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Alternate Universe

Possession - a story that takes place in a Lord of the Rings-type universe, chronicling the X-Men's struggle to maintain balance in the universe.

Chapter 5 in progress...

General X-Men

      Always in Mah Mind : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
            Summary - A three part story that includes fighting, romance, and more fighting...but that's what Rogue and Gambit                           are all about. It's pretty long, but worth the journey.
            When - Initially I intended for this to take place sometime after the X-Treme X-Men were formed, but I think it can                       stand on its own without my designating the particular series in which these events unfold.
            Additional Characters - Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee
            *Note - I've taken some liberties when it comes to who Rogue has absorbed...I hesitate to do this, but as the comics                         themselves are sometimes riddled with inconsistancies, I thought it would be ok. And I can always justify it by                           saying that we don't get to see Rogue's every move, so maybe she absorbed these people during battles we didn't                       witness.

     Ashes to Ashes : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
            Summary - Rogue hasn't had a headache for a while, but she's not feeling quite right...little does she know, she has a                       creature with a dark past lurking deep within her mind.
            When - This story takes place several months after Always in Mah Mind.
            Additional Characters - Wolverine, Phoenix Force, Jean Grey, Professor X, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Beast,                                     Nightcrawler
            *Note - If you are unfamiliar with the Phoenix Force, I recommend you visit my Absolute Power section. For more                             information, you may also want to go to Darkest Hour.



      So You Wanna Be an Acolyte
            Summary - In a Mary Sue that makes fun of Mary Sues, I try out to be a member of the X-Men: Evolution Acolytes
            When - Um...since I give my age as 24, this would've taken place around 2004 (when Evolution was still on TV).
            Additional Characters - None...just me an' the Acolytes

      A Day in the Life
            Summary - This is exactly what the title promises, a glimpse at a day in the life of the X-Men: Evolution Acolytes.
            When - Before Magneto is squashed by Apocalypse...whatever episode that was
            Additional Characters - Fluffy


X-Men: Evolution

If you are unfamiliar with X-Men: Evolution, I recommend you go to The Many Faces of Rogue and Gambit and check out the sections dealing with the Evolution versions of Rogue, Gambit, and Rogue and Gambit. For more information, you may also want to visit Beyond Evolution.

      Distressing Damsel
            Summary - All Rogue wants is to be left alone..but a few anti-mutant classmates decide to intrude upon her solitude and                   have some fun. What they don't realize is that another mutant is lurking in the shadows watching...
           When - This story is based on the X-Men: Evolution animated series. It takes place after "The Stuff of Villains" and                         before "Self Possessed."
            Additional Characters - Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Gambit, Shadowcat
           *Note - I tried to keep Gambit's accent (or lack thereof) consistent with the one he has in Evolution, so it's not as quite                     as strong as it is in my other stories.
           **Another Note - Just for the record, I wrote this before "Cajun Spice" it was instinct alone that led me to                       write about Gambit watching Rogue and expressing an interest in her powers. Perhaps this is a sign that my own                         mutant powers are finally emerging...(ha ha)

So Impossible - a continuing story that chronicles the beginning of Evolution Rogue and Gambit's relationship.


X-Treme X-Men

      Glass Slipper
            Summary - We've all seen how Rogue deals with her inability to touch others, and watched Gambit play the                                       understanding, patient boyfriend. But how does the ladies man deal with the fact that physical contact is out of the                   question in this relationship?
            When - This story takes place between the Destiny and Invasion story arcs. If you don't read X-Treme X-Men, you                           shouldn't have any problems following the story, but you might want to check out my Character Bios so you know                         who the newer characters are.
            Additional Characters - Sage, Bishop, Thunderbird, Storm, Lifeguard, Slipstream

           Summary - Rogue and Wolverine go on a quest for one of Destiny's Diaries...but is it worth the risk? Will their attempts                     to save others from the future curse them as well?
           When - This story takes place between the Schism and Intifada story arcs, and assumes that although Gambit and Rogue                   were injured during the Invasion arc, they did not lose their powers. If you don't read X-Treme X-Men, you                               shouldn't have any problems following the story, but you might want to check out my Character Bios so you know                         who the newer characters are.
           Additional Characters - Destiny, Gambit, Sage
            *Note: If you are unfamiliar with Destiny and her diaries, you may want to check out my Destiny's Diaries page.

      Annabel Lee
            *Rating Change - I'm going to err on the side of caution and give this a PG-13 rating for some sexual content, which is                     brief and tastefully done.
            Summary - Rogue and Gambit are living a "normal" life in California now that their powers have been negated...but are                     they as happy as they seem?
            When - This fanfic is supposed to take the place of X-Treme X-Men's my version of what I think should have                       been covered in that issue.
            Additional Characters - Bishop, Sage
            *Note - I assume that Rogue and Gambit did not sleep together in between Uncanny X-Men #348 and #349, despite the                   fact that their powers were turned off at the time. To hear my thoughts on the topic, visit my Random Rants section                     and read Did They or Didn't They?