The Many Faces of Rogue and Gambit

The X-Men have come a long way since the first comic was was easier back then - the mutants were few and there was only one title to read. These days there are growing numbers of companion series, cartoon series, and even movies. In an attempt to bring some order to the chaos, I've written descriptions of Rogue, Gambit, and Rogue and Gambit in their many forms.

Comics Rogue - This Rogue is the original, the "real" Rogue. She's a tough southern belle with a white streak in her hair (originally she had two streaks, but the artists changed it to one) and a whole lot of moxy. Little is known of her childhood, including her real name, and that which we do know has been learned through flashbacks. Her real parents didn't play big parts in her life (her father is said to have "run off," and her mother is absent as well), and she spent at least some of her childhood in the fictional Caldecott County, Mississippi. Her mutant powers emerged when she was 12-13 years old, when she shared a first kiss with her friend Cody, who was permanently comatose until his death in the first Rogue LS.

After that fateful kiss, Rogue went out on her own until Mystique approached her. Although it took some convincing, Rogue eventually joined Mystique, and became the daughter Mystique never had. She became a part of the evil Brotherhood of Mutants under Mystique's guidance, even battling the X-Men on several occasions. But when Rogue accidentally permanently absorbed the super heroine Ms. Marvel's strength, near invulnerability, and flying ability on a mission, she realized that Mystique would never be able to teach her how to control her she left her foster mother in search of the one mutant she hoped could help - Professor X.

The X-Men were wary of allowing an enemy to join their ranks, but Rogue proved herself on her first mission, where she sacrificed herself to save Wolverine. Mortally wounded, she tried to resist Logan's attempts to save her, but she was too weak to stop him from touching her and giving her his healing power...and her very own set of claws. It was the first time someone voluntarily gave their powers to Rogue.

Though she's sometimes haunted by the memories she absorbs (see Rogue and Gambit below), for the most part, her powers stay the same...until the day a female skrull on a mission touched Rogue in order to force her to absorb her memories. She was carrying important information she had been sent to give the X-Men, and touched Rogue as a last resort during a battle. But the skrull's fear of death and the urgency of the message caused her to amplify the absorption using her telepathic powers...hitting Rogue too hard. In the end, the skrull was successful, but Rogue had received more than just her memories and powers. Her mutation began to evolve, resulting in the random manifestation previously absorbed powers without warning. She had no control over these powers when they surfaced.

It is in this state that Rogue joined the X-Treme X-Men team. In a moment of desperation, she asked Sage to "jump start" her mutation so she could gain control over these random outbursts. Rogue was then able to battle an entire platoon of alien invaders practically on her own, using a variety of powers she had absorbed over the years.

One of the end results of this battle was Rogue's loss of her powers, which inspired her to go on hiatus from the X-Men to explore the possibility of a "real" relationship with Gambit (who had also lost his powers). However, she soon found herself once again involved in the affairs of her mutant teammates...and her absorption powers reemerged soon after. (*Note - Rogue no longer has the powers she absorbed from Ms. Marvel.)

Since then, Rogue has permanently absorbed Sunfire's flame powers, and is currently the leader of her own team: the Rapid Response Unit. She hand picked the members, including Iceman, Cannonball, and Mystique, who she claims to have chosen so she will be able to keep an eye on her foster-mother. (Lady Mastermind and Sabertooth eventually join this team as well.)

I have only just begun my exploration of the comics themselves (previously I was an avid fan of the original animated series), so I know I'm missing a ton of stuff. I have summarized the information above based on my own knowledge of the comics, which is rather limited. For more information on Rogue's history, I recommend checking out my Rogue and Gambit section (below) or the Rogue's Castle section of Southern Comfort. To see whose powers she's used since the skrull's touch, visit my Stolen Powers section.

Animation Rogue - X-Men: The Animated Series - This Rogue is pretty much the same as the comics Rogue. There are a few minor exceptions, like the fact that her father disowns her when her powers surface, and that she comes across Professor X accidentally when running away from Mystique and the brotherhood. But aside from a detail here and there, she's the real deal.

