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Once upon a time, I had a section called Latest and Greatest   where I would post the latest Rogue and Gambit news...but I found that I couldn't keep up with all the goings on, especially with both having their own series in addition to appearing in X-books. So I admitted defeat.

Then, as fate would have it, Gambit took on the mantle of Death under Apocalypse, and thus the couple was broken up indefinitely. So there was no "romy" news per se. But now, Gambit has returned as a member of Sinister's Marauders - an odd choice given his past with them - and previews of upcoming covers reveal that there will be some kind of rekindling of their oft-tumultuous relationship. And so I've been inspired to start trying to keep track of romy events as the happen.

I only plan on reporting/commenting on what actually happens in the comics and/or the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men animated don't expect interviews with writers and the like. Most of them just ramble on and on cryptically anyway...(For that kind of news, I highly recommend The French Quarter.)

I won't post an "official" update on my main page when I update here, I will simply change the date on the side menu where the link to this page is (above the CBox), so keep an eye on that. The next issue comes out in a week or two, and as soon as I can get my hands on a copy, I'll post here.

Be forewarned, friends, there may be spoilers ahead. Abandon hope all ye who enter...


Updated December 17, 2008

Here's the new "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" trailer, complete with Gambit:

Updated September 9, 2008

There's an X-Men Noir project coming up...and while many people assumed that one of the characters in the teasers was Gambit, there was some question as to the identity of the female (I was going with Rogue, because it appeared that she had a white streak, but some speculated that it was Jean Grey because of the green eyes [though Rogue has green eyes too])...but now the identities of the mystery people have been confirmed...

Read all about it in this article.

Or check out the Gambit and Rogue teasers here: Gambit / Rogue.

Totally awesome. I'm *SO* there...

Updated August 18, 2008

I know, I's been far too long. But I'm back, and I'm going to try to be better about keeping up with our favorite couple...

This news isn't so recent, but it is important, so I thought I would put it up here. It appears that both Rogue and Gambit are going to play parts in the upcoming animated series Wolverine and the X-Men. The extent of their appearances is unclear, as is their involvement with each other (Rogue has apparently left the X-Men for the Brotherhood, while Gambit 's allegiances are unknown), but it's something...

Watch the trailer below for more information on the series:

Nice to see Rogue acting like a badass. It's about time...I'm sick of the whiny creature she's become in the comics over the past few years...

Updated January 23, 2008

Messiah CompleX Chapter 13...the Grand Finale

On a seemingly unrelated topic, I'd like to take a moment to respectfully remember Heath Ledger, who was not only a talented actor, but from my understanding, a gentleman, a loving father, and a good friend. I have enjoyed all of the movies I've seen him in, and have been looking forward to his portrayal of the Joker in the upcoming The Dark Knight ever since I heard he had the part. He will be missed...

But now, onto business. A brief synopsis of the final chapter of the Messiah CompleX (found in X-Men #207): We last left Cable, with the baby in his arms, trapped between Bishop (who wants to kill the baby) and Predator X (who wants to eat the baby). Lucky for him, the other two decide to go after each other, so he is able to escape...unfortunately, Cyclops cuts him off at the pass, demanding the baby. Professor X appears and tells him to hand it over. Cable is reluctant to do so, but the professor convinces him that this is the right thing to do. Of course, this is all happening right beside a huge battle...and it is at this point that the X-Men-related group decides to split up and focus on different targets - X-Force goes after Predator X while the X-Men and New X-Men take on the Marauders. Meanwhile, down below, Rogue miraculously wakes up, but is pissed off when Mystique tells her of the child's involvement in her recovery. Rogue decides that Mystique will never stop doing the kinds of things she does, so she must stop her now by absorbing her...but stops just short of killing her when she realizes her mistake - the baby had erased all of the other minds she's absorbed...for once, she was alone with her thoughts. She ruined this opportunity by hastily absorbing her mother, and leaves to sort things out on her own, asking Gambit not to follow her. Back above, Logan has ripped Predator X apart from the inside out (ick), and Cyclops, looking down at the red haired, green eyed baby, is touched when she reaches out and grabs the locket around his neck (containing a picture of him and Jean Grey). He decides to give her to Cable, so he can take her into the future where she can grow up without anyone interfering (or using her). Cable begins to teleport when Bishop jumps up and shoots...but he misses his intended target, and instead hits Professor X in the head. Cyclops announces that there are no X-Men now that the professor is dead/comatose/brain dead/horribly injured...and the series ends with Cable and the baby in the future, watching the sun rise...

