Guardians of the Gate

For a time, it was "in" to have something or other "guarding" your website...after resisting the urge for a while, I finally gave into my secret, cutesy urges and decided that my site needed some kind of mascot-type-thing...and here they are. Every month, I'd appoint a new guardian, some of which had nothing to do with Rogue, Gambit, or the X-Men, but were semi-amusing nonetheless.

I began this annoying section in February of 2004, and ended it in September of the same year.

Driving Rogue is September's Guardian of the Gate

Now that Rogue's latest series is finally out, I thought it only fitting to have this "new" version of Rogue guarding my site. Truth be told, I haven't read any of the issues yet (though I own two of them), but I've been keeping up with the plot via mailing lists I'm on.

I like the way she's drawn. It's not my favorite version of her (where's Sal Larocca and Joe Madd when you need them?), but I've seen much worse. I can live with least for a while. I especially like this picture - she looks so determined.

I also want to point out the fact that she's wearing her seat belt, for those of you too cool to buckle up...come on, even super heroes know better than drive around without it.

Intimate Rogue and Gambit are August's Guardians of the Gate

This is for all of you who were wondering what the big deal with the Queen of Hearts Card is. In X-Men: Evolution, Gambit gave Rogue a Queen of Hearts card after she helped him get out of a sticky situation. But in the comics, it's Rogue who gives Gambit the card, as you can see.

This scene is from Uncanny X-Men #350 - The Trial of Gambit, which is one of my all time favorite issues (the quote on the main page is also from this issue). The art is amazing, the story is full of mystery and intrigue, and the cover has this great holographic effect on it.

Don't forget, Rogue's latest series has begun, so run out and buy a copy (or wait until I do, then read my summary)...

Depressed Rogue is July's Guardian of the Gate

I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite drawings of Rogue...she looks so sad. Look at her - sitting there with the Queen of Hearts card she gave to Gambit...the one she threw at him in spite when she decided to abandon him in Antarctica...the one she found in the snow one of the many times she went back looking for him...

July is a big month for me - first there's my birthday (I'll be hitting the big 2-5 for those of you who're interested) and it's also Cold Hands, Warm Cards' one year anniversary.

But what's to be done about poor Rogue? Don't worry, she and Gambit eventually find each other... :)

The Mysterious Green Girl is May and June's Guardian of the Gate

This is a scan of a painting I bought in a Vampyre Boutique in the French Quarter. Many thanks to my best friend, who found it when flipping through various paintings. When she came to this one, she called me over and said, "This one reminds me of you."

Delicate, beautiful, and magical, I fell in love with the mysterious girl in green the moment I saw her. She symbolizes everything near and dear to my heart...perhaps even an embodiment of the muses who whisper tales in my ear late at night.

May she continue to inspire my passions, my strength, and my creativity for many years to come...

Liz Sherman is April's Guardian of the Gate

As beautiful as she is deadly, Liz is a member of the B.P.R.D. Her specialty - her gift, her curse - is listed as "pyrokinesis." What does that mean, you ask? Think Pyro, only she can create fire as well as control it...well, almost. Liz's lack of complete control over her powers makes her especially dangerous, literally a walking time bomb.

I've chosen Liz as a guardian for several reasons. First of all, I love fire. Secondly, Hellboy, just came out, and though I've never red the comic, I've completely fallen in love with Liz's character, and must see the movie now. Last, but certainly not least, she reminds me of the character I created in my fanfic Ashes to Ashes. If my character were flesh and blood, this is she would look when she's "surrounded by flames." Always in Mah Mind, a prequel of sorts to Ashes to Ashes, is my first attempt at X-Men fanfic, so it's certainly far from my best work...still, by the time I wrote Ashes to Ashes, my skills as a writer had improved, and I think the ideas expressed in both stories are worth the read.

*Note: I obtained this picture from Comics Continuum.

I asked Gambit if he wouldn't mind taking a break from the X-Treme team to guard my site...his response:

What a silly question...of course he doesn't, unless he wants to risk the wrath of a goddess...

Anyway, X-Treme Gambit is the guardian of my site for the month of March (and the first few days of April). I've chosen him because he hails from the Big Easy, and as I'm taking my very first trip down to New Orleans at the end of the month, it's only natural that I'd want him to watch over my domain while I'm gone. Of course, he just might rob me blind himself.

But with that smile and those eyes, it's worth the risk...

For the month of February, possessed Rogue and Gambit are the guardians of my site!

This month, in honor of Valentine's Day, and because this is the first time I'm doing it, I chose two guardians - the infamous couple themselves. In part four of So Impossible, I mention events that took place when Rogue was under Mesmero's power. So the timing is perfect for poor possessed Rogue to make an appearance...and, of course, that meant I had to include Remy's brief stint under Mesmero's spell as well.

Don't they look evil? That'll scare all the bad guys away...

*Note - The image of Rogue is from Beyond Evolution and the image of Gambit is from Haruka's X-Men: Evolution Screensnaps Page (no longer active), although I doctored them a little.