Lord of the Rings Evolution-Style

The Fellowship

Aragorn - Scott Summers : Assuming Evolution goes the way of the comics, Scott is destined to become the leader of the X-Men, which is similar to Aragorn's destiny to become the king of men, as Isildur's heir. Scott has already played the role of the leader several times, and does so well. Both are willing to put their lives on the line to protect members of their groups, and they refuse to leave anyone behind.

Gandalf the Grey - Professor X : He's the oldest, wisest member of the Fellowship. His extraordinary powers of telepathy could be seen as "magical," and though he often plays the role of the leader, there are times he steps back and let others take their turn.

Legolas - Evan Daniels : Legolas is known for his talents with a bow...shooting spikes out of your body is kinda like shooting arrows, isn't it? Plus, as Storm's nephew, it fits that he'd be an elf as well (see Galadriel, below).

Gimli - Logan : They're both short, grumpy, and eager to fight. Need I say more?

The Elves

Arwen - Jean Grey : Jean is known for her classic beauty, and is admired by many, just like the elves. She too is willing to put her life on the line for the greater good. Elves also appear to have some form of telepathy, as can be seen when Arwen first meets Frodo, and when the Fellowship meets Galadriel. And let's not forget Scott and Jean's relationship, one that has existed throughout all the different incarnations of the X-Men, including cartoons. They're like Arwen and Aragorn - meant for each other.

Galadriel - Ororo Munroe : An exotic looking African woman with white hair and blue eyes could definitely pass for an elf. Furthermore, some of the characters refer to Galadriel as a witch...Storm may not have the power of telepathy, but she is known as a weather witch.

Misc Good Guys

Eowyn - Rogue : Rogue may be a chick, but she's tougher than your average girl. She's an unusual superhero because she must get physically close to her opponents in order to use her powers, which requires strength and skill. Like Eowyn, she's not about to sit idly by while the men go out and fight...just give her a sword and point her in the right direction. There's also her early crush on Scott...one that will never be realized, just like Eowyn's love for Aragorn.

The Bad Guys

Sauron - Apocalypse : Sauron and Apocalypse were the baddest of the bad, leaders of all that was dark and evil, hell-bent on ruling everyone and everything in the universe...and then they were gone. Not for good, though. Apocalypse will rise again if the conditions are just right, just as Saruon's return looms over the people of Middle Earth. A showdown between good and evil is imminent. (Notice how Sauron's horse-riding Ringwraiths are similar to Apocalypse's horsemen.)

Saruman - Eric Lensherr : This casting requires a bit of a change of heart...we'd have to assume that Magneto chooses to side with Apocalypse, rather than against him. But other than that minor detail, the part fits him well. A fellow wizard, he was once Gandalf the Grey's close friend, but when they had a difference of opinion, they became enemies.

Grima Wormtongue - Jason Wyngarde : Wormtongue is one of Saruman's henchman. In The Two Towers, he uses his black arts to put a spell on a powerful king, just like Mastermind can cast illusions and change people's memories.

Gollum - Mesmero : Hey, why not? Ok, so Gollum's devotion is to the One Ring, not the big bad guy himself, but after casting everyone else, he's the only one I have left that even remotely fills the role. He is pretty creepy though. And he does use other characters to find the 3 keys to unlock Apocalypse's tomb (including three rings that he put on a staff to form one key).


If I changed some of the characters around, then the following might work:

Alternate Saruman - Apocalypse : The biggest problem with this is the fact that Apocalypse answers to no one, so he has to be the biggest, baddest guy on the block. Still, as long as Sauron isn't around, Saruman is the biggest, baddest guy on the block...except for the fact that he doesn't become bad until Sauron starts trying to take physical form again...but never mind that.

Alternate Wormtongue - Mesmero : I think this pairing works much better for Mesmero, using his telepathy on someone out of devotion to his master...but only if Apocalypse is that master. Additionally, Wormtongue loses the battle of the minds against Gandalf, just as Mesmero's talents are no match for the Professor's, although both Wormtongue and Mesmero manage to escape after said battle.

Alternate Gollum - Todd Tolensky : Poor Toad has ugly issues...his unattractiveness is kinda cute in the present, but his future self is UG-LEE and scary looking. So based on looks alone (including his horrible posture), I think he might be a decent Gollum.

Alternate Galadriel - Wanda Maximoff : I'm wandering into the comics here...Wanda eventually becomes a "good guy" and joins The Avengers. But can we trust every bad-guy-turned-good? Not everyone trusts Galadriel, especially Gimli, who refers to her as a sorceress and Elf witch. Hmmm...Scarlet Witch...see the similarity?

Boromir - Eric Lensherr : If the part of Saruman is taken by Apocalypse (above), we might as well make Magneto Boromir. Although Boromir is not a bad guy in the typical sense, he has his own ideas about what should be done with the One Ring, and has to be watched constantly, as he has fallen under the ring's spell. However, if the Professor's peek into the future is correct, he will join the X-Men in the future, and therefore fit into the Fellowship.

Possible Casting

Faramir - Remy LeBeau : Even though we don't see much of it in the movie, Faramir falls for Eowyn...and if Eowyn is Rogue, then why not cast her Cajun sweetheart as Faramir? Especially taking the final scene they appear in together into account, where they are standing next to each other and smile at one another (which is reminiscent of the final "family portrait" shot of the X-Men at the and of "Ascension: Part 2," with Remy's arm around Rogue).

Still unconvinced about Faramir? According to an article in the December 1, 2003 issue of Newsweek - "In the novel, Eowyn and Faramir convalesce here after battle Aragorn heals her; she falls harder for him; Faramir falls for her. Jackson shot it, but felt the action had strayed from Frodo too long. Viggo Mortensen was sad to learn (from Newsweek) that the scene was gone. It'll be on the DVD."

* * * * *

What about the Hobbits?

I couldn't think of anyone that even came close to Frodo or Sam, although I think Kitty and Kurt might make a good Pippin and Merry. The other Hobbits could be the New Recruits.