X-Tremely Disappointed

Part 1 - What Diaries?

As much as I've enjoyed most of the X-Treme X-Men series (at least up until X-Treme X-Pose #2), I still have a few problems with it...

First and foremost, why did they suddenly give up on trying to find Destiny's Diaries? I mean, I understand that their quest was interrupted when Khan tried to take over the Earth...but after that, why didn't they continue their mission?

You might be thinking, "But Ariadne, didn't Rogue prove that Destiny's Diaries didn't foretell the future after all?" Well...perhaps. But it's been said (by Mystique and maybe even Destiny herself) that the diaries include a variety of possible futures. There are 13 volumes...the X-Men have their hands on at least two...and Vargas has one. That leaves 10 unaccounted for. Who's to say that Rogue doesn't kill Vargas in one of the lost diaries? After all, Mystique and Destiny spent their lives trying to make sure that the most desirable possible future became the actual future...which implies that she recorded more than one future.

And even if she's right, even if Destiny's Diaries aren't worth the paper they're written on, aren't they still a danger? Mystique and Destiny's lives were ruined by their obsession with them...in fact, Destiny foresaw her own death and did nothing to stop it because she believed in her premonitions. Vargas killed Psylocke, injured Beast, and attempted to kill both Rogue and Gambit because he believed what he read in the diary in his possession. It only takes one person to believe that it's true to cause a hell of a lot of trouble. If you ask me, the X-Treme team should've hunted down the rest of those diaries and locked them up or burned them or something.

Part 2 - XX 31 and Beyond

Rogue and Gambit left the X-Treme team so they could have some privacy...so they could figure things out. Ok, no problems here. But the big "return of Rogue and Gambit" issue, the one with the two of them on the cover, doesn't have a single frame of Rogue and Gambit together! What? Does that make any sense at all?

We have to wait several issues before we see them together, during which time, the general audience is subjected to a number of insults.

One or two movie references hidden here and there would be cute...but these guys are pushing it. Does Rogue have to call herself "Anna" and hang a HUGE poster of The Piano in her house? Does Storm have to bear a strong resemblance to Halle Berry? Does another character have to be named Marie D'Canto? Does Mystique have to suddenly run around naked with blue scales?

The answer to all these questions is no. This is Marvel's way of shoving the movies down our throats. Don't get me wrong, I loved X1 and X2, and am eagerly awaiting X3...but I've always seen the comics, animations, and movies as separate universes. Because the movies and animated series are based on the comics, of course you'll find some comics stuff in them...but extra stuff, or changes made in these additional mediums should not dribble into the comics.

Furthermore, the art by Igor Kordey is awful. Salvador Larocca (the original X-Treme artist, who still does the covers) is incredibly talented, and I really enjoyed his work. But Kordey is just bad. Rogue walks around like she's some kind of super skank, and then complains how weird it feels to show so much skin...honey, if you're uncomfortable, cover up! It doesn't make any sense. Gambit looks like a pixie. As I mentioned before, Storm looks like Halle Berry. The general consensus seems to be that most people aren't a big fan of the art...but it bothers me so much that I can't even bring myself to read the comics...

And then there's Rogue's fingerless gloves. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of fingerless gloves...but give me a break. If she was just wearing them as part of some kind of uniform, I'd be ok with it...but she was wearing them on the beach in a bikini, so I'm assuming that we're supposed to think that she's wearing them "just in case" her powers come back. I might buy that if she wasn't wearing next-to-nothing all the time. They can't have it both ways - either she's afraid that her powers might come back so she dresses somewhat conservatively and wears fingerless gloves, or she's confident that her powers will never come back and prances around in an little as possible. I'm not saying she should keep her entire body covered at all times...I just think that they're pulling us in opposite directions. They should make up their mind and go with whatever they decide.