X-Men: Evolution - This Rogue has the same tough-girl persona and white streak in her hair, but there are some noticeable differences. Although she was adopted and raised by Irene Adler (aka Destiny) and Mystique (though Rogue was unaware of the role Mystique has played until she tells Rogue), she does not share comic Rogue's stint as a mutant terrorist, nor did she absorb Ms. Marvel's she only has her own power of absorption. This Rogue has a darker feel to her, from her spiked choker and gothic outfits, to her purple lipstick and matching eye shadow. Her powers surface at a high school party, when she accidentally bumps into a guy who has a crush on her. When the X-Men try to recruit her, Mystique fools her into believing that they're the bad guys...but Rogue learns the truth later on when she touches Mystique. Rogue decides to join the X-Men, and develops a crush on Scott Summers. Even though she's a part of the team, she has a tendency to feel like an outsider, and resents Jean Grey's popularity.

Near the end of season 3, all of the memories and powers that Rogue has absorbed begin surfacing randomly after she accidentally bumps into Mystique (disguised as a girl named Risty). Professor X had to exorcise these extraneous powers/memories, leaving her in an extremely vulnerable state.

Shortly thereafter, in "Dark Horizons - Part One & Two," Mystique (with the help of Mesmero, who has the ability to force others to unknowlingly do his will) makes her absorb the powers of all the mutants on the show, and subsequently uses them to wake the dreaded Apocalypse from his slumber. In the process, Mystique is turned to stone. When told that only her touch could return Mystique to flesh and blood, Rogue pushes her off a cliff, shattering her foster mother. At present time, Rogue is haunted by the numerous betrayals she has faced, and feelings of guilt that accompany the role she unwittingly played in the revival of Apocolypse and her decision to destroy Mystique.

In "Cajun Spice," Gambit whisks her away, or rather, kidnaps her, taking her to New Orleans, where she's given the opportunity to attone for the sins she's committed against her own adoptive mother, by helping Gambit find his adoptive father. While his intentions aren't exactly pure, she learns about his own troubled past, and gets to know a little bit about the man himself, which helps her overlook his deception...though she's none too happy with him at the episode's conclusion.

In "Ascension: Part 2," Rogue is the world's only hope to stop Apocalypse when the other mutant teams are unable to do so. She absorbs Leech's power and uses it to "turn off" Apocolypse's power, thus preventing him from causing everyone on Earth to become a mutant. She and Logan then trap him, and he disappears (it's implied that he went to the future). In the end of the episode, Professor X shares with his students some of the things he saw when he was in Apocalypse's mind, and we get to see a glimpse into future events. Future Rogue has a pretty cool outfit...and she flies in to join the team, which implies that she eventually permanently absorbs the ability to fly from someone, presumably Ms. Marvel, like in the comics.

For more information on Evolution Rogue, I recommend checking out Beyond Evolution.

Movie Rogue - There is much debate amongst X-Men fans over whether or not the Rogue in the movies is really Rogue. Many say that without her spunky personality, movie Rogue is nothing more than her powers. Like Evolution Rogue, this one's powers surface when she is in high school, but like comics Rogue, it occurs when she receives her first kiss (though her fellow kisser is only in a coma for 3 weeks). She runs away from home after said kiss, all the way to Canada, where she meets fellow mutant Wolverine. She is taken in by the X-Men when she and Logan are attacked by Sabertooth. After accidentally being stabbed by Logan and absorbing his healing powers to save her life, Rogue runs away from the Xavier Institute, and is kidnapped by Magneto. He uses her to power a device that will cause mutations in otherwise "normal" people...but the X-Men come in the nick of time. Wolverine touches her, voluntarily giving her his healing powers, and in the end she's no worse for wear other than the appearance of a white streak in her hair.

This Rogue has no history with Mystique or the bad guys, and we know her real name. As for her theory is that she is spunky, but because we meet her the day her powers surface (a traumatic experience to say the least), she becomes withdrawn almost immediately. Because we don't get to see this part of Rogue's life in the comics, who's to say she didn't react the same way...her personality only returning once she'd gotten used to being a mutant.

The second movie takes place 3 months after the first ended. This is pretty much the same Rogue, only a little tougher. She also has a boyfriend, which brings the whole "not being able to touch people" factor into play.

The third movie involves the possibility of a mutant idea that has tempted Rogue in both the comics and the original animated series. Unlike her other incarnations, movie Rogue decides to take the cure, partially due to the fear of losing her boyfriend, who seems to be spending a lot of cosy time with fellow X-Man Shadowcat.

To read my thoughts on movie Rogue, visit my X-Movies...and Beyond section.

