Stolen Powers

Through the years, Rogue has physically touched more people than you might think. Some touches are accidental, some are carefully planned, and some are impulsive, a last resort means of getting the upper hand. Whatever the situation, the memories, and, in the case of other mutants, powers of whoever she touches become a permanent part of her psyche. When an alien took advantage of her mutation and purposely touched her in order to allow her to absorb important information, Rogue's powers began to evolve further. Contact with the alien resulted in the random surfacing of powers she had previously absorbed. She had no control over when these powers would manifest, and could not command them when they did.

As a member of the X-Treme X-Men team, she asked Sage to "jump start" her mutation so she could gain the necessary mastery that would allow her to choose which powers she wanted to use, and when she wanted to use them. It worked, and although this allows her to control powers she's previously absorbed, she still has no mastery of her own powers of absorption. For more a slightly more detailed description of these events, visit the "Comics Rogue" section of The Many Faces of Rogue and Gambit.

The following pictures show Rogue using different characters' mutations. Some of them occurred before her "jump start," some after. I can only assume that any physical changes are a result of Mystique's shape shifting ability coming into play along with whatever other power Rogue is using.

Rogue as Cyclops


Rogue as Beast

Rogue as Colossus


Rogue as Destiny


Rogue as Gambit


Rogue as Iceman


Rogue as Wolverine


Rogue as Psylocke

Rogue as Storm


Rogue as Emma Frost


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