Destiny's Diaries Continued

Just when you thought you were safe to read a new series in peace, Destiny's Diaries pop up again. Apparently, the plot of X-Men: The End follows one of Destiny's premonitions. Shadowcat has the volume in her possession, but whether or not this is the same one from Uncanny X-Men #389 is anyone's guess. It portrays one of many possible the question is, "Are the writers trying to tell us that this is the future?" In a genre that allows for innumerable alternate universes and near immortality (how many times has Jean come back from the dead? Logan? Magnito?), it's hard to tell. Suffice it to say that this is one of the roads the X-Men may someday follow...


X-Men: The End, Book 1 #1 begins with this quote from Destiny's Diaries. It's the same extract as the one mentioned in X-treme X-Men.


This is the last page of Book 2 #3

"A century and a half ago, a woman named Irene Adler manifested the mutant power of precognition. Over a span of thirteen months, she wrote a diary of the future that was later compiled into thirteen volumes she called the Libris Veritatus...

...the books of truth. Trouble with time is, it's fluid. What looks immutable one day can change the next.

So these prophecies aren't so much a roadmap as a catalogue of near-infinite possibilities. The trick, of course, is trying to figure out which are bogus and which are gospel. Irene spent a lifetime trying to figure that out, and was driven mad for her trouble.

She wasn't the last."



These pages are close-ups of the ones that end Book 2 #3. They appear on the first page of Book 2 #4.

Is this the last we'll hear of Destiny's Diaries? Only time will tell...