Destiny's Diaries

Irene Adler's mutant power surfaced when she was 13 years old. The future became an open book she was destined to write...and though she did not understand many of the images or languages she birthed with her pen, she continued writing. Her works spanned multiple volumes, her visions revealed a myriad of futures. But her gift came with a price - she was physically blind.

In an attempt to identify the most desirable future, and make sure that future would be the true one, Irene, now known as Destiny, spent the rest of her life struggling against impossible odds, aided by longtime friend and companion, Mystique. But as difficult as it was to change one person's fate, it was infinitely more so to control the fates of all those that inhabit the world.

There are those who say that this quest to alter the future destroyed both women's lives.


To my knowledge, Uncanny X-Men #389 is the first time Rogue actually sees one of the diaries.

After reading a letter from Kitty Pryde (who has disappeared), Rogue convinces Logan to help her look through Kitty's room. Their search uncovers "Irene Adler's Diary of Destiny - Volume Seven." They open the diary to find drawings depicting that very moment...of them discovering the diary.


As they read on, they bore witness to events happening at the same time in the Federal Correctional Facility on Long Island, involving Gambit, Storm, and an injured Mystique.

*Note - Just in case you can't read the print from the images, I typed up the conversations and included them next to the corresponding picture. Also, be aware that you're getting only bits and pieces of the conversation, as I've only scanned images directly from the diary.


Storm: "We have the cure to the Legacy Virus, witch, you will do no harm here."

Mystique: "How delicious, you heroes have no conception of what you're dealing with..."

Mystique: "...Brava wind-rider, you're paying attention. When Irene turned thirteen her power of precognition catalyzed. She started auto-writing, transcribing as best she could the visions cascading through her head..."


Mystique: "...there are thirteen volumes. Irene and I have spent the best part of our lives together trying to decipher her entries...Unfortunately, as your mentor Charles Xavier will doubtless discover, it isn't easy...Some entries are in code, others in foreign languages, and over time more than half the volumes have disappeared...Everything we could interpret pointed to a future of unparalleled darkness, of devistation and death for mutantkind...As Destiny, Irene foresaw her own death. In service of the greater good, she did nothing to avoid it, and in the end, what did we accomplish?"


Faced with the knowledge that there's more than one volume of Destiny's Diary, and aware of what those volumes predict, the X-Men decide something must be done.

The X-Treme X-Men team was formed for the sole purpose of locating the 13 volumes of Destiny's diaries, called the Libris Veritatus, or books of truth. Storm organized the team, which has included Beast, Psylocke, Thunderbird, Sage, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Lifeguard, and Slipstream, though membership varies depending on the issue.


This page is an excerpt from the volume Mystique gave Professor X, the only volume in the X-Treme X-Men's possession.


This page belongs to an as yet undiscovered volume. It was revealed to Bishop by Psyclocke while he was in an altered state of consciousness. The figure depicted is Gambit.


These quotes are from one of the diaries, but the comics don't indicate which volume.


This page is an excerpt from the volume in Vargas's possession, which predicts that he will die by Rogue's hand. As a result, he hunts Rogue down in an attempt to finish her off before she has a chance to kill him. As we don't get to see the final moments of their battle, Vargas's present condition is questionable. (*Note - He is alive and working with the X-Men in X-Men: The End.)


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