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In the real world, quizzes are obnoxious (but necessary) ways of testing if you understand material in a particular subject. But the rules of the real world don't always apply to internet fandoms...feel free to take one of these quizes to find out which X-Man you are!

By the way, in all cases, I actually answered honestly...as opposed to giving the "right" answers so I'll end up being the character I want to be. To be honest, I didn't think any of the quizzes would come out like this...

Take the "How Rogue are you?" quiz and find out...um...how Rogue you are.

I'm Rogue, Which X-men: Evo character are you?
I'm Rogue, Which X-men: Evolution character are you?

You are Rogue! you're confused at times as to what
your purpose is but you have people out there
who care deeply for you no matter what.
Which X-Men are you?
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You are Rogue from the X-men!
You are best known for your southern comfort, you
hard beauty! Large in personality you have a
great devotion to the things close to you,but
not too close. Sometimes you feel all alone in
the world. funny how the strongest one always do.
Which of the X-men do you resemble most?
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Which X-Men Character Are You??
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You are Wolverine!
A loner by nature, you feel uncomfortable when
around those you don't know and even those you
do. You are awkward when it comes to relationships,
but fiercely loyal to those you love.
Which X-Men character are you most like?
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Which Star-Crossed Marvel Lover Are You?

Who's Your Acolyte Love Match?
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You're Scott and Rogue!
Which X-Men: Evolution couple are you?
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