Movie Mayhem

With everyone talking about which actors should be cast as which characters in the X-Men movies, did you ever stop and wonder what would happen if the situation was reversed? Which is to say, if you had to cast a movie with X-Men, who would choose?

(Stunned silence ensues...)

Ok, so maybe I'm the only nut-job around here. In any case, during some silly mood brought on by either lack of sleep or the over consumption of sugar, I started thinking about which X-Men characters were similar to movie characters. So far, I've only done this with two movies, and I've stuck with X-Men: Evolution simply because it greatly decreases the number of X-Men I have to choose from. But rest assured, the moment I'm inspired, I'll do more (and maybe I'll even try a few using the plethora of characters in the comics).

If you've come up with creative casting sheets for other movies using the X-Men (from any media), please share them. I'd be glad to post them here. And if you think you can come up with a better character to fill a role I've already cast, or I've left out an important character that you'd like to cast, let me know.

Movies so far: