Stories don't just appear in my head complete. In fact, most times I'm not sure how one is going to end until I get there myself. Although I don't know where some of my ideas come from, I know I find a certain degree of inspiration in the pre-existing world of the X-Men. The following quotes have helped me in some way, whether they have given birth to an idea, helped me along the way, or spurred a title. They are listed in the order the stories appear on my Complete Story List page.

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Alternate Universe


The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien

Possession, by Sarah Mclachlan; for complete lyrics, click here.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4


General X-Men

Always in Mah Mind
Ashes to Ashes


X-Men: Evolution

Distressing Damsel
So Impossible

The title of my ongoing Evolution story was taken from the song So Impossible, by Dashboard Confessional. I chose this title because the song is one of four songs that outlines the beginning of a relationship...from kinda liking someone else, to gathering the courage to talk to that person, to actually going out on a date, to becoming a couple. That seems to be the direction my fanfics are taking, so it seemed appropriate. The lines of the song that the title is taken from are:
      I'm dying to know
      do you, do you like dreaming of things
      so impossible, or only the practical,
      or ever the wild...

      For complete lyrics, click here.

Part 1 - So Like a Rose
Part 2 - Harder to Breathe
Part 3 - Someday
Part 4 - O Fortuna
Part 5 - Save the Best for Last
Part 6 - Tourniquet
Part 7 - Numb
Part 8 - The Edge of Night
Part 9 - My Immortal
Part 10 - Disease
Part 11 - It's Been a While


X-Treme X-Men

Glass Slipper
Annabel Lee