Comics Gambit - Remy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, stolen from the hospital as a newborn by a member of the Thieves Guild, who wanted to add the unusual baby (with black scleras and red irises) to his collection. But the head of the guild, Jean-Luc LeBeau, was sickened by this idea, and secretly put events into motion that resulted in the removal of the boy from his imprisonment. Remy was raised on the streets, and "met" Jean-Luc when he tried to pick his pocket, at which point Jean-Luc formally adopted him. He grew to become one of the most accomplished thieves in the world by the time he reached adulthood.

As far as his powers go, I'm not sure we really know when they emerged, though it was presumably around early puberty, as that's when mutations generally show up in the world of the X-Men. Remy has the ability to change the potential energy of an object to kinetic energy, or "charge" the object so it will explode. His weapons of choice are playing cards, though he can charge pretty much anything...the bigger the object, the bigger the explosion, and the more effort it takes to charge. I should also mention that his eyes often glow red when he uses his powers. He may also have limited psionic abilities he uses to "charm" people, though whether or not this ability is the result of his mutation or not is unknown.

In an attempt to bring peace to the rival Thieves and Assassins Guilds, Jean-Luc arranged a marriage between his adopted son and the daughter of the head of the Assassins Guild, Bella Donna Boudreaux. Although Remy loved Belle, an ill-fated duel between him and her brother on their wedding day resulted in his banishment from the guild, and he left her behind so she wouldn't have to share in his dishonor.

Remy went into the world alone, making his way through life as a thief, until he was approached by the mutant known as Sinister. Sinister hired Remy to lead a group of mutants into the sewers and find the mutant group called the Morlocks. The pay was good, so Remy agreed to the terms, not realizing until it was too late that Sinister's intentions were well described by his name. Once inside the tunnels, the others in his group began killing the Morlocks, a massacre that haunted Remy for a long time. His only solace was the fact that he was able to save one little girl's life.

So how does a thief and hired killer become part of the X-Men? Easy - he's sponsored by someone who's already a member of the team. Remy came across Storm after she'd been turned into a little girl by the Shadow King. He looked after her and taught her the tricks of the when she was returned to her natural age, she returned the favor by getting him into the X-Men.

As a member of the X-Treme X-men, he was kidnapped for his powers, and used to open a portal to an alien ship. The resulting invasion was eventually foiled by the X-Treme Team. Although Gambit survived this ordeal, his powers were gone. He agreed to take a leave of absence from the X-Men to explore a "real" relationship with Rogue, but soon found himself fighting alongside his friends sans powers, until Sage "jump started" them at Rogue's request.

Shortly thereafter, the X-Treme Team returned to the mansion and were redistributed into new teams. During a battle, Gambit was accidentally blinded when a piece of one of his exploding cards blew up in his face. Understandably angry and frustrated at what he perceived as his own helplessness, Gambit needed to be led around for a while...he also began to see "visions" in his cards. Then Sage came in and helped him to see again (via one of her famous "jump starts").

And then Apocalypse showed up. For an as yet unknown reason, Gambit decided to join him, transforming into the horseman Death. He has since stated that he is still Gambit, and still loves Rogue, but has not relinquished the mantle of Death.

Like I mentioned before, the actual comics are new to me, and I skipped a big chunk of Gambit's history - a lot happens in between his joining the X-Men and becoming a member of the X-Treme X-Men - though I think I've included enough to give you a pretty good idea of who the Cajun named Remy LeBeau is. For more information on Gambit's history, I recommend checking out my Rogue and Gambit section (below), the history section of the Gambit Guild, or the biography section of Blue Tights: Men in Comics - Remy LeBeau.

Animation Gambit - X-Men: The Animated Series - As with Rogue, this Gambit is pretty much the same as comics Gambit, aside from a few minor details.

X-Men: Evolution - This Gambit is a member of Magneto's terrorist group, the Acolytes, along with Sabertooth, Colossus, Pyro, and Quicksilver. His whole look is a little different, with shorter hair and a scraggly little goatee, though his costume is relatively consistent with the comics one and he still wears his trademark coat now and then.

In the episode "Cajun Spice," we learn why playing cards are his weapon of choice ("It's like havin' 52 explosives tucked away in one little pocket"), and that he doesn't have the best relationship with his adoptive father, Jean-Luc, who has used him for his powers in the past. Gambit uses Rogue in the same manner, in order to gain information on the whereabouts of his father, but seems genuinely apologetic when she finds out...and gets very defensive when Jean-Luc sees her powers and makes a comment about them.

We also find out that he's been watching Rogue for some time (AH HA! I was right! For the record, I just want to say that I wrote Distressing Damsel before this episode, thank you very much).

