Essential Rogue and Gambit - Rogue Series

The following issues are from the first Rogue Series - a four issue limited series - and the third Rogue (Ongoing?) Series. I have not included her second limited series because, from what I've read, it is chock full of continuity errors (the series was written in an attempt to make both comics fans and movie fans happy, and in the process, ended up not being able to fit into either).

Rogue Limited Series 1995

Issue - Rogue #1
Summary - Rogue has made plans to visit Cody (the first boy she ever kissed, who fell into a permanent coma), an annual event, but hasn't told Remy about the trip. She finally explains the situation to him, but declines his offer to come along. Meanwhile, down in New Orleans, Bella Donna (Remy's ex-wife) runs into Candra (an External who gives the Assassins special powers) while visiting her father's grave. Although her father came to call Candra an enemy, her comments about Gambit and Rogue intrigue Belle. After proving herself worthy to lead the Assassins Guild, Belle puts her as-yet unrevealed plan into action. As Rogue packs to leave, Gambit asks for a kiss, which causes a minor argument...but all is seemingly forgiven right before she flies out the window. When she arrives in Mississippi, she finds Cody's room empty, and is attacked. Willing to take a beating for Cody's sake, Rogue is then faced with a telepathic version of Belle, claiming that Cody is now hers, and Gambit will be next, as payback for what Rogue did to her (when watching over a comatose Belle in the Gambit LS, Rogue accidentally brushed against her and absorbed her memories...Belle says that she "stole" her memories). Back at the Mansion, Remy jumps on his bike, intent on following Rogue...but one of Belle's spies is hiding in the shadows, ready to report his movements to his leader...
Significance - Even though Gambit arrives at the bar right on time to "save" Rogue from the skeevy guys hitting on her outside a bar, she doesn't let him have all the fun. Though a couple of charged cards are enough to make the guys run away, Rogue has no problem chasing after them and teaching them a bit of a lesson herself. I love that about her. There's also a cute bit in Rogue's room right before she leaves complete with flirting.


Issue - Rogue #2
Summary - Tante Mattie (the spiritual healer of both the Thieves and Assassins Guilds) argues with Belle about holding Cody hostage...she is convinced that he will die if he's not returned to the hospital, and because he really has nothing to do with the situation at hand, she tries to convince Belle to let him go. Belle refuses, and Tante Mattie storms off. Using her waning powers, Tante contacts Rogue, who has briefly stopped by a stream to rest because she is exhausted. She tells her not to worry about Cody - she'll take care of him - but instead find Gambit before Belle gets her hands on him...meanwhile, Belle and Candra meet to discuss the "terms" of their renewed partnership, which apparently include Belle delivering Gambit to Candra...once she's done with him, of course. Right about then, on his way to find Rogue, Gambit is jumped by a group of the Assassins Guild's most dangerous killers, led by Belle's right hand man, Gris-Gris. Rogue (as guided by Tante Mattie) arrives just in time to help him fight off the assassins, who disappear into the smoke left behind by an explosion. That night, Rogue explains what has happened as she and Remy cuddle by a campfire. After asking him not to get involved, she steals away in the night while he's asleep. When she arrives in the French Quarter, she goes looking for Belle and her assassins, but they find her easily enough....
Significance - When Remy stops at a gas station to fill up his bike, he second guesses himself following her because he knows that she can take care of herself. It's great to see a man understand that not all women in trouble are damsels in distress...there are so few who are privy to this fact. There's also some cuddling and sweetness exchanged by the campfire, which is always a good thing. Despite Rogue's insistence that he stay away, I think he is justified in following her once he learns that Belle is involved. He's absolutely right - if his ex-wife is after Rogue, than it is his business.


Issue - Rogue #3
Summary - As Rogue fights a large group of assassins (complete with special powers thanks to Candra), Candra and Belle discuss what's going on - apparently the plan is to kidnap Gambit before Rogue gets to Belle's house. Which brings us to an area right outside the Crescent City, where Remy is stopped by his cousin, who warns him to turn back before it's too late. Of course, Remy isn't one to let a little thing like a contract against his life keep him from helping Rogue. Within minutes of arriving in the warehouse district, he is kidnapped. After beating the group of assassins, Rogue makes her way to Belle's mansion, where she is forced to face off against members of the inner circle of the Guild before she's confronted by Candra. Candra takes her to the room where Cody, Tante Mattie, and Remy (all unconscious) are being held captive. Belle jumps out, ready to attack Rogue, but Candra has other plans...she takes both women's powers to make things "more interesting." After attempting to strike Rogue several times, Belle picks up a dagger and stabs her...
Significance - As Rogue fights different members of the Guild in Belle's house, she is faced with a shapeshifter who takes on Gambit's form. Of course, Rogue doesn't buy it for a second...she knows Gambit better than anyone. And let us not forget the heroics of a thief who knows that he's got a whole lot of trained assassins ready and willing to serve him up on a platter...


