Story List - X-Men: Evolution

If you are unfamiliar with X-Men: Evolution, I recommend you go to The Many Faces of Rogue and Gambit and check out the sections dealing with the Evolution versions of Rogue, Gambit, and Rogue and Gambit. For more information, you may also want to visit Beyond Evolution.

      Distressing Damsel
            Summary - All Rogue wants is to be left alone..but a few anti-mutant classmates decide to intrude upon her solitude and                   have some fun. What they don't realize is that another mutant is lurking in the shadows watching...
           When - This story is based on the X-Men: Evolution animated series. It takes place after "The Stuff of Villains" and                         before "Self Possessed."
            Additional Characters - Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Gambit, Shadowcat

           *Note - I tried to keep Gambit's accent (or lack thereof) consistent with the one he has in Evolution, so it's not as quite                     as strong as it is in my other stories.

           **Another Note - Just for the record, I wrote this before "Cajun Spice" it was instinct alone that led me to                       write about Gambit watching Rogue and expressing an interest in her powers. Perhaps this is a sign that my own                         mutant powers are finally emerging...(ha ha)

So Impossible - a continuing story that chronicles the beginning of Evolution Rogue and Gambit's relationship.