My comments - On a totally Romy-unrelated note, there has been much speculation about who the baby is...especially since she has red hair and green eyes. Personally, I've been wondering if it's the reincarnation of Jean Grey (that she's literally reborn, instead of her typical "rising from the dead" deal), but this issue leads me to wonder if the baby is Rachael Grey/Summers. Oh the possibilities...

I don't have much to say about Rogue and Gambit. On one hand - YAY! Rogue is alive and awake and ready to go! - but on the other hand, I'm kinda done with all the leave-me-alone/give-me-some-time angst. Did we really have to jump into that crap right when she wakes up?

Now that I don't have to stop by the comic store every week, what will I do with myself...?

New Exiles #2, which is supposed to involve the "Exiles" version of Gambit will be out Wednesday, February 13.

X-Men Legacy #208, the series that will focus on Professor X, but also include what Romyness there is in the 616 universe, will be out Wednesday, February 27.

Updated January 20, 2008

New X-Men #46 (aka Messiah CompleX Chapter 12) scans

I've scanned several relevant Romy scenes from New X-Men # 46, which is also chapter 12 of the Messiah CompleX. If you haven't already, read my issue summary and comments below, in the January 16th update. Click on the links below to view them:

And don't forget - Messiah CompleX's grand finale is out this Wednesday!

Updated January 16, 2008

Messiah CompleX Chapter 12/ New Exiles News


I have to admit that it's taken me a while to warm up to the whole Messiah CompleX story line...not so much because of the lack of Rogue/Gambit, but because I've felt like it's a bit drawn out. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I'm not used to reading current arcs, instead choosing to wait for trade paperback to be published so I can read a story in one sitting. Regardless, now that we have reached chapter 12, and the pieces are starting to fall into place, I'm finally completely and totally interested in the outcome. Which brings me to the plot...

But before I do, a quick Gambit update: since my last post, Gambit has reappeared. In chapter 10 (found in Uncanny X-Men #494), he shows up with a select few Marauders just in time to save the baby from Bishop. Cable, who up until now has been traveling solo with the babe, went to Forge's lab looking for help and was ambushed by Bishop. Anyway, the Marauders show up, kick his time-traveling butt, and skeedadle outta there. Then, in chapter 11 (found in X-Factor #27), the Stepford Cuckoos use Cerebra to track Gambit's movements to Muir Island. Meanwhile, Gambit and the Marauders bring the baby to "Sinister," who takes the child and tells them to prepare for the X-Men's inevitable which point, we discover that Sinister is actually dead and Mystique is pretending to be him...

And now, chapter 12, the next to the last chapter of the Messiah CompleX (found in New X-Men #46): The story begins a little before the last one left off...Mystique and Sinister discuss the inevitability of Rogue's death, and Sinister pretty much tells Mystique to say good by to her daughter now, because they can't waste any more time on her. Good ol' Mystique grabs Sinister and pushes his face against Rogue's, killing him instantly (for those of you who don't remember, Rogue's touch kills now). Then we pick up where the last issue left off, with Gambit, Mystique, and the baby all alone with Rogue (and Sinister's body). There's chaos outside the complex - first it's simply the X-Men/X-Force against the Marauders, but then the New X-Men teleport themselves out there, along with Predator X (some weird mutant creature that hunts down mutants and eats them, incorporating their DNA into its own), because they know they can't handle the monster on their own. Anyway, we finally find out why Gambit is working with the Marauders - Destiny has foreseen all this, and has told Mystique that the baby will save Rogue's life. Gambit says that he's hasn't put his faith in Mystique herself, but in her love for Rogue...and he is horrified when the other woman places the baby's forehead against Rogue's lips. He grabs the baby away from Mystique and pushes her away, telling her that Rogue would never want a child to be sacrificed on her behalf. He is relieved to discover that the baby is still alive, but Mystique is too busy mourning the fact that Rogue is still unconscious to really care. Despite her disinterest in the child's welfare, he reiterates that both he and Rogue would rather die than harm a child...and in comes Professor X, perfect timing and all. Gambit surrenders the child to him voluntarily, and states that he plans on staying at Rogue's side, where he belongs. Xavier gives the child to Cable, who's about to make a quick getaway when he finds himself trapped between a rock and a hard place, with Bishop blocking one means of escape and Predator X blocking the other...

