Ariadne's Travels - Pictures want to see pictures from my trip, huh? For your convenience, I've organized them to appear in the same order as they do in my itinerary/diary. Just to let you know, I didn't include any pics that Holly and I were in (with one exception, but you can only see my hand and part of my arm in it) in order to protect the innocent...or to keep an air of mystique around me. Whichever you choose to believe.

That said, I've also included some postcards (which aren't of the same quality, since I scanned them, as opposed to my photos, which I got on CD so I could post them on my site), and two maps of New Orleans, so you can see exactly where things are. I decreased the size of the pics due to space constraints, but they're certainly big enough for you to enjoy.

Pictures of haunted locations (which can be read about in detail in my lagniappe section) can be found at the end of my picture section.


Here is part of New Orleans. The New Orleans International Airport is on the left, the body of water at the top of the map is a lake, and the twisting body of water near the bottom is the Mississippi River. The French Quarter is the bright green box along the river, near the Superdome.


This is the French Quarter. The streets are all one-way, and the arrows indicate which direction traffic goes. The dotted lines are streetcar paths (the historic St. Charles Streetcar is the green line on the left of the map). The location of my bed and breakfast is indicated by the pink dot on North Rampart Street, just outside the upper right hand of the Quarter.


These are postcards that I scanned. I know it's hard to make out, but isn't the Spanish ironwork beautiful? I absolutely love it...


These are pics of our bed and breakfast. The first is the front door/hall, and the second is the staircase leading up to our room (I know it isn't a great pic, but I was wasting film to finish off the roll). Notice all the fun posters/pics on the walls. At the top of the staircase, on the left, is part of a Mardi Gras costume. For better pics of the B&B, and to see what my room looks like, click here. Click on "accomodations," which will take you to general info on the B&B. To see my room, go to the "Madame's Steamboat Room" on the menu at the top of the page.


Stupid me, my camera was accidentally set on "landscape," so I ended up with a couple panoramic pics. Still, I guess it works for this one of the French Market.


The left pic is a view of the Moonwalk from across the street. Notice the benches and lampposts along the river. The right pic (another accidental panoramic) is of street performers we saw across the street from Jackson Square. See the guy in green jumping over the people (he's about to land on the left of the group)?


Here's a pic across the street from Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

The left pic is from the park in Jackson Square, and the right one shows the garden/old cemetery in the back of the cathedral.


These pics are from the Garden District. The house on the left belongs to Anne Rice (not for much's for sale). The other two pics are of a house I liked. I know they're not the greatest pictures in the world, but I took them for a reason - notice the first floor porch and second floor balcony that surround the house! Even the attic windows have mini-balconies!


The left pic is a postcard from an undisclosed cemetery, and the right one is a photo I took in Lafayette Cemetery #1 (in the Garden District).


After the Garden District, we returned to the Quarter and stopped in the Old Absinthe House. Rumor has it Andrew Jackson and the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte discussed strategy for the Battle of New Orleans here.


This is the absolutely wonderful Tony Seville's Pirate's Alley Cafe on the left, and me an' my Absente on the right. Absente is actually bright green, but after water and sugar are added, the color fades (for more info on absinthe/Absente, go to my lagniappe section ). I don't know why my hand looks so red. It looks icky. It doesn't look like that in real life. By the way, this is the only pink shirt I own, and says, "Thank goodness for strange girls. Without them, what would strange boys do?"


This is the sign that hangs in front of the Dungeon. It says "Ye Olde Original Dungeon" on it. I wasn't allowed to take pics inside, so if you want to see what it looks like, go to their site by clicking here.


Pierre, our Cemetery Tour Guide, took us around the French Quarter before going to the cemetery...this is a pic of the House of the Rising Sun, the last legal brothel in New Orleans. The Animals sang a song about it in the 60's (for lyrics, click here). Just FYI, prostitution is no longer legal, so it's an apartment house now.

Here's the St. Louis Cemetery #1. Notice how crowded it looks versus the Layfeyette Cemetery #1. The pic on the right is the inside of a tomb (Pierre happened to know about a loose brick in the structure, and removed it so we could take pictures...sorry it's not centered, but I was more concerned with dropping my camera in the tomb than centering the picture).


Look - it's a TV show being taped for the WB! The women jogging in the center of the pic on the left are being filmed. I was afraid to get closer (notice the policeman on the left), so this is as good as it gets. The pic on the right is of the crew loading up the equipment after they finished.


And now for three completely random pics. The one the left is the cover of a water meter. I thought the moon and stars were pretty. The middle is a sign on the side of a building indicating the name of the street when New Orleans was under Spanish rule. The last is a common sign on gates in the Quarter - intruders beware, the gate may squash you.


Bourbon Street during the day.

Bourbon Street at night - one from the ground level, the other from a balcony where we ate dinner our last night in the Quarter.


More Pics