Freaky Facts

In the process of researching what to do while I was in New Orleans at the end of March 2004 (to read about my adventures, click here), I came across the first two facts, which I thought were...well...freaky, so I decided to devote a page to "freaky" stuff I came across. I'll add facts as I find them.

Real Life Freaky Facts

Gambit Weekly is the name of New Orleans' alternative weekly newspaper.

This fact is for those of you who read So Impossible - The Dungeon is the name of a nightclub in the French Quarter. It doesn't open until midnight, has a spooky atmosphere, and is apparently where Goth-types hang out.

The new Pringles commercial (for Pringles Hot or Pringles Spicey or whatever it's called) features the song O Fortuna...which inspired my fanfic by the same name.

Rogue's initial appearance was supposed to be in Ms. Marvel #25, but the series was canceled, and #23 ended up being the last issue (even though two more issues were in the works). What's freaky about that? Her debut would've taken place the same month and year as my own debut into the world, July 1979.

My seemingly unrelated interests in Rogue and Dark Phoenix are not so unrelated after all...part of Ms. Marvel's experience in Ms. Marvel #25 (which wasn't officially released since the series was canceled), looks strikingly similar to what would happen to Jean Grey years later during the Dark Phoenix Saga...and Rogue is involved in this one! For more information on Rogue's intended first appearance and her involvement in the original concept of the Dark Phoenix Saga, go here, then click on "Rogue's Intended First Appearance."

Comics Freaky Facts

In X-Treme X-Men #4, Rogue opens a box secured with Destiny's seal and finds the rose that Thunderbird recently placed in Psylocke's coffin...

In X-Treme X-Men #19, we learn that Rogue inherited a large house in the Garden District of New Orleans from her foster mother, Destiny. Interesting how it just happens to be in Gambit's home town...