My comments - I'm totally psyched about this issue. Again, it might be because we're almost at the end...or maybe it's because we get some Rogue and Gambit action! much action as we can get from a girl in a coma, anyway. See, I told you Gambit had his reasons (see my November 29 post)...I don't think this whole "I'm doing this for Rogue" thing should be a major revelation (though I must admit that I'm pleased to discover that I was right all along), but it was nice to learn the official reason why he's been doing what he's doing. And if anyone is still questioning his character after the way he reacted when Mystique held that baby up to Rogue, then he/she needs some serious help. That's exactly how I'd expect Gambit to react. And he was completely right about how Rogue would feel as well. I'm glad he's still sticking by her, comatose and all. Ain't that sweet...

And now, on to Exiles, which is now officially titled New Exiles. Issue #1 seemed to be pretty typical for the first issue of a series. Already existing characters and relationships were established, some new relationships were forged, blah, blah, blah. It was ok. There was only a little Rogue, and all she was doing is exploring the Crystal Palace (more specifically she was poking around the "virtual computer" room). In the end, several of the Exiles (including Rogue) were transported to an alternate version of Earth on a mission...but before they can begin their task, part of the cliff Rogue is standing on collapses. She falls, landing head first on some rocks near the water...

The grand finale, Chapter 13, of Messiah CompleX can be found in X-Men #207, out next Wednesday, January 23.

New Exiles #2, which is supposed to involve the "Exiles" version of Gambit will be out Wednesday, February 13.

Updated December 30, 2007

Messiah CompleX / Exiles News

I just wanted to let everyone know that the reason there haven't been any updates about the Messiah CompleX is because there's been nothing to update. Since chapter 5, neither Rogue nor Gambit has even been mentioned.

As far as Exiles is concerned, Rogue has officially made her appearance, but hasn't really done much. We first meet her in Exiles #99, where she is seemingly breaking into a safe in the New Tokyo of her dimension (called "Earth 1009"). The Avengers of that Earth show up with a warrant for her arrest, and she proceeds to fight them...but they are too much for her, until Morph shows up and rescues her. We also meet Raphael-Raven Darkholme, also known as Mystiq, as he visits the graves of Irene Adler (Beloved Wife and Mother) and Anna Raven (Our Blessed Rogue / Beloved Daughter) in his dimension (called "Earth 797").

In Exiles #100, Rogue and Cat Pryde are exploring their new home - the Crystal Palace - when Cat panics and Rogue saves her. Between last issue and this one, it seems that Rogue has super strength (she packed a better-than-average punch when fighting the Avengers) and can fly, although a small flame appears above her head when she does. Interesting, very interesting...

Chapter 10 of Messiah CompleX can be found in Uncanny X-Men #494, out this Friday, January 4.

New Exiles #1 will be out Wednesday, January 16...and don't forget the "Exiles" version of Gambit is supposed to be in issue #2!

Updated November 29, 2007

Messiah CompleX Chapter 5

Before I begin, I want to apologize for posting an erroneous date in my previous post...despite the fact that Marvel itself listed the release date of X-Men #205 as November 28th, the actual release date was today, November 29th. As it was explained to me by the owner of the comics shop I frequent, "Marvel is like a Persian rug - they both lie." According to him, comics are usually shipped the Thursday before a release, and since last Thursday was Thanksgiving, the shipments were delayed a day.

But now, on to more important things...

MC #5 (found in X-Men #205) has a bit of Gambit in it during the showdown between five X-Men (six if you count Emma's psychic attack...although her connection to the assault team is broken easily enough). As he seemingly tries to sneak away from the fight, Wolverine follows him. There's a bit of a scuffle between them, but each holds his own against the other...until Logan catches him off guard when he asks him where the baby is. Confused by the question, Gambit hesitates, and Logan stabs him in the chest before demanding an answer...

That's all we see between them. I can only assume Gambit somehow survives (see my side note below). After that, the X-Men totally get their butts kicked by the Marauders. In the end, I'm not sure what happened to Angel and Colossus, but Storm stays behind to keep the Marauders from following the only two who manage to escape - Nightcrawler and Wolverine. Of course, Kurt has just been shot, and Wolverine's healing factor has been turned off, so they're laying there in the snow where Nightcrawler teleported them (right outside the Marauder's secret base in Antarctica), fighting to stay alive. With his last ounce of strength, Logan manages to re-establish contact with Emma and tell her what Gambit told him...that the Marauders don't have the baby. An X-Man does. Nathan Summers, Cable, presumed dead at Gambit's hand in X-Men #200, has the child. So why hasn't he made contact with the X-Men...?

