...new boyfriend, huh?"
" 'Movin' on,' huh?"
"That's right."
"Thief. Superpowers. Trench coat. And didn't I hear this guy used to be a super hero...a 'New "Warrior' or somethin'? Call that 'movin' on,' do ya?"
"Shut up, LeBeau." ~ Remy and Bella Donna, over coffee


Gambit #12

"I got news for you...I got no interest in runnin' the Guilds. But I ain't gonna stand by and let you run a scam on my ex-wife neither. That file on you...says you got a girlfriend, back in Chicago or wherever you're from, some poor girl from de New Warriors. Did you leave her when the money ran out? Or are you just cheatin'?"
"Shut up, LeBeau. What Bella don't know ain't gonna hurt her."
"Yeah, but what she does know...might knock your teeth out." ~ Remy, Bandit, and Belle, right before she punches Bandit

"Look after her, would ya, Camille? At least for a bit? Poor thing could really use a friend right now. Bella's got a bad habit of latchin' on to guys who end up breakin' her heart." ~ Remy, to Camille, about Belle


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