Issue - Rogue #4
Summary - When Rogue stumbles into the shadows to bandage her arm, Belle attacks Candra for taking away her powers and making a "game" of her revenge. Candra pretty much laughs at Belle and tells her that if she kills Rogue, perhaps things could go back to the way they were...Belle says she will kill her, but for her own reasons, not for Candra's amusement. Candra warns her that their powers were only taken temporarily, so Belle better kill Rogue soon. Belle finds Rogue and they fight some more - between the punches, Belle blames Rogue for absorbing all her happiness, leaving her with nothing but hate. Rogue tells her that her powers don't work that way, and whatever hate that exists within her is her own responsibility. Elsewhere in the mansion, Candra awakens Gambit and taunts him. He distracts her as he picks the lock around his restraints and attacks Candra, only to find himself trapped in her telekinetic grip. That's when Rogue shows up and orders Candra to let Remy go. In response, she uses her telekinetic grip to send Cody flying high above the estate. Rogue runs off the balcony to save him, realizing almost too late that her powers haven't fully returned...Candra then forces Rogue and Gambit to stand face to face with her grip, giving Rogue a choice - she can either let Candra take her powers away permanently so she can have a "normal" life with Remy, or she can keep them and save Cody, who is going to die anyway. Using her rapidly returning powers, Rogue breaks Candra's telekinetic grip, knocking the External out, which releases both Remy and Cody from her grip as well. She manages to catch Cody, but he is too close to death to truly save. Tante Mattie helps Rogue into his mind so she can make peace with him...he tells her that it wasn't her fault and that she needs to leave her past behind her. Then he goes into the light...and dies.
Significance - Remy risks his life to save Cody (when he attacks Candra, it's after he's very nicely asked her to let the ailing man go)...a move he might have considered for any innocent party, but one that he went through with because this man means a lot to Rogue. And though it's not mentioned in the series, I'm sure he has no problem with Rogue choosing to save Cody over having her powers taken away permanently to be with him. Because it's the right thing to do.

Rogue Series 2004-2005

Issue - Rogue #1
Summary - Havok's team (composed of Polaris, Juggernaut, Iceman, Rogue, and Gambit - who is currently blind and doesn't come on this assignment) heads down to Dodson, Mississippi to investigate mutant activity. They come across a frightened young girl who appears to have the ability to alter reality...a dangerous power she is apparently unable to control. After some difficulties, Rogue eventually manages to get close to the girl and calm her down. The rest of the team decides to take the girl back to the mansion so they can do some tests on her, while Rogue stays behind in an attempt to contact the girl's family. Rogue is unsuccessful in learning anything about the girl...but she does bump into a handsome stranger named Campbell who claims an acquaintance with her own family. She listens to him in disbelief until he produces a photograph of her mother. Aggravated when he walks away from her, she sneaks up on him and touches him with her bare hand in an attempt to absorb information...but nothing happens.
Significance - Before the adventure in Mississippi begins, Rogue spends some time with Remy. Between not being able to touch Gambit, and his not being able to see, she feels like their relationship is hanging by a thread, a thought she keeps to herself. But as she leads them around the grounds, he accidentally touches her, and she learns how much he hates depending on her. And knowing this hurts her deeply. Later on, when Rogue volunteers to stay in Mississippi to find the mysterious girl's family, she wonders if part of the reason she wants to stay has to do with her reluctance to see Remy.


Issue - Rogue #2
Summary - Rogue decides to go home so she can find out who this Campbell guy is and why he has a picture of her mother...but when she gets there, she learns that her father is long gone. Only her aunt, her mother's sister who helped raise her, remains, and she has grown old and bitter since Rogue ran away years ago. When the aunt refuses to answer any of her questions, Rogue absorbs her, and learns what "truth" there is to know about her mother via her aunt's memories. When her aunt recovers from her niece's touch, she chases Rogue out of the house, at which point Rogue notices a suspicious figure hiding behind the tree. When Rogue grabs her arm, she's shocked to discover that the person spying on her is her! Of course, Campbell is lurking nearby, watching events unfold. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the mysterious little girl disappears right before Beast and Havok, who forget about her as soon as she's gone.
Significance - I wonder if one of the reasons Rogue decides to stay is that she's still looking for excuses not to go back and face Remy. There was a bit of a debate amongst Rogue fans about whether or not this Campbell character, who thus far appears to be little more than a blonde version of Remy, was going to cause more trouble for Rogue and Remy's relationship.


