Essential Rogue and Gambit

In an attempt to give my visitors a more in-depth look at Rogue and Gambit's relationship (and expand my site), I decided to include summaries of particular comics and animated episodes that give us some kind of insight into the couple's tumultuous relationship. Unfortunately, my collection of X-Comics is far from complete, and I don't remember the plots of many of the episodes from the older animated series of the '90s. As I purchase more comics, and hopefully see more episodes of the animated series, I'll add significant events to the proper category.

That said, I have to warn you that my summaries of the comics are entirely subjective in relation to the amount of detail I decided to include. It's actually quite difficult to summarize most of the issues due to a combination of their intricate plots and the overlapping story lines from either previous issues or completely different comics altogether(i.e. Avengers). I tried my best to keep the synopses relatively brief, and at the same time have them make sense to people who are unfamiliar with that particular story line. As always, if my description has only whetted your appetite for details, please feel free to contact me.

For absolutely amazing synopses of almost any of the X-Comics, I highly recommend visiting UncannyXmen.Net.

That said, you may notice that some of the covers images only have a number on them, or nothing at all. In case you're wondering why, this is because I scanned them from cover galleries within my trade paperbacks (TPBs), and the "title" is absent in these images.

And remember, just because the major plot of a particular issue has absolutely nothing to do with Gambit or Rogue, that doesn't mean there isn't a gem or two hidden amongst the pages that gives us a peek into their hearts and souls...