I am a pack-rat by nature. I am also a collector, which means that I not only save everything, but I also go out and purchase more things to save. It is a blessing and a curse.

Amongst the many items I have accrued over the years are a few X-Men gems. I have included everything except my trading cards and comics.

All of the photos were taken from an angle (slightly below the item itself) so I could use a flash with minimum reflection. I tried taking the pictures straight-on both with and without a flash, but the clearest images were obtained as mentioned above. That's why everything looks wider on the bottom...

To see a larger version of any of the images below, click on them.

Rogue Power Slammer

Gambit Power Slammer

Rogue and Gambit Die Cast Figures


Rogue and Gambit Magnets

Rogue and Gambit Poster (Pizza Hut promotion)


X-Men (Genesis)

X-Men Next Dimension(PS2)

X-Men: The Animated Series Videos


Rogue and Gambit
Light Switch Cover

This is the pride and joy of my X-Collection. It's a copy of the Gambit #16 cover, and is absolutely gorgeous. I believe it was hand-painted...I purchased it on eBay several years ago. The picture doesn't do it justice...

Rogue and Gambit
Pen and Ink

Another purchase from eBay several years ago, this is a beautiful drawing of my favorite couple.