Issue - Rogue #3
Summary - Rogue's "twin" runs away from Rogue, at which point Campbell approaches her. He takes her to the "Shaman" that was involved in her mother's disappearance, an elderly Native American currently hospitalized and in a coma. Giving in to Campbell's prodding, she decides to absorb him, and learns the terrible truth of her parents' fate - her father was a rich hippie-type who hired this man to help him and his friend get to Far Banks, a dream world. Although the Shaman is really just an old, alcoholic con man, he actually tries to fulfill their wishes...but the young men decide to drug their women for the trip, something that Rogue's mother realizes just as they are reaching an altered state. In her fury, she is able to control the spirits, whom she sicks on the men before leaving for Far Banks on her own, slamming the door shut behind her. She was never seen again. As Rogue recovers from these borrowed memories, spirits begin to attack the hospital. She fights them off the best she can, once again running into her twin in the process. By the end of the battle, both Campbell and her twin have disappeared...and the Shaman is dead.
Significance - Rogue is not a big fan of Campbell, but sticks with him because she thinks he's the key to her past...and even though she doesn't like him, the fact that she can touch him intrigues her a little. The thought is a fleeting one, but since her powers have only recently returned, the memory of skin-on-skin contact is still fresh. She yearns to be able to do that again, but not with him. Or so she says.


Issue - Rogue #4
Summary - Gambit tries to convince Havok (and Icemen) to go back to Mississippi, but Havok refuses, saying that if Rogue wanted to come back, she would've called. Determined to bring her home, Remy goes off on his own (despite his blindness), hitching rides by charming person after person. He calls Rogue on the way, who makes him promise to stay where he is, not knowing that he's already reached the border of Caldecott County. As soon as she hangs up the phone, the spirits are back, attacking people on the street. Once again, Rogue tries to fight them off, and this time her twin decides to help, disappearing around a corner with the spirits in hot pursuit. When Rogue returns to her motel room, Campbell is ready and waiting. They begin to argue, and Rogue tells him not to touch her or she'll hurt him...and Remy walks through the open door just as Campbell leans forward to kiss her.
Significance - Awww, isn't that sweet? Gambit's worried about Rogue. So what if he can't see? He's going to go down there and get her. Period. Even though she's asked him to stay out of it. Which, I guess, could be seen as invading her privacy. But come on...he's just trying to help.


Issue - Rogue #5
Summary - Although Gambit can't see, he senses that someone else is in Rogue's motel room with them, and thinks that this other guys is why she wanted him to stay away. Campbell doesn't help things by antagonizing Gambit, who blindly takes a swing at him, but hits Rogue instead. Devastated by hurting her, Gambit runs off, banging into doorways and parked cars, before narrowly missing getting run over and tumbling down a hill. In the process, his blindfold falls off, and he opens his eyes only to discover Rogue's twin standing before him. Thinking that she is the real Rogue, and overjoyed at being able to see again, he is horrified when the spirits return and try to attack her. The twin tells him to stay out of it, but he chases after her and the spirits, accidentally running into a tree in the process (he is apparently unable to see anything around him except the twin and the spirits). The spirits drag her through some kind of interdimensional hole, which begins to close behind them...until Gambit blows it open with a charged card and follows. Meanwhile, Rogue is too dizzy and disoriented to go after Remy. Bandaging her head, Campbell finally reveals his own origins - he's a mutant dream, created when his mutant mother literally dreamed him into existence. He has the ability to travel into other people's dreams, and can control the "spirits" she's been fighting to an extent (he actually created the little girl they X-Men rescued in Rogue #1 out of the spirits in order to lure Rogue there, which explains both why she disappeared, and why no one really remembers her...she was just a dream). He goes on to explain that her twin is really the dream version of her that her mother created in Far Banks...but just like the real Rogue, her twin wanted more out of life, so she ran away to the real world. Her mother was so angry that she sent the dream spirits after her...and when they appeared before real people, the people's fears made them cause damage. So Campbell needed to get Rogue down there to stop it. Now, with a concussion, she's in the ideal condition to cross over to Far Banks and face her mother...
Significance - Obviously Gambit didn't mean to hit as far as I'm concerned, he's forgiven. He's certainly ready and willing to make it up to her, though he ends up trying to protect the wrong girl. And Rogue doesn't seem to hold his ill-placed punch against him - she was all about going after him, but was unable to do so. As for Campbell, we finally find out why she finds him so attractive - because he's a dream himself, he's susceptible to suggestions (even those of the unconscious variety), so he became what Rogue subconsciously wanted (which might also explain his resemblance to Gambit).


