Ariadne's Travels - Itinerary have no interest in in reading a detailed description of my trip, huh? Well, I think it's worth the time to read, but who am I to tell you what to do? Below you're find a brief list of the things we did every day...(scroll over the names of places - I've included links, where available)

Saturday, March - arrived in New Orleans, went to the Banana Courtyard (our bed and breakfast), wandered around a little

Sunday, March 28 - went to the French Market (a big huge flea market) and the Farmer's Market, walked the Moonwalk (a small walkway along the Mississippi), hung out in Jackson Square, visited St. Louis Cathedral (see Jackson Square link), went to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum (which had lots of info on crazy stuff people used to do in the name of medicine), ate dinner at the Gumbo Shop, went on a Haunted History Tour and learned some of the gory stories behind several buildings, and walked Bourbon Street (link is to a live camera)

Monday, March 29 - went to the Voodoo Museum/Temple, took the historic St. Charles Streetcar (here's another link about St. Charles Streetcar) to the Garden District, where we went on a self-guided walking tour, saw Anne Rice's house, and visited Lafayette Cemetery, went back to the Quarter, visited the historic New Orleans Old Absinthe House, ate dinner at The Little Easy Bar & Grill, walked Bourbon Street again

Tuesday, March 30 - went to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, ate lunch at Johnny's Po-Boys, went to the Presbytère (a museum with info on Mardi Gras), hung out at Terry Seville's Pirate's Alley Cafe, then we went back to the room to rest, before venturing out later to grab a bite at Dante's Pizza, and went to The Dungeon, which doesn't open 'til midnight

Wednesday, March 31 - went on a cemetery tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1, took a cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking, ate dinner on a balcony on Bourbon Street

Thursday, April 1 - left French Quarter (rented a car), went on Mr. Denny's Voyageur Swamp Tours, where we paddled through the swamp in a canoe, drove up to St. Francisville

Friday, April 2 - went on a self-guided walking tour of Historic St. Francisville, went to the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum, visited the Cottage Plantation and the Rosedown Plantation State Historic Site during the day, and went on a haunted tour of the Myrtles Plantation at night

Saturday, April 3 - drove down to Thibodaux and visited the Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center (where I learned all about Cajuns), then went to the Louisiana University Marine Consortium, which is a little tiny aquarium with info on wetlands/swamps

Sunday, April 4 - flew home