*Side note - as per usual, it looks like Gambit is playing both sides. I don't understand why it's such a big shock to everyone when he (seemingly) switches sides! He always has reasons behind his actions...and though those actions are sometimes incredibly stupid, the reasons behind them are not. I have had faith in Remy throughout this the point of doubting Cable's death despite the implications of the artwork (duh - he carries the DNA of woman who calls herself "Phoenix"...and, uh, no one ever really dies in the X-Men anyway. They always come back somehow...). Anyway, the day Gambit actually turns to the dark side for real, forever, is the day I'm done with Marvel for good.

Chapter 6 of Messiah CompleX can be found in Uncanny X-Men #493, out next Wednesday, December 5.

Updated November 21, 2007

Messiah CompleX Chapters 3&4 / New Exiles #2 Preview

Happy Thanksgiving / belated happy Guy Fawkes Day!

FYI, there was no update last week for MC #3 because there was nothing to report...

MC #4 (found in New X-Men #44), has but a few slivers of Rogue and Gambit. Gambit was in two panels, but he was just standing there in both of them. Rogue wasn't on-panel, but she was mentioned when the X-Men finally discovered the location of Sinister's hideout and paid the Marauders a visit. The only lines spoken, by Wolverine, of course, "We're here for Rogue and the baby. Only question is, how many of you have to die before we get them?"

I've always had a great affection for Logan...long before he was so ridiculously overused and his past was re-written a million times. And it's comments like these that make him even more endearing. That's three times since Rogue's been kidnapped by Mystique that he's spoken about her. I mean, I understand the importance of locating the newborn mutant, but I'm happy to know that at least one X-Man hasn't forgotten about her.

Other news - to see a preview of New Exiles #2, click here and scroll down to the "X-Men Titles" section (about 3/4 of the page down). It's the last preview in that category. Although the cover image is less than promising, the story does involve Rogue and an "alternate version" (translation, according to the art on the cover - ugly version) of Gambit!

For general info on the New Exiles, and to see a preview of the next chapter of the Messiah CompleX, see my November 7th update.

Chapter 5 of Messiah CompleX can be found in X-Men #205, out next Wednesday, November 28.

Updated November 7, 2007

Messiah CompleX Chapter 2 / New Exiles Preview / X-Men #205 Preview

MC #2 (found in Uncanny X-Men #492) was almost the opposite of MC #1 in terms of Rogue and Gambit. This time, Gambit wasn't even mentioned, but Rogue was. Sadly, she didn't appear on-panel, but Angel did complain to Wolverine that no one told him that Rogue was being held captive by the which Logan replied, "What am I, Dear Abby? Talk to Summers about it..."

There were two things of note included in the MC #2 comic book that have nothing to do with the actual issue. The first was on the last page, under a section titled, "Questions that Need Answers!" The question was, "If you could date a Marvel character, who would it be and why?" The very last response was by Christina Strain, a colorist for World War Hulk and Runaways : "Gambit. I know he's dirty hot, which is usually not what I go for (my boyfriend looks JUST like Peter Parker from Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane), but I've loved him since I was teeny-tiny and watching the old X-Men cartoons. And the best part would be that he could actually touch ME! >:}" Amen, sista!

Also in MC #2, near the back, was a "Portfolio Review" of an upcoming new series called "New Exiles." To see a sketch of the "New Exiles" version of Rogue (as well as part of a sketch of Mistiq, a male version of Mystique) and read a brief summary by the man behind the series (Chris Claremont) click here. I don't know, I'm not always crazy about alternate versions of Rogue (yeah, this from the girl who writes AU fanfic), but I loved her in X-Men: Evolution, so I may give this a chance....

Lastly, there's a preview for X-Men #205, which is also chapter 5 of Messiah CompleX out on Comics Continuum. FYI, although the site says that this issue comes out on November 18, the date is actually November 28 (which I confirmed at Marvel.Com). To view it, click here. I'm just a wee bit concerned about some of those images...

