Firebrand ~ Child of the Stars

So...after reading about Rogue's Phoenix, codename Firebrand, you're curious about how she looks. Since my drawing skills are somewhat lacking (my best works are stick figures), I decided to play around with some images of the original Phoenix to see what I could come up with.

After spending hours (and I do mean hours) changing the colors of the images pixel by pixel, I am pleased to announce that I can share my vision of Firebrand with you...

This is the figure that Gambit comes across that first night he goes looking for Rogue...when she claims to be "of the Phoenix."

Near the end, when Rogue agrees to Firebrand's terms and asks her to put an end to the fighting, this is the figure that appears on the roof of the mansion.

And then there is Firebrand in all her glory...


The character Firebrand is my own creation, please do not use her without permission. © Ariadne Quinn 2003