Issue - Rogue #6
Summary - In Far Banks, Gambit can see everything (because it's a dream - as Rogue's twin explains, what he's seeing aren't things in front of his eyes, they're behind them). He follows the twin home, where her mama is hoppin' mad. She screams at the twin for running away from the perfect world she created for her, only to return with Creole trash, and threatens to kill Gambit. Gambit decides that if she's going to be mad at him, he might as well give her a reason, and kisses the twin. Just then Rogue and Campbell arrive (he took her to her mother via the scenic route). Gambit can hear her, but can't see her - again, she's real while everything else is a dream. Rogue's twin tries to convince Gambit to stay with her...claiming that she's the "perfect" version of Rogue, without any faults, one who he can see and touch...but he declines, stating that a man needs a real woman, flaws and all. Meanwhile, Rogue's mom is overwhelmed with joy at being able to see her real daughter and turns on her twin, saying that she was never real, and prepares to "unmake" her. Rogue comes up with a better solution - she offers her twin an out by suggesting that she let her absorb her, become part of her, so she can be part of the real world. The twin agrees, and all seems right with the world as Rogue introduces Gambit to her mother properly...but Rogue realizes that if Gambit can see her, she must be a dream too. Her mother disappears then, and Campbell hypothesizes that she had died years ago, but her dream had been so strong that it kept going without her. Rogue brings Remy back to the real world (they wake up next to each other on the side of the road), then goes to make things right with her real mom - the aunt who raised her.
Significance - This is a theme that seems to come up again and again in Rogue and Gambit's stormy romance - one or the other is faced with someone they could have a physical relationship with, and they have to make a choice. There was Rogue and Joseph (which was never really romantic despite what others might say), Rogue and Colossus (again, she wasn't particularly tempted), and now Rogue and Campbell. As for Gambit, he has his lovely ex-wife, Rogue's twin, and more recently Mystique's seductive invention, Foxx. And time and again, both turn down the romantic overtures of others without much of a thought. They are truly devoted to each other. Sure, they have their problems, but they are simply meant to be...


Issue - Rogue #12
Summary - Interestingly enough, this is the only issue of the second story arc that includes Gambit at all...which means I have a lot of summarizing to do. Long story short - Rogue is lured to Japan after a picture of her, Sunfire, and Mystique appears on the news (one that she doesn't remember being taken). Upon arriving, she decides to team up with Sunfire to figure out who is trying to set them both up. In the process, we find out that Sunfire's cousin, the bad-guy-turned-good Silver Samurai, and Lady Deathstrike are involved...but the person pulling the strings is a mysterious woman named Blindspot. Apparently, way back when Rogue was working with Mystique and Destiny, Blindspot was an who knew Mystique was trying to get rid of her. After their last attempted heist together, which also included Sunfire, she used her mutant power to "steal" all their memories of her. Several confrontations occur, one of which results in Lady Deathstrike cutting off Sunfire's legs...then saving his life. In a last ditch attempt to save them all, and at Sunfire's insistence, Rogue leans over to absorb him (just a little, so she won't kill him), but Blindspot forces Rogue to touch him much longer than she intended. Rogue, with Sunfire's personality chases Lady Deathstrike and is in the middle of finishing her off when the X-Men show up. They've apparently been worried about her (her cell phone has been off...and when they checked her location, they found out she was in Japan). But instead of welcoming her friends with open arms, she attacks them. Blindspot has taken all her memories of being an Rogue thinks she's 17, still part of Mystique's Brotherhoold of Evil Mutants...and so, the X-Men are the enemy. She absorbs a few and uses their own powers against them despite their pleas for her to stop. She and Blindspot finally make a getaway, but as the other woman talks of the adventures they'll go on together, Rogue starts to get a feeling that something isn't quite right. She realizes that the X-Men were telling her the truth - she is one of them - and that Blindspot has messed with her head. She insists that Blindspot undo whatever it was she which point her friend admits how lonely she's been, and that the only friend she ever really had was Rogue. Despite trying to convince Rogue that she's better off not remembering the "brainwashing" Xavier and his group exposed her to, Rogue insists that she return all her memories, so she can make her own decision. Rogue returns to the X-Men (of course), who are ready to fight her, but tells them that she's back to normal...except for the fact that it appears she's permanently absorbed Sunfire's powers...
Significance - When Rogue is fighting the X-Men, the only one who she listens to at all is Remy. He calls her by her "real name" (why he calls her "Marie" when her name is "Anna Marie," and he usually calls her "Anna," I don't know), something that this Rogue (affected by Blindspot) doesn't understand, since she's never told anyone her name. He tells her that she loves him, and refuses to fight her. She starts to "feel things" and Gambit tries to convince her to listen to her heart...later, when Blindspot admits to stealing Rogue's memories, the thing that pushes her over the edge is the idea that she may actually love Remy, but can't remember him.


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