Star Wars Evolution-Style

The Sith

Emperor - Apocalypse : I think the most dangerous mutant on the show is best suited to play the head honcho of the dark side. Their powers are seemingly limitless...

Darth Vadar - Raven Darkholme : I think Mystique is a pretty good candidate to play Darth Vadar. Although it appears that she agrees to help free Apocalypse only if it secures her and Rogue's safety, who knows what her real motives are. And as a shape shifter, she can easily change into a male. Regardless, she is one of the bad guys, so why not put her up near the top? Especially considering who I cast as Luke and Leia...

The Jedi

Luke Skywalker - Kurt Wagner : Both men are adopted...and when they find out who their real mother/father is, they are shocked and disturbed. But neither gives up on his parent, convinced that there is some good in them somewhere (although Nightcrawler apparently loses this faith in Mystique's "good side" at the end of Ascension: Part II).

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Professor X : The mentor. I don't think I really have to explain this one too much. And a Jedi mind trick looks an awful lot like telepathy to me...

Yoda - Logan : This may seem like an odd choice, but bear with me a moment. By the time we meet Yoda in this trilogy, he's hundreds of years old...Wolverine's healing factor slows his aging process, so he could very well live past 100. Furthermore, Yoda was said to be "a great warrior" once, and nobody fights like Wolverine. Perhaps all Logan needs is a couple hundred years to chill out...

Misc Good Guys

Princess Leia - Rogue : Who better to play the feisty space princess than the feisty Goth girl? There's also the strange hair (Cinnabuns for Leia, white streaks for Rogue) and their habit of making wise-ass remarks. The beauty of this idea is the way it fits into the rest of the casting...with Gambit as Han Solo, Nightcrawler as the brother she didn't know she had, and Mystique as the mother/father she never knew.

Han Solo - Remy LeBeau : I dare someone to find me a better Han Solo. Come on now...a smooth talking ladies man who smuggles goods and a charming thief from New Orleans...see the similarities? Both men think they're hot stuff, and they're usually right. Han's banter with Leia is almost as good as Rogue and Remy's...

Chewbacca the Wookie - Victor Creed : Ok, it may seem like the only thing these two have in common is the fact that they're covered with fur. But Sabertooth grunts and growls a lot, and we all know Chewie doesn't talk...besides, even though he's a bad guy in Evolution, he's one of Gambit's teammates, so why not?

C-3PO - Scott Summers : I feel like I hear "but Professor..." coming out of Scott's mouth a lot, especially in the first two seasons, and it kinda reminds me of the nervous C-3PO.

R2-D2 - Jean Grey : With Scott as 3PO, I thought Jean would be an appropriate R2-D2...especially since she is usually the voice of reason whenever Scott voices his objections.

Misc Bad Guys

Jabba the Hut - Eric Lensherr : We gotta get Magneto in here I made him the baddest gansta on Tatooine. And why not? The match isn't perfect, but it fits with Gambit as Han Solo, and Pyro as Boba Fett.

Boba Fett - John Allerdyce : I figure I owe the little guy a part since he inspired my humor section. Boba Fett is a somewhat obscure figure, who doesn't talk much, but has a huge fan following. The same is true for Pyro.


If I changed some of the characters around, then the following might work:

Alternate Chewbacca - Hank McCoy: If you didn't like Sabertooth as dear old Chewie, perhaps the blue furred Beast is more to your liking. But if you ask me, the only thing Beast and Chewbacca have in common is fur.

Alternate Yoda - Professor X : This part might be more fitting for Professor X...he's old and wise and can read people's minds.

Alternate Obi-Wan: Jean Grey : If the professor is Yoda, it's more appropriate for Jean to be Obi-Wan, especially since she can use her mind to move things around in addition to her telepathy.

Alternate C-3PO - Kitty Pryde : If Jean is Obi-Wan, there's an opening for a new C-3PO, and young Shadowcat, afraid to go out on her own and disobey the rules (as can be seen in The Stuff of Villains) might work.

Alternate Darth Vadar - Eric Lensherr : The master of magnetism as the dark lord? Well, at least he can move things around with his powers, and no one can really mess with his head thanks to his trusty helmet. Hmmm...come to think of it, they have similar costumes too. If the Xavier's glimpse into the future is correct, he will switch sides and become a good guy. You could also make the case that the Emperor controls Darth Vadar the same way Apocalypse does when he makes Magneto one of his horsemen.

Alternate Luke Skywalker - Pietro Maximoff : He wasn't adopted, and doesn't seem to have daddy issues, but the familial relationships are there.

Alternate Princess Leia - Wanda Maximoff : Now here's a girl with daddy issues. And she's another tough chickie. Plus she and Pietro are twins (at least they are in the comics, where they also become good guys and join The Avengers).

Additional Casting

Lando Calrissian - Remy LeBeau : If Gambit isn't Han Solo (although I can't think of anyone else who'd fit the bill), then he'd have to play his smooth-talking, charming best friend.

Jabba the Hut's pet - John Allerdyce : I'm sure the little creature that sits next to Jabba and laughs all the time has a name, but I haven't the slightest idea what it is. Still, its laugh is strikingly similar to Pyro's.