Evolution Rogue - Lonely Goth Girl or Fashion Victim?

I know there's a big debate over whether or not Rogue is a "Goth" on Evolution...and while I'm hesitant to label people (when pressed, I say that I'm a combination gothic/prep/punk), I think this topic merits a closer look.

Let's start with appearance. Rogue has a tendency to wear darker clothes. That can be considered gothic. She's very pale, although that's not her own doing. Some Goths use makeup to create a kind of "undead" look, but Rogue's complexion appears to be natural...possibly a side effect of keeping most of her body covered because of her "skin condition." No matter what the cause, her pallor does make her look gothic, as does her unconventional makeup (not many people wear purple lipstick).

She apparently has some interest in gothic subculture, as can be seen with the copy of "Goth Topic" magazine in her locker, and the fact that she's reading Dracula in an early episode of the series. She also appears in "Dracula - The Rock Opera." For those of you who don't know, many gothics are interested in vampires.

Let's take it one step further and look at her personality:

"Possessing the gothic mentality/personality -- This indicates whether a person is gothic internally as opposed to merely looking gothic externally. For people with the gothic personality, their involvement is not merely a rebellious phase, but part of their inner self. Those likely to become interested in Goth and remain involved in it will usually possess most of the following characteristics and traits beforehand: individualistic, reflective, artistic, creative, introspective, emotionally focused and driven, sensitive, non-violent, moody. They are likely to have a distaste for authority, possess above average intelligence, and be social misfits. Most are interested in the beautiful, the mysterious and the supernatural."

Rogue is definitely individualistic, reflective, introspective, sensitive, and moody. She has a distaste for authority and is a social misfit. It's hard to say if she possesses above average intelligence, though it wouldn't surprise me. I think once she chooses to join the X-Men, she becomes emotionally focused and driven, although between her powers manifesting and this point, she's all over the place emotionally speaking. We've never had any hard proof of an artistic side, though we don't know what she's writing in that notebook in "The Stuff of Villains" before she gets up to defend Evan from bullies. As for being creative...that word has a slew of definitions. I think she is, though.

What about non-violent? Um...no. Her powers require her to get up close and personal with a target, so she'd have to be trained in some kind of fighting technique. But putting her role as an X-Man aside for a moment, she has experienced emotional outbursts of violence (see "Self Possessed" and "Cajun Spice").

But is this enough to label Rogue a Goth? Goth is so much more than how you dress, what you read, or how you behave. Goth is an attitude. A way of life. I simply don't think Rogue lives that way of life.

How can I say that after all the evidence I just presented to the contrary? Look at it this way - a man who displays certain behavior can be referred to as "feminine," but not "female." You use an adjective to describe his behavior...you don't use the noun form of the word because it simply doesn't fit. He is not a female, he is a male. Nothing, short of an operation, can change that. The same thing goes for Rogue...the noun does not apply to her, whereas the adjective does.

Bottom line - Rogue is not a Goth. But she's definitely gothic. A lonely gothic girl.

* For more information on Goths, visit the "Subculture" section of the Utah Gothics, which is where I obtained the information on the gothic personality.