Some basic info on your Cold Hands, Warm Cards webmistress...

Vital Statistics
Real name - Unrevealed
Aliases - Ariadne Quinn, Ariadne_Quinn, ariadnequinn, Ariadne, Kellerchik
Age - 29
Sex - Female
Location - Northern New Jersey, U.S.A.
Occupation - High School Science Teacher (Biology, Astronomy, Earth Science)

Comics Thoughts
Favorite X-Men - Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Phoenix Force, Dark Phoenix, Sage
Favorite X-Men Writers - Chris Claremont (if only because he created Rogue and Gambit...and Dark Phoenix)
Favorite X-Men Artists - Joe Madureira, Jim Lee
Least Favorite X-Men - Cyclops, Iceman, Emma Frost
Least Favorite X-Men Writers - Too many to list
Least Favorite X-Men Artist - Igor Kordy
Rogue Revealing Her "Real Name" - The one that just happens to be the same as the actress who plays her in the movies? Don't       even go there.
Worst Pairing - Cyclops and Emma Frost. Ick.
Dumbest Villain Ever - Cassandra Nova

Animation Thoughts
X-Men: The Animated Series or X-Men: Evolution? - Both, for different reasons
Favorite X-Men: The Animated Series Episodes - From what I can remember, "A Rogue's Tale" and the whole "Phoenix/Dark           Phoenix Saga"
Favorite X-Men: Evolution Episodes - "Self Possessed," "Cajun Spice"
Rogue as a Lonely Goth Girl? - Absolutely. I love it.

Movie Thoughts
Is Movie Rogue Really Consistent With Comics Rogue? - *sigh* It's an issue too complex to answer here.
How Rogue Got Her White Stripe - Despite others' objections to it, I thought it was pretty cool.
Favorite Rogue Attire - Her green hooded cloak/coat. Beautiful. Anyone know where I can get one?
Rogue's Friendship With Wolverine - I thought this was consistent with the comics (minus the crush).
Rogue's Romance With Iceman - Ugh. So gross.
Rogue's Acceptance of a Cure - Disappointing, but not inconsistent with the comics, where Rogue decides not to allow a                 scientist to "cure" her only because she needs her super-strength to destroy his "mutant cure machine." She fears it could be     used to "cure" mutants against their wills, and she refuses to allow that.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
Most Unique Piece of X-Men Merchandise Owned - A Rogue and Gambit light switch plate (To view it, click here)
X-Men I Can Most Relate To - Rogue, Wolverine
In the winter - Fingerless gloves, of course.


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