Rogue and Gambit's Children (X-Men: The End)

In X-Men: The End, Rogue and Gambit are happily married with two children, Olivier and Bekka. We only get bits and pieces of the children's personalities, mainly while they're held captive by Sinister, but that's enough. Both children are strong, brave, and clever...and they love their parents (and each other) very much.

As for Rogue and Gambit...well, they spend the majority of their storyline doing everything in their power to keep their children safe/save them. As any good parent would...

Happy times - Olivier, Gambit, and Megan (Emma's oldest daughter, who's leg is in the picture) fool around on the beach.


While the older children play on the beach, Bekka and Emma's younger girls build a holographic city indoors.


Trapped in a kind of glass prison, Olivier stands ready to protect Emma's baby...until Gambit intervenes, protecting all of the children. At this point, Olivier starts yelling at his father...


During their escape from Sinister, a portal opens up in front of Gambit and the children at the last minute. It sends Olivier and Emma's brood to one place, and Gambit and Bekka to another.


Separated from Gambit and faced with aggressive aliens, Olivier tries to protect Emma's children sans powers.


Using White Queen's powers, Rogue is able to find Olivier and Emma's children via a telepathic link with Megan. Olivier is quick to tell his mother all that's happened...


Twenty years after the events of The End, Shadowcat, now President of the United States, addresses former X-Men and their families. Present in the crowd are a grown-up Olivier (with baby) and Bekka, as well as a visibly older Mystique, who presumably raised the children after their parents were killed.