Fan Fiction

I started writing fanfic several years ago, after accidentally stumbling across the first two X-Treme X-Men trade paperbacks in Borders. I had been an avid fan of X-Men: The Animated Series when it was on TV, and this discovery renewed my interest in Marvel's genetically mutated super heroes. My muses began whispering in my ear, and a fanfic writer was born.

I'd just like to warn you that my first few works - Always in Mah Mind, Glass Slipper, and Ashes to Ashes - aren't my best. The ideas were there, but the writing needed work. I've considered going back to tinker with them, but have decided that they are what they my mind, they are complete. I still post them because I'm a sentimental fool.

I felt I had to mention this because I didn't want to scare any potential fans away with poor writing. So, please, read whatever you want, but keep in mind that those three are more "practice" fics. Enjoy.