Essential Rogue and Gambit - Miscellaneous

The following comics are taken from several different series, and don't really fall under any of my other categories, so I thought I'd lump them all together here (in the order in which they were published).

Issue - X-Men Annual 1997
Summary - Iceman has to fight off admirers with a stick due to the popularity of the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit share a kiss with no side effects, Beast finds a cure to the Legacy Virus, Cyclops walks around without ruby-quartz lenses, and everyone thinks life is great...except Joseph. (Note - Joseph is a clone of Magnito in his 20's with no memories of his previous life). He knows there's something not quite right about this utopia, but can't quite put his finger on it until he sees a photograph of the original X-Men and notices the absence of Jean Grey. When he tries to convince his teammates that there's something terribly wrong, they all pretty much think he's nuts - of course Rogue can touch people, of course Cyclops has control over his optic blasts...and who the heck is Jean Grey? Because of their close relationship, Joseph is able to convince Rogue that something is wrong, and through her Gambit, and the three of them use Cerebro to locate a mutant that fits Jean's profile, who happens to be in town. Meanwhile, Jean wakes up to find herself a prisoner of the Gamemaster on the astral plane. The trio finds Jean, and though Rogue and Gambit still don't remember her, they fight the Gamemaster to set her free, while Jean fights him on the astral plane. They succeed, Jean escapes, and everything goes back to normal. It turns out that the Gamemaster had decided to create a reality in which the X-Men got everything they desired, acceptance, control over their powers, etc., but had to eliminate the powerful telepath Jean in order to accomplish this.
Significance - Rogue and Gambit kiss, of course! They flirt, they kiss, it's great! Too bad it can't last...but other than the physical contact, their relationship and behavior is pretty much what it always is, which is to say, they act like a couple.


Issue - What If #98
Summary - This issue answers the question, what if Rogue and Nightcrawler were raised together? The main story is a flashback sandwiched between the present, where Mystique is preparing to scatter Destiny's ashes. We see how Mystique comes across a tough, but frightened, young Rogue in the woods and convinces her to come with her. Mystique brings her back to her mansion where she and Destiny reside. During the exploration of her new home, Rogue breaks into the locked attic and finds Nightcrawler, who is named Michael here. They become friends, growing up side by side, but Mystique becomes concerned with their possible romantic involvement, and forbids Rogue to see him anymore. Angry, Rogue touches Mystique and discovers that she almost threw Michael over a cliff to save herself from a crowd of mutant haters. Horrified by the memory, Rogue and Michael decide to run away, but are stopped by Mystique's Brotherhood of Mutants, who mistake them for X-Men. Michael is critically injured, and he tells her to absorb his powers before he dies so she can escape, which she reluctantly does with a kiss. Back in the present, Rogue joins Mystique in mourning, and we see that she has permanently absorbed Michael, she has his blue skin, pointy ears, and tail (just like she did Ms. Marvel's powers in the regular timeline). She says that she loved Destiny, and had loved Mystique at one time as well, but no longer does, and leaves her.
Significance - To be honest, this has absolutely nothing to do with Gambit...but I thought it was a really neat issue, and it's my website, so I can do whatever I want! :-)


