Did They, or Didn't They...?

In Uncanny X-Men #348, several X-Men (including Rogue and Gambit) and two bounty hunters are captured by the robotic villainess, the Nanny. She turns off their powers, throws them in the depths of a cave, and chains them to the floor/walls. Even though Rogue is being tormented by memories that she's previously absorbed from Gambit, she realizes that this may be her one chance to touch him without any serious repercussions...

We're told in the beginning of Uncanny X-Men #349 that "...for the first time since they met, he and the woman known only as Rogue were able to fully express their love for each other. With their powers inhibited, she was able to touch him without fear that she'd absorb his powers...his mind...and memories." If you ask me, that pretty much implies that they had sex.

But  let's take a moment to step back and look at the situation objectively. Rogue is reliving some of Gambit's less pleasant memories, namely those having to do with the Morlock Massacre. She's still can't decipher the jumbled images, but knows that they belong to Gambit. Meanwhile, Gambit is horrified by what she's going through...her expressions, her words...he recognizes them all. Some of them are his, and some belong to the Marauders he was with...all burned into his memory, and now in Rogue's memory as well. So we're talking some pretty serious psychological trauma for both of them.

Still...let's say she takes a deep breath, he buries his own memories deep down, and they're ok. And they realize that this is their one chance to "fully express their love for each other."

Of course, they're in some dark, dirty, probably damp cave somewhere, with chains around their ankles or wrists or necks or any combination of the three...and let's not forget the two bounty hunters that are in there with them. Is this the time or place to be making love? Especially considering the fact that Rogue must be a virgin. Not exactly the way she imagined her first time, I'm sure...

I've heard that Lobdell (the writer of these issues) has indicated that he meant to suggest that they had sex. And that's all well and good, but does it make any sense? If you were in the same situation, would you have done it? I'd like to think that Gambit wouldn't do that to Rogue...and Rogue, no matter how desperate she might be for human touch, wouldn't do such a thing under those conditions. Kissing? Absolutely. Making out? Well...ok, maybe I could see that. But sex? That's stretching it, don't you think?