Image Gallery

One of the reasons I have been reluctant to add my own image gallery, other than the obvious fact that there are several sites that already have their own, was the sheer magnitude of the task. I certainly don't have enough space (or time) to scan every single picture of Rogue and Gambit I can get my hands I knew I'd have to come up with some kind of system to determine which pics made it, and which should be left out. In the end, I decided to include any picture that shows either character: (a) doing something we don't normally see them doing (cooking, playing musical instruments, etc), (b) wearing a new outfit or uniform (which means the inclusion of some horrendous art, namely by Igor Kordey), (c) with an interesting/well-drawn expression on his/her face, or (d) beautifully depicted (which explains the excess of Joe Mad art, since he's one of my favorites). The last two criteria may be entirely subjective, but it's my site, so it's my choice.

So, after many months of scanning, touching up, and uploading pics from all of my comics and trade paperbacks, then sorting through the mess and arranging them for your convenience, I can finally open my image gallery to the public. In an attempt to conserve space, pictures are only as large as I deemed necessary. Those conversations I felt were important should be readable...others are not. If you'd like a larger version of anything you see, let me know.

All the pages below contain thumbnails of larger pics...just click on them to see the full images.

And please, if you'd like to use any of these images on your own site, ask permission, and include a link back to my site. I've spent a lot of time and effort getting them up here, and deserve credit for the work I've done. Thank you.

*Note - Because of the quantity of images on each page, they may take a while to load depending on the speed of your internet connection. Be patient.