Issue - X-Men: Fairy Tales #3
Summary - Rogue (she's called "Anna," though Remy does refer to her as a rogue...I have major issues with her revealing her name, so I'm gonna stick with "Rogue" here) and Remy LeBeau meet in a bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans...he is a detective demanding that she prove she's old enough to drink the alcoholic beverage in her hand, and she is a defiant "thief," who tries to slap him across the face in response. Bishop tells Remy to back off, and Rogue to go home. She kisses her gloved hand, places it on Remy's chest, then takes off...along with the tarot cards he keeps in his jacket pocket. When she arrives home, Mystique screams at Rogue for keeping a customer waiting...but the customer pacifies Mystique, saying that there was no way for Rogue to know that she'd come after hours. The customer is Emma Frost...and Rogue's "power" in this tale is the ability to contact the dead. Ms. Frost insists on being alone with Rogue, but once both their gloves are off and Rogue begins the ceremony, she realizes that something is terrible wrong. Emma grabs her arm when she tries to get away, laughing at the spirits flying around them. Meanwhile, Remy and Bishop are back at Bishop's office when Remy realizes that Rogue stole his tarot cards. He goes to her house despite Bishop's warnings, only to find it nearly destroyed. Mystique is inside, gently encouraging Irene to focus on her vision so she can tell her what happened and who took Rogue. "Feu D'Enfer" ("Hellfire") is her response. Elsewhere, Rogue has woken up in a green and yellow gown, strapped to a table. She is surrounded by members of the Hellfire Club, with Emma standing above her head. She explains that they can all see the dead, but have never been able to communicate with them...and that they are going to use her powers to control them. Back at Rogue's house, Remy has decided to help Mystique rescue her daughter. They're attacked by zombies as they walk through a graveyard on the way to the Hellfire Club's house...but fighting them appears useless, so they make a run for it. When they arrive at the house, they are faced with club members who are possessed by spirits. When Remy is knocked to the floor, he sees Rogue's shorts nearby, his tarot cards peeking out of the back pocket. He grabs the death card and throws it at Emma, whom it strikes (kills?), causing all the dead souls to leave the bodies they were inhabiting. Remy goes to check on Rogue, who isn't breathing. She's revived after he gives her mouth-to-mouth, and enthusiastically hugs her savior, claiming that she knew that he'd come for her. As the trio walk back home in the dawn light, Rogue wearing Remy's jacket over her shoulders, she comments that this was something right out of a storybook...
Significance - This may be their first meeting in this fairy tale-esque alternate universe, but there are still sparks between Rogue and Remy. She doesn't hesitate to strike a man of the law, or flirt with him for that matter. Maybe she was just trying to distract him so she could pick his pocket...or maybe it was something more. And why does he keep talking about her with Bishop? Is he really all that interested in her supposed ability to talk to the dead? Does he want to help Mystique find her daughter simply because he's a cop, and that's his job...or is it party because he likes the idea of rescuing her? In the end, he's surprised at her response to him...could this be the beginning of their infamous relationship? Of course it is!


Issue - New X-Men #46
Summary - This is the next to the last chapter of the Messiah CompleX, where everything is seemingly coming to a head. Everyone is after the "messiah baby," upon whom the future depends...for good or bad, no one knows for sure. Currently, Gambit has taken the baby from Bishop and is bringing it back to Muir Island. Awaiting his return in the basement of the compound, Sinister tells Mystique to take a moment and say goodbye to Rogue, for he was unable to save her, and she will die soon (she was infected with Strain 88, which makes her touch deadly, and absorbed 8 billion minds in previous issues...she is currently in a coma). Mystique unexpectedly grabs him and pushes his face against Rogue's, killing him instantly. Above ground, as the X-Men and X-Factor are fight the Marauders, Gambit arrives with the baby. He's shocked discover Sinister dead. Mystique takes the baby from him, assuring him that the child will cure Rogue - this has all been prophesized in Destiny's Diaries - and places the baby's forehead against Rogue's lips. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the mysterious Predator X, who feeds on the flesh of mutants and incorporates their DNA into its own, has attacked the New X-Men. With a number of them injured, and the others not strong enough to fight the creature themselves, Pixie teleports all of them (including the monster) to Muir Island...adding even more confusion to the already chaotic battle. Down below, Gambit is horrified and disgusted by Mystique's actions, pushing her away from Rogue and grabbing the baby...but the baby is somehow still alive despite touching Rogue. Unfortunately, Rogue is still unconscious. Professor X shows up, and Gambit willingly hands the baby to him, opting to stay with Rogue. Professor X gives the baby to Cable, who plans on taking it to the future where it'll be safe, when he finds himself trapped between a rock and a hard place - with Bishop blocking one means of escape and Predator X blocking the other...
Significance - Although I never had any doubts about his motives, we finally learn why Gambit has seemingly betrayed the X-Men from his own lips...he put all his faith in Mystique's love for her daughter (not in Mystique herself, as he is quick to point out) to lead her to a cure for Rogue. He is completely and utterly aghast at Mystique's willingness to sacrifice a baby to save her...and moves as quickly as possible to stop her before saying that both he and Rogue would rather die than harm a child. While others may be dumbfounded by the fact that Remy actually has a moral compass, I think his reaction is totally in character and appropriate. He loves Rogue, but will not commit atrocious acts to help her. I'm also glad that he plans on staying by her wonderfully romantic...


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