Chapter 3 of Messiah CompleX can be found in X-Factor #25, out next Wednesday, November 14.

Updated November 4, 2007

X-Men #204 scans / Messiah CompleX Chapter 1

I've scanned several relevant Romy scenes from X-Men # 204. The first two are of Gambit watching over a comatose Rogue; the third picture shows what's going on in Rogue's mind...her only coherent thoughts are memories of Gambit; the fourth depicts the few seconds that she wakes up. Click on the links below to view them:

Meanwhile, MC #1 only included one frame with Gambit in it, and he was just standing Rogue at all. The next chapter comes out this Wednesday - I'll post here if there's any important Romy action.

Updated October 24, 2007

X-Men #204

Quick summary - While the X-Men regroup and try to figure out their next move, Sinister's gang of merry psychopaths argue amongst themselves.

A little more detail: On the X-Men side, Cannonball was seriously injured in the previous issue, but wakes up from his coma with little-to-no brain damage. Iceman spends the issue blaming himself for Cannonball's condition. Cyclops broods about his recently deceased son from an alternate timeline (his death is likely, though we haven't seen a body, and this is the X-Men after all), but pulls it together long enough to assign duties to the others.

As for the Marauders, there's some dissension in the ranks - Lady Mastermind and Exodus are tired of sitting around...they're ready for some action. Sinister is having great difficulties trying to piece Rogue's mind back together, and Mystique's complaints that he's taking too long prompt him to suggest a simpler solution - forget about helping Rogue and kill her. Later, Gambit sits by Rogue's bedside, and is there when she briefly wakes up, but she falls back into a coma moments later.

The issue ends with Blindfold, a precog who faked death in order to escape dying by the Marauder's hands, screaming as she convulses and gets a bloody nose just as a power surge hits the mansion, knocking out the power. Bobby says that it was probably nothing, but she responds with the ominous statement, "It's not nothing. It's everything...."

My comments - When Sinister remarks that trying to piece Rogue's mind is pointless, as is keeping her alive, Gambit doesn't hesitate to point out that if he wants to kill her, he'll have to go through him. Finally, the Cajun speaks up! Good for him. I wouldn't expect anything less. Anyway, that's followed by some "you better not kill my daughter" comments by Mystique. I'm so done with that woman. Even when she suggests that Gambit's presence might help Rogue get herself back together when/if she wakes up, I hope we all know that Mystique's only interest is herself. Gambit can help Rogue, and Rogue can help Mystique. End of story.

I felt so bad for Gambit, pouring his heart out to comatose Rogue. I love the fact that he didn't make excuses for his actions, nor did he really explain them. He's waiting for her to wake up, because as far as he's concerned, she will wake up. That's the only thing he wants, for her to be all doesn't matter to him whether or not she ends up forgiving him.

Oh, and I couldn't possibly express just how much I absolutely, positively, loved the fact that Rogue's only coherent thoughts were of her and Remy. How wonderfully touching.

I have to admit that even I was shocked at Mystique's suggestion that he "take off the gloves" and let Rogue kill him (as her powers have become so strong, her touch now kills). I understand where she's coming from - if Rogue absorbed (and killed) Gambit, at least she wouldn't be alone amongst the millions of others she's absorbed...she would have someone in there with her, someone on her side. But Mystique is also a manipulative, self-centered, crazy bitch. Someone should shoot her and see how she likes it...

And I know maybe she isn't their top priority right now, but why is Logan the only one who mentions rescuing Rogue? Seriously, did everyone else forget about her?

Ok, ok...I guess as much as I loathe to do so, I have to give props to Bobby for defending Rogue to Scott. Cyclops claims that he made a mistake by putting Rogue in charge of a team, that she couldn't handle the situation...but Bobby is quick to point out that allowing Mystique to join was Scott's decision, and that Rogue's team "got the job done" every time they had a job to do. In the end, Scott tells him that he needs everyone right now, so no one is being kicked out or being forced to sit on the sidelines or reprimanded...and that the only ones he blames for his son's death are Sinister and company.

I'll definitely scan the pages concerning what's going on in Rogue's mind, and post them here this weekend.

This story is supposed to continue in X-Men: Messiah CompleX, the first chapter of which comes out October 31. Needless to say, I take Halloween very seriously (it's probably my favorite holiday), so I won't be picking up a copy until November 1.