For more information on Evolution Gambit, I recommend checking out Beyond Evolution.

Movie Gambit - Unfortunately, Gambit was nowhere to be found in the first movie, and though his name appeared briefly in the second (on a computer screen Mystique is working on), he was once again missing in the third. There are rumors that he'll have a part in the fourth movie, and there is much debate amongst fans over who should play everyone's favorite Cajun. No actor has signed on to play the role as of yet.

Comics Rogue and Gambit - This coupling of Rogue and Gambit takes the cake. Famous for exchanging sarcastic remarks and pushing each other away on a regular basis, this is one of the rockier relationships of the Marvel Universe.

When Gambit joined the X-Men, he flirted with all the women, though he eventually devoted all his efforts to Rogue. The couple went on two dates, both unexpectedly interrupted by circumstances beyond their control. Though it's unclear when Gambit's affections became more than harmless flirtations, Rogue later admitted that she knew she loved him the first time she set eyes on him.

Amongst other things, they eventually went on a successful date, where he treats Rogue very well, and Gambit was there for her when she temporarily lost her sight after being blinded by Strobe.

Though physical contact is all but out of the question since Rogue is unable to control her mutant powers, the two have kissed. Their first kiss occurred just before they both thought they were going to die. Hey, if you're gonna go, might as well go happy. But they didn't die. Gambit was in a coma for three weeks, and Rogue was left with guilt, and some of Gambit's darker memories that she couldn't decipher. Upset over these events, Rogue left the X-Men in search of answers, only to be followed by Gambit, who feared that she may have learned of his part in the Morlock Massacre.

Rogue eventually returned to the X-Men, even though she was still troubled by the memories she had absorbed, which were still a mystery to her.

Skipping ahead, Rogue, Gambit and a number of other mutants were captured by the evil "Nanny," who negated all of their powers and held them prisoner in Antarctica. Rogue and Gambit apparently took advantage of this brief stint without powers and "expressed their love physically" despite the fact that they shared a cell with others. Later, Gambit was put on trial for his role in the Morlock Massacre, where Rogue was forced to touch him, absorb his memories, and testify against him.

When they were released, Rogue left Gambit behind to fend for himself, unable to deal with his horrific past. She changed her mind, and returned to Antarctica several times to search for him, but it was all for naught. Gambit managed to survive thanks to what is referred to as "the green mist," and returned to the X-Men. Initially he was still pretty darn annoyed about the whole abandonnment thing, but eventually admitted that it was the self-loathing she had absorbed from him that made her leave him there.

Skipping ahead a bit further, just when it seemed like things were getting back on track with the couple, there was an attack on the mansion and Rogue was killed...her dying words to Gambit were that it never would've worked between them. Of course, this was all a clever ploy set up by Professor X to test loyalties. Rogue was very much alive, but now she and Gambit had to deal with what she had said to him when she thought she was dying.

And now, for the most recent events. Storm created the X-Treme X-Men team to search for Destiny's Diaries, a collection of works said to contain information about the future. Rogue was ready and willing to become a member, but wouldn't allow Gambit to join - she wanted him to keep his distance because her powers were out of control (she had been touched by the skrull), and she didn't want to hurt him. So she and Gambit parted ways...until he was in the news as a murder suspect, at which point Rogue draged the X-Treme team to Australia so they could help him prove his innocence.

They were successful, and Gambit became part of the team. But dark clouds were looming on the horizon. Shortly thereafter, Gambit was kidnapped, and forced to use his powers to open a portal to another world. The resulting alien invasion was prevented by the X-Treme team, though Rogue's major concern was Gambit's safety, and not the fate of the world.

The battle won, several X-Men, including Rogue and Gambit, were taken to the hospital, badly wounded. Gambit was dying, but Rogue wasn't about to let that happen, so her soul chased his and refused to let him escape into the afterlife. They both survived the ordeal, but the price they paid was the loss of their powers.

Although it appeared that Gambit blamed Rogue for his condition (he had wanted to die in a state of grace), he seemed to forgive her, and the two left the X-Treme team to go "figure things out." It was not long, however, before the couple found themselves helping their former teammates, even though their powers had yet to return. Not long after unofficially rejoining the team, Rogue talked Sage into "jump-starting" Gambit's powers, and Rogue's powers reemerged on their own. (*Note - Rogue no longer has the powers she absorbed from Ms. Marvel.)

