Even gods go a little crazy sometimes...


Welcome, welcome, one and all! This is where Ariadne changes out of her toga and carefully arranged hair into a short, strapless black dress, her strawberry dark blonde hair a touch disheveled, and goes out into the night believing that if she concentrates hard enough on the flame at the end of a lighter, she will be able to make it form shapes...

(Toga? What the hell is this chick talking about? Maybe I should learn more about the mythical Ariadne...)

As I pondered the amusing insanity of Acolytes 'R Us (see below) one day, I suddenly realized how serious I must seem to my devoted public (all three of you), and decided to create a humor section. Just as I chose Sage to be the mistress of my information in my original layout because of her title as the "living computer" of the X-Treme team, I needed to find someone apropos to be my master of humor (in a previous layout)...and who better than the character that does little else than laugh psychotically at just about everything?

I know next to nothing about comics Pyro, but the version in X-Men: Evolution, who gets precious little screen time, and fewer lines than Gambit in the "Intifada" arc of X-Treme X-Men, has found his way into my heart.

(Oh no, she's talking in riddles, I don't understand...)

Anyway, I have a soft spot for the guy. His maniacal laughter is infectious. And, to tell you the truth, I've always been fascinated with fire. Although I've never burned anything I wasn't supposed to (at least not on purpose), there's nothing more hypnotizing than a warm, crackling fire. From toasting marshmallows for S'mores to flames dancing on the wicks of candles, there's no such thing as a bad fire. Except forest fires, house fires, and fires set in the process of raping and pillaging villages.

In fact, every time I hang out with my one friend who smokes, after lecturing him about his dirty, dirty habit that's going to kill him, I always steal his lighter. Sometimes he just hands it over. And I sit there and flick it over and over...and I stare helplessly at the flame, pondering life's deepest questions - If Farscape was "the best sci-fi show on television," why did the Sci-Fi channel cancel it? If a tree falls in a forest, and it crushes Britney Spears, will I notice? Why can't artists keep the location and size of Rogue's white streak consistent?

But enough about me. I'd like to take this opportunity to pause and remember one of the greatest X-sites I've ever had the pleasure to visit. Like so many others before it, Acolytes 'R Us was here one minute, gone the next, it's creativity and humor now lost forever.

Its disappearance is a mystery - was it shut down due to site/server/host problems? Did its owners simply lose interest once X-Men: Evolution was cancelled? Did some anti-villain gang hack into their computers and erase everything?

More's the pity...may this small shrine always burn with passion for my favorite little psycho...


R.I.P Acolytes 'R Us


*Note - Although I created the title banner myself, the Pyro images on it, and the other Pyro images on this page were obtained from Haruka's X-Men: Evolution Screensnaps Page (no longer active).