Updated October 19, 2007

Latest X-Men #204 Preview

The most recent preview of #204 can be found by clicking here, then scrolling down almost to the bottom. Of the six pages shown, only the last one has anything to do with Rogue...and almost nothing to do with Gambit (aside from his being one of the people standing around her), but I promised that I'd let everyone know when Comics Continuum posted their preview.

X-Men #204 will be in stores next Wednesday, October 24. I'll try my best to buy it and post here the same day, but I make no promises...

Updated October 14, 2007

X-Men #204 Preview

To see a four page preview of #204 (due in stores October 24), click here. I must warn you that this is a public forum, and some of the comments posted by users may be...inappropriate for younger readers.

I'm hoping that Comics Continuum will post a similar preview with words in the near future...if it does, I'll let you know.

To view the cover of this issue, click here. (*Note - I obtained this image from another website, and for the life of me, I can't remember which...I think it was Comics Continuum.

Updated October 1, 2007

X-Men #203

I wasn't in a big rush to get my hands on this issue, as there was no romy news connected to I wasn't surprised when Rogue wasn't in it at all, and Gambit was only in a couple frames.

On the plus side, though, Remy managed to "accidentally" blow up the diaries (unearthed by Cannonball and Iceman moments before the Marauders arrived) before Mystique and company could get their hands on them. Coincidence? Poor aim? Or is Remy's allegiance more complicated than it may appear (like it always is)...?

I'm looking forward to the next issue, the supposed big "Rogue and Gambit reunion," complete with an actual conversation between the two. An important conversation. Or so the rumors view the cover, click here. (*Note - I obtained this image from another website, and for the life of me, I can't remember which...I think it was Comics Continuum.

Updated September 16, 2007

Ok, let's take this opportunity to catch up with the story - Gambit joined Apocalypse and became the Horseman we haven't heard from him in a while. On the other hand, Rogue was appointed leader of her own strike team, and was most recently infected with a virus called Strain 88, which can be fatal. It seems to have amplified her absorption powers to the point that her touch will kill. To make matters worse, as a last resort, she was forced to absorb some kind of planet-killing thing that erases worlds by assimilating the minds of those who live on them. As a result she has a good eight billion minds running around her head.

Now that you're caught up...

X-Men #200

This is Remy's first appearance since he was Death. We don't know the how or why he's "normal" again...but he and Sunfire (who I thought was dead) attack Cable at his island home.

Meanwhile, in Caldecott County, Mississippi, as Emma tries to sift through Rogue's mind to find her personality, chaos erupts. Omega Sentinel is taken over by Malice via the internet (that's what you get for hooking up to a laptop computer) and Lady Mastermind announces that she's not really one of them just as the Marauders arrive. A fight ensues, and the issue ends with Mystique shooting Rogue, then encouraging the Marauders to kill the rest of the X-Men. To see pics of Rogue getting shot, click here and here.

X-Men #201

The X-Men and Marauders fight over Rogue. The Marauders win. Mystique carries Rogue over her shoulder, then instructs one of her peers to demolish the building, burying the X-Men alive.

No sign of Gambit.

X-Men #202

Aha! The pieces are beginning to come together...the Marauders are trying to kill precogs and telepaths because something big is coming up and they don't want the X-Men to have a clue what's going on. To that end, they're also trying to get their hands on Destiny's Diaries, although the one(s) in Kitty's possession is/are fake. It's implied that Emma Frost has tricked everyone into thinking that Kitty's is/are real, and knows where the real one(s) is/are.

And so, the issue ends with Sinister using Cerebro to find out where the X-Men are so he can get them to tell him where the real diaries are. Gambit finally makes an appearance, and is none too happy about Rogue's condition (to see his comment to Mystique, click here)...but he is assured that she will survive, especially since she knows the content of the diaries, and as such is useful to them.

*Side note - completely unrelated to Rogue and Gambit - I knew it! I said it waaaaaaaaaaaaay back during X-Treme X-Men...they should have hunted down every single last copy of Destiny's Diaries and put 'em in a safe or burned them or something. I knew if they didn't, it would come back to bite them in the ass. To read my rant on the subject, click here.

X-Men #204 Preview

Oooooooooh. A Rogue and Gambit cover. Is it loving or menacing? You decide. To view, click here. (*Note - I obtained this image from another website, and for the life of me, I can't remember which...I think it was Comics Continuum.