Upon returning to the X-Mansion, the team was redistributed, and Remy was blinded during a battle when Rogue accidentally caused a card he had charged to explode in his face. Angry and frustrated at the idea of having to be led around, he argued with Rogue, pushing her away.

Once his sight returned (thanks to Sage, yet again), there was more turmoil in store for the couple. First, Golgotha messed with everyone's heads (causing Rogue to kiss Logan), then the new student Foxx tried to seduce Gambit, who rebuffed her advances. Foxx eventually revealed that she was actually Mystique, morphed into Rogue's form, and tried to seduce him again, with the same result. Trying to spare Rogue's feelings, Gambit kept Foxx's true identity from her, but she eventually found out and was furious that he didn't tell her the which point Mystique introduced her friend Pulse to Rogue, trying to convince her that he's the perfect guy for her. Both Rogue and Gambit told her to butt out and mind her own business.

And then, just when things looked like they couldn't get any worse, Apocalypse showed up. Gambit decided to join him and was transformed into his horsemen, Death. While Rogue was horrified by this act, she has stated that Gambit simply made a mistake, and would come back to the X-Men. For Gambit's part, despite trying to rid himself of "the greatest attachment to his old self," he has told Apocalypse that he is still Gambit, and still loves Rogue.

I know you've heard this before, but I want to state once again that this summary is incomplete. I have left out a number of details, including other relationships, though I think I did a pretty decent job of summarizing their relationship. For a more complete description of the adventures of Rouge and Gambit, I recommend the Rogue's Castle section of Southern Comfort or the Remy and Rogue Timeline section of The Joker and The Queen. You also may want to peruse my Essential Rogue and Gambit and Kiss and Tell sections.

Animation Rogue and Gambit - X-Men: The Animated Series - From what I can remember (it's been a while since I've seen the beginning of the series), this Rogue and Gambit's relationship starts as a casual dating type thing, and becomes true love. I know they end up being an official couple further in the series, I'm just not sure if they start out that way.

X-Men: Evolution - This Rogue and Gambit don't have much of a fact, they've only came across each other three times thus far. During their first meeting, Rogue tried to sneak up on Gambit, only to find him waiting for her. He handed her a glowing "king of hearts" as she stared into his eyes...she watched him back away, seemingly mesmerized, realizing almost too late that the card he gave her was going to explode. Not to worry, she quickly threw it away and escaped the blast.

Their second meeting occurred when Rogue bumped into Gambit at school. She gave him attitude, and he called her "cherie."

In "Dark Horizons - Part One," when Rogue (under Mesmero's spell) approached Gambit to absorb his powers, he called her "cherie" again, and held his own against her for longer than any other mutant she stole powers from. When she finally got the best of him, she absorbed him with a kiss.

The episode "Cajun Spice" focuses on them, where Gambit kidnaps Rogue and takes her to New Orleans. Though he claims he's done so because he thinks she needs a break from what's been going on in her life (i.e. the whole Apocolypse thing, pushing Mystique off a cliff), she later learns that he needs her powers to discover where his adoptive father is being held captive. Faced with yet another betrayal, Rogue seemingly abandons Gambit to complete the rescue on his own, but she returns shortly thereafter to aid in their escape, because although he did the wrong thing it was "for the right reasons." Later, when the X-Men catch up with Rogue, Gambit, and Gambit's father, Rogue convinces Logan not to slice Gambit up into little bits. She's still annoyed, but Gambit reminds her that she'll always have people watching over her, squeezes her hand, and slips her his Queen of Hearts - the card he earlier called his "lucky lady," explaining that "she's gotten me outta a whole lotta jams."

At the end of "Ascension: Part 2," the last episode of season 4, we get a peek into the future...the final shot is a family portrait-type picture of the members of the X-Men, and includes Gambit standing next to Rogue, with his arm around her.

Could this be the beginning of their famous relationship? We can only hope.

For more information on the animated version of the couple, stop by my Essential Rogue and Gambit and Kiss and Tell sections, or take a trip to Beyond Evolution.


Movie Rogue and Gambit - Well, since there's no Gambit in the movies, there's obviously no Rogue and Gambit. As of X2, Rogue was dating Iceman...but if Gambit shows up in the fourth movie, the possibilities are endless...

*Note - I have scanned all images appearing on this page, except for X-Men: Evolution images, which I obtained from Beyond Evolution, and movie images, which I obtained from the Yahoo X-Men Films Group, and am using without permission. If you wish